Media LIES

And of all people to expose it…and thanks to Mark Dice for this video…CONAN O’BRIEN!  It’s an array of local news stations from around the country reading from the exact same script about rising gas prices. Word for word.

More proof to me local media is influenced negatively by Operation Mockingbird.


The hypocrites in Hollywood and their anti-Constitution rant against guns and support for the UN and the NWO…IT’S ABOUT TO GET REAL!

And memo to Hollywood, I got a buzzword for ya…DEMOCIDE, or…death by government.

290,000,000 people worldwide  have been killed by governments, and U.S. Senators like Dianne Feinstein now want to make that number even higher by disarming, criminalizing and then killing U.S. citizens.

Gun inconsistencies…and what could follow

Leading more and more unlike the way the fascist media operated to think there is more to the Newtown nightmare than just one gunman.

You heard right…FOUR HANDGUNS.  One mission…The FACTS in this case will never be known because that would hurt Obama’s agenda if he disarming America. Then his NWO loving bankster extremist buddies can roll right in unopposed.

Kurt Nimmo at Infowars reports the revolution is starting as the year is ending.

Americans understand fascist globalists Obama and Feinstein are coming for guns. In response, they are attending gun shows — that will soon be illegal — in large numbers. Over the weekend, SRO crowds filled the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly, Virginia (the site of Bilderberg 2008 and 2012), following herr Obama’s announcement that he will not rest until California Senator Feinstein’s gun-grabbing bill is rammed through Congress.

Twitter has been abuzz as well.

“Line stretches for blocks to get into Chantilly gun show,” Jeff Goldberg tweeted on December 28. “Biggest crowd ever for biggest gun show on East Coast.”


Of course, the NWO-loving Anti-Second Amendment crowd spewed their bile; take for instance so-called anti-war, but in reality neo-progressive Soros-founded and financed Agents Provocateurs Code Pink.


As the photo below shows, the group opposed to the Bill of Rights was none other than Code Pink, the Soros and MacArthur Foundation lubricated “progressive” organization known for dressing up as vaginas and pushing Obama’s establishment agenda with its facile “Anybody But Bush” campaign.


And the site Twitchy has been active…

“Hey, President Obama and Sen. Feinstein: You did build that,” Twitchy blogged on December 29.

And unless the Oathkeepers and those men and women who support and defend this now former Republic declare war on Washington, DC, this is what we face.


Quick Hits

First from Devvy Kidd…

Thelma Taormina is the founder of the 9-12 We the People in Houston, TX. She has become one of my dear friends when we joined efforts against the ‘smart’ meters here in Texas. Thelma will be a guest tonight on Rense Radio during the second hour.

I hope you can listen in and be sure to tell family and friends to listen. Thelma is an amazing woman. A regular American like you and me who got the fire in her belly and decided enough is enough.

Thelma garnered national and international attention (not by the phony “news” orgs like FOX, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS & NBC) when she pulled her gun on an employee of a major TDSP in Houston because he refused to get off her property. He told her he was going to install a ‘smart’ meter. She said, no you’re not.

This is a short video interview of Thelma about that incident.

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An important video

For any of the following still trapped in the fake left-right paradigm…


Rush Limbaugh fans

Sean Hannity fans

Mark Levin fans

Fox News Channel fans

PD’s of neocon talk radio stations

PD’s of neoleft talk radio stations (WCHL in Chapel Hill, NC)

My brethren in the corporate media

Obots/Mittbots or people who hate Ron Paul and the Constitution.

Welfare whores.



G. Edward Griffin, author of the book The Creature from Jekyll Island, which tells about the Federal Reserve and its founding in secrecy 100 years ago next year, discusses how the Establishment creates the illusion of choice (“Left” VS “Right”) to trick voters into “endorsing” their predatory system. (A system designed to continually transfer wealth and power away from the people and into the hands of a select few at the top.) In short: When we vote for Establishment-endorsed candidates (“Left” or “Right”), we lose.