The Supergirl/Soros factor

As I stated on a page called “A Break-Up Letter” I was frustrated with the way the CW show Supergirl has been handling itself.  The show this season promises to be “more topical” which to me is code for…THE DEEP STATE and George Soros, a man who makes Lena Luthor’s brother Lex look like a piker.

Since there also has been the adding of a transgendered thespian, Nicole Maines, who is an activist and got the transgendered bathroom controversy going in his/her native state of Maine, the show is to me giving so-called “flyover country” the Midwestern US save Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and other other leftist run city the middle finger.  Well here is where this CONSERVATIVE NEW ENGLANDER  strikes back.

Each week, as I try to watch these episodes without thinking about yelling at my TV, if I find anything painting the Patriot movement, conservatives, libertarians and American culture in a negative light, I add to what am dubbing…


Named for Nazi leftist collaborator and globalist billionaire, George Soros, based upon how many incidents show up, I will give the episode a ranking from zero to five.  If there is no Soros factor, there will be no picture of Soros.  If there is, the picture will appear…like this for example…


When that shows up for example, that is, in my opinion as anti-American as you can get.  And in doing so I may add pictures of other evil people like the Obamas (since Hollywood loves them sooooooooo much), Bill Gates, Linda Sarsour, Gloria Steinem, Tom Steyer or even, though he is “dead”…OSAMA BIN LADEN.

If Supergirl wants to be “Meet The Press with capes”…THEN THEY HAD BETTER BE READY FOR SOME BACKLASH!


Episode 6…Call To Action…11/18/18

This is the 4th Thanksgiving episode in the show’s run, but Kara is not the one giving thanks as she (SPOILER ALERT) loses her TV debate with ultra-leftist Professor Ben Lockwood.


Episode 5…Parasite Lost…11/11/18 (VETERANS DAY)


This episode, originally titled Parallax features Parasite, or at least a new version of him.  And he is coming back to Nat City and this time taking Kara’s powers seems to be a very real situation! Now, the DEO will face off against a powered up Agent Jensen who now has the ability to take the powers of an alien he touches.

Jensen, the latest militarized weapon in the pro-New World Order, hatred of Nationalism “Earth First” movement, written clearly it seems with help from Globalist French “leader” Macron, betrayed the DEO to these extreme leftist racists.  And they seem to me more like ANTIFA than anything else.

And Earth First, or AMERICA FIRST…it’s not really that narrow-minded.

And the term roaches to describe the aliens seems very reminiscent of things said by controversial Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, including something recently where he compared Jews to “termites.”

And of course, Twitter, run by global elites, ALLOWS this anti-semitism, while censoring conservatives!

Meanwhile, Colonel Haley makes a “surprising” decision regarding Supergirl. Kara writes a series of articles highlighting aliens in National City in the hopes humans will stop being so fearful of them. But, the article blows up in her face just like last week’s help from the Guardian in which he did not get into any trouble, except from a post by Agent Liberty, who again is made out to be in a slander of Alex Jones, Michael Savage or conservatives and libertarians overall.  Then again, China runs Hollywood

During one scene, James reads a vlog from Agent Liberty in his Ben Lockwood form under the banner The People’s Veritas.  That to me is a BLATANT ATTACK on real journalist James O’Keefe and Project Veritas, who’s undercover videos online and seen on Fox News has affected things from politics to culture.

The politics to me hit very hard, harder than last week.

The Soros Factor here is…





Episode 4…Ahimsa…11/4/18


I did some research on the word “Ahimsa.” According to Merriam-Webster, the word “has been part of the English language since at least the late 19th century, but the word didn’t gain the attention of the English-speaking world until the first half of the 20th century, when it was recognized as an important component of the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi.

Ahimsa comes from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘non-injury,’ and Gandhi’s policy of nonviolent protest played a crucial role in the political and social changes that eventually led to India’s independence from Britain in 1947.”

For all my political bluster, I am totally against war. Diplomacy is the answer, or at least should be. Wars are tools of the billionaire elites whose mission is to destroy the nation-state.

At least this word is not Islamic extremist in nature.

Gandhi was one of the world’s great leaders, and though I never saw the film, Ben Kingsley’s Oscar winning role in the 1984 iconic “Gandhi” bears watching.  This definitely would be part of a low Soros Factor.

Overall, the main politics was left to the hateful, and dare I say written as an Anti-Semite villainous trio, led by the mock of Trump and his supporters (this writer among them).

Line of the night went superfoodie Kara though in that Power Rangers suit…NOT THE PIES (HA HA AH AH!)

One word to describe Manchester Black…COOL!  I dig him so far.

Some call this a filler episode.  Despite this false name, the Soros factor is low.  Of course the transgendered Nia Nal is a part of this.  But, nothing much to think of from this despite the return of the “refugee” open…given the Soros-paid invasion on the US-Mexico border.  The Soros Factor here is…



Episode 3…Man of Steel…10/28/18

This episode is not about Superman, or The Guardian (thank goodness), but rather about Agent Liberty, whom I am now going to put in the category of now an anti-Semite, given the recent shooting in Pittsburgh.

It’s the story of how bigotry and hatred (from the leftist writers’ perspective comes from conservatives, which is BULL$$$$!) come from an ACCIDENT.  Ben Lockwood and (fake right-wing) his father arrive at their transportation company when a human vs alien riot breaks out. Ben’s father doesn’t seem interested in breaking up the situation but Ben does jump in.   It is there when he is accidentally injured by an alien.

Sadly , this professor started as a good man, but with a very bigoted father sending him messages and the accident, Ben becomes Agent Liberty.  He has been written as a villain, meant to in my frank opinion demean the Angel Families of those killed by illegal aliens and make them out to be conspiracy theories in their multicultural, racist driven, New World Order outlook.

Most notably, Kate Steinle.  In 2015, she was with he dad in the leftist sanctuary city of San Francisco, when an illegal alien, José Inez García Zárate, who claimed a gun had fired accidentally while he was picking it up was accused of killing her.

Her final words to her father, “Help me, Dad.”

Zárate was acquitted in an outrage of justice in the leftist, globalist morally and financially bankrupt state of California.

And just this year Iowa, part of what the communist Hollywood China run global elites call Flyover Country, was rocked by an illegal alien accused of killing Mollie Tibbetts.

Now while there are no deaths on this episode, it takes a near death experience and an already unstable mind to trigger off hatred.  And for the infinite amount of times I must remind y’all…THAT IT WAS THE LEFT WHO STARTED THE KKK, WROTE JIM CROW AND STARTED THE FIRST CIVIL WAR.

But I guess that’s a conspiracy theory like this Soros factor of…






A José Inez García Zárate.

And let me now ask you fans of this now disgraced TV show, how would you feel if an illegal alien killed YOUR family member?

I am also giving this episode a Robert Bowers.  He is the Nazi sympathizing and Trump hating alleged shooter of the Pittsburgh synagogue.  I will not put his picture up because this fool has had ENOUGH press, at least from me.  That is what this Agent Liberty is…an A MAN DRIVEN BY HATE, NOT RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION.

Now I admit, I did not watch this episode, aside from not seeing Supergirl, who was poisoned by the atrociousness that are the Graves, including Otis, whose acting is having Ned Beatty roll in his grave.  But just seeing the sneak peek online, it was enough to get me fired up, or triggered, if you will.

Our nation is at multiple wars, not just with the Taliban in Afghanistan, in one in which we should just give up and take our losses, but also with countries we have given millions in aid to and got nothing in return except an INVASION of a so-called caravan of illegal aliens, with one mission…DESTROY THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE UNITED NATIONS, SOROS AND THE GLOBALISTS!

As Alex Jones likes to say, “The Answer to 1984 is 1776″…and frankly Supergirl is playing more and more like George Orwell’s novel.


Episode 2…Fallout…10/21/18


The President of America has been outed as an alien and the ramifications are going to spiral throughout the country.  Thus the name of this even more politically charged episode, written by Obama supporters who deep in their globalist N-W-O souls were scared if the so-called Birther movement was successful in proving that Obama was born in Kenya and not Hawaii and all his papers were proven to be A FRAUD.


Well in a way this is what might have happened as one of the many alt-news websites I use like the Post and Email, which is based in CT, might do something on this, and would in fact be quite critical.


Ironically this episode comes as there is a 5000 strong so-called caravan from Central America headed for the US border.  Well, if you ask me, it’s an INVASION.  One the media like Fox or CNN will not tell you is a plot by the United Nations and Soros to destroy America.


It’s like when Mon-El’s mother and those from Daxam invaded Earth.  Unlike the globalist left, team Super did something about it…basically engage in war.


We meet up with Agent Liberty who is a mockery of conservatives and people like Alex Jones who put America First.  You see that is Chinese run Hollywood doing this, heck even VP Pence said China invested in Hollywood studios including WB a few weeks ago.


One of the moments in this show has Brainy and Nia going to get a pizza, but after Kevin, who works on the image inducers is killed, and his computer stolen (by Mercy Graves no doubt, whom I am forced to cheer on because the good guys are the bad guys and I hate illegal aliens and the communist globalists in Hollywood which backs them) and then hacks Brainy’s I-I, well more leftist politics takes place.


As a result of President Marsdin being removed from office for not being a Natural Born Citizen under Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5 of the US Constitution, Vice President Baker, played by Bruce Boxleitner.  Mr. Baker is described as “Adept and politically minded, Vice President Baker makes for an unlikely leader, but steps in a big way up when his country needs him most.”


Now for those who don’t know about this…215, which is the area code to America’s birthplace, Philadelphia reads


“No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”


As a result, there is the risk Marsdin’s Alien Amnesty Act could face being declared null and void.


And lastly, seeing Supergirl with Old Glory…talk about False Flag


And since there was a Michelle Obama reference, aside from the Soros Factor of




It also ranks a Michelle Obama

The First Lady Out on the Town | EURweb

Next week’s Man of Steel is not about Superman or even Guardian.  It’s about the forming of Agent Liberty, the deliberate anti-conservative character who was written SPECIFICALLY TO HATE ON THE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT IN THE WHITE HOUSE!


Episode 1…American Alien…10/14/18


When watching the 4th season premiere of a show who’s quality has been going down, Supergirl, I had a feeling that the show’s Soros tendencies would show.

From the fansite, Supergirl.TV, a non-spoiler review by the webmaster said…

“We will say that for those who were worried that this season would be too political, we did NOT feel that way at all during this episode. There are some corollaries to real world events but they were handled in a way that, if you weren’t looking for them, they would pass you by.”

To which I say…I BEG TO DIFFER.

In a scene before the 3rd or 4th commercial break, Supergirl, thanks to some help from the coolest geek around, Brainiac 5, there was an intercept of chats online to so-called hate groups in which the Earth First movement was met with complaints by the lead heroine, in a way that the America First movement of the current occupant of the White House, is being hated by all of our enemies foreign and domestic.  This is yet another example of Chinese financed Hollywood wanting to destroy the culture of this country.

The saving grace is the newly minted Jonn Jonzz, who has become a pacifist in essence.  For all my bluster as an independent, libertarian, conservative, I am AGAINST WAR.

In the comments section for a sneak peek at this episode Hayden77 posted

“Hollywood reporter is saying the future of the show is more real world story’s oh boy”

I can’t say as I blame Hayden for this concern.  Another poster, Bob (not me) said…

“4. Writers, please put some effort into making your political statements a bit more subtle. Go ahead and do that stuff, but put some art into it rather than being really obvious and heavy-handed.”

And I feel it has gone heavy handed from the get go and not as subtle as one would think.

HOWEVER…given that J’onn is a pacifist who does not want war, this episode rates a Soros factor of…




Although, the transgendered character Nia is kind of like me, though with Autism.  I was afraid to make waves, and yes I still am scared even at 44 to make waves on some things.  Through the web and this blog, I feel I am ready to make these waves.

Then at the end, we meet Agent Liberty, a total attack on conservative media outlets like Breitbart and Alex Jones, who want to go after the power elites who are looking to destroy this country…and blaming the wrong people for starting uncalled for wars and pestilence.

You can expect next week’s episode to get the first Soros factor rating of “5”



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