The statist media is breathlessly reporting how in Hartford the state senate has passed the toughest gun laws in the nation.


WFSB…Connecticut Senate passes gun legislation

WTNH…Senate passes gun control bill 26-10

At least there are 10 sane people in the senate.

WVIT…Conn. Senate OKs Comprehensive Gun Bill

WTIC/CT Now…State Senate Approves Historic Gun Bill; House Next To Act


I hope to get the name of the 10 who stood for the Second Amendment.


Quick Hits

Obamacare will be Challenged Again as Unconstitutional

Boehner-Obama Deals Add $21,817 in New Debt Per Household

Obama hands out free health care to Pakistanis

Gov’t Motors Employess to Receive Bonuses up to $7,000 Each.  TOTALLY UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

We can thank the vile, globalist NWO supporting Newt Gingrich, for pushing NAFTA through as well as grossly unconstitutional stealing from us like: 1993: $1.6B Russia aid package was a “great defining moment”. How do people think the national debt grew to $16.5 TRILLION dollars?

His official voting record – sold out the American worker every step of the way

2 Nullification Bills Move Forward (It takes boots on the ground folks.)

Montana House passes Nullify NDAA Detention, 98-0

Arizona Senate passes Constitutional Tender Act

Follow all Nullification business here.

8 LAPD officers involved in shooting after Dorner ‘case of mistaken identity’


Sequester circus

This past week it seems the globalist media has all been about the word sequester.  The truth regarding this word which Obama/Soetoro himself created for so-called spending cuts that really aren’t, is that $85 billion is a drop in the bucket.  And TWO articles by Devvy Kidd seem to show that point.  In the first one, SEQUESTRATION: ANOTHER BAND AID WHILE U.S. ECONOMY EXSANGUINATES Kidd showed some of the ridiculous political theater that has come about as a result.  One such involved the equally ridiculous Violence Against Women Act.  Kidd cited a CNS News article which featured the following…

“Rep. Donna Edwards (D-Md.) said that if the sequester goes into effect, women who are victims of domestic violence will be “forced to stay in their homes with their abuser” at the “hands of the GOP….Edwards said $20 million in cuts will be made from programs funded by the Violence Against Women Act, as a result of the sequester. According to the Justice Department, however, the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) operated on a budget of $412.5 million during fiscal year 2012, and has requested the same amount of funding for this fiscal year.’
Kidd’s reaction to this is about the same as Eagle Forum founder and just as much a critic of VAWA Phyllis Schlafly.
The Violence Against Women Act is unconstitutional. No where in the U.S. Constitution does it give Congress the authority to steal the fruits of your labor to fund that Act. That particular social disease falls squarely under the Tenth Amendment. It is up to state and local governments to address the issue if that’s what the people in that state want their tax dollars to be spent on. That $412.5 million dollars is more debt. Since the people’s purse is overdrawn $16.5 TRILLION dollars, it has to be borrowed.
And one of the other clowns of Congress, California Communist Congress Critter Maxine Waters has joined under the big top.
Maxine Waters Warns 170 MILLION Jobs Could Be Lost Due to Sequestration Cuts. Mad Max is delusional. Comrade Waters is also a member of the Democratic Socialists of America who should not be allowed to serve in Congress. Like Comrade Edwards, neither one of them took the oath of office with any intention of upholding it.
Before you become further outraged by the action or inactions of DC, Kidd offers a major solution; one that will have the teacher’s unions up in arms (SO SAD TOO BAD FOR THEM)

Because of the deliberate dumbing down of America’s children who grow to adulthood, the people of this country have demanded their own destruction by their own hand. Civics and the history of this country is either no longer taught in schools or so watered down, by adulthood, Americans have no idea what a constitutional republic means or even what the U.S. Constitution says. Socialists and communists aka liberals aka progressive liberals who teach in public schools feed America’s children and young adults hard line propaganda. The in-your-face indoctrination in the government’s dumbing down institutions is right there for anyone to see:

Texas 6th graders design flags for a new socialist nation (plant the seeds)
Caught on tape: Union teachers explaining how to push Marxism in the classroom
Pro-Obama Song Taught to Kindergartners at Texas School
Middle school class required to conduct opposition research for Obama re-election campaign
Students at Florida college show unmistakable signs of prior Marxist indoctrination
Texas teaching ‘Allah is the Almighty God’
Young People More Likely To Favor Socialism Than Capitalism: Pew

No where in Art. 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution does it authorize Congress to legislate education.

Department of Education must be abolished

“Of course, just the opposite has taken place and, in fact, the goals for creating the “New Communist Man” was given a huge boost with President Bush’s deceptive “No Child Left Behind” program. As for the repeal of the School-To-Work Act of 1994, Council of Foreign Relations kingpin Henry Hyde explained it this way:

“When carried to its logical extreme, it chooses careers for every American worker. Children’s careers will be chosen for them by Workforce Development Boards and federal agencies at the earliest possible age …”Statewide Workforce Development Boards have formed to study which labor skills are needed in each state to determine “human resources” training requirements. Of course, this will decide also where these human resources will reside.

“Chilling to say the least – and it gets worse when one reads President Bush’s Executive Order, signed June 20, 2001, titled “21st Century Workforce Initiative.” The blueprint for forced labor is now being implemented quietly while parents and politicians scream, “More money for education.” Essentially they are asking to pay for the rope to hang their own children.”

The Federal Dept of Education is unconstitutional and the states must, under the Tenth Amendment, sever all ties – including financial – with that toxic cabinet. Savings to the American people: $66 BILLION dollars a year. Remember: The treasury is overdrawn $16.5 TRILLION, so every penny has to be borrowed. Using debt to fund expenditures is financial suicide. We are already fleeced in taxes at the state and local level to fund education. Here in Texas, there are about 400,000 ILLEGAL aliens stealing our classroom resources costing Texans $3.5 BILLION dollars a year. Yet, Texans continue to reelect the same incumbents to our state legislature who allow this rape to continue. Illegal aliens have no right to attend our schools and I resent the hell out of being taxed to pay for it.

And Kidd also calls for elimination of The EPA, Federal Department of Labor, and all US foreign aid.
But how do we really and truly balance our budget?  You sure as hell cannot do that through a balanced budget amendment.  Besides from opening up the possibility of a Con-Con, where anything’s possible, the financial considerations of a BBA won’t really work.  In her second article, WHY THE “BALANCED BUDGET AMENDMENT” IS A HOAX AND A DEADLY TRAP , Devvy Kidd breaks down the myths and realities behind the BBA.
For starters, how did we get to this deficit we are at? Well for starters the debt goes up at the rate of 4 billion bucks A DAY.  And what comprises this debt?

Congress spent $2.6 million to teach Chinese prostitutes how to drink responsibly. Congress appropriates $147 million a year to subsidize Brazilian cotton farmers. Congress spent $3.6 million to fund a study of the sex lives of dope-smoking, menstruating monkeys. Congress paid $500,000 to paint a salmon on an Alaska Airlines passenger jet. Congress appropriates $6.9 billion a year for the National Science Foundation where they fund such research as that which revealed the amazing fact that sick shrimp do not perform as well on stamina tests as do healthy shrimp.[1] Citizens Against Government Waste’s pig book shows Congress spent $16,547,558,748. on pork projects last year. In Sen. Tom Coburn’s Waste Book 2010, which lists 100 spending projects, he shows that $1.5 million was spent to spruce up apartments in Shreveport, La. before they were torn down. 

And that’s not all.  It’s all illegal.
“This spending….
But alas no one cares about our founding document, including globalist Supreme Court judges like Ruth Bader Ginsberg who thnks the South African Constitution is superior to ours!
Oh and speaking of Unconstitutional…
Devvy and I will, in the matter of just HOW bad a BBA would be.

Section 1: They won’t spend more than they take in unless they vote to spend more than they take in.

Section 2: They won’t spend more than 18% of the GDP unless they vote to spend more than 18% of the GDP.

Section 3: The President will write the budget: He will designate the taxes, and what the money will be spent on. He won’t spend more than he decides to tax you for, and he won’t spend more than 18% of the GDP. The GDP is a computation made by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in the Department of Commerce, an agency under the control of the President. [Do you see? The President controls the agency which computes the number which limits his spending.]

Section 4: Congress won’t make a law raising your taxes unless they vote to raise your taxes.

Section 5: Congress won’t raise the debt limit unless they vote to raise the debt limit.

Sections 6 & 7: Congress can waive the above provisions of the BBA (except for Sec. 4 which says they can’t raise your taxes unless they vote to raise your taxes) when there is a declared war or a “military conflict” which they think justifies their waiving the above provisions of the BBA.

Section 8: Courts can’t order your taxes to be raised. [But you can bet your life that this section, together with section 3, will be seen to authorize the President to order that your taxes be raised.]

Section 9: I leave this to others to explain. But be assured the President’s minions will define stuff however he wants; make stuff “off-budget” or “on-budget” to fit his agenda.

Section 10: Congress can make laws to enforce the BBA, and can rely on numbers provided by the President who is to be given constitutional authority to order tax increases & decide how to spend the money.

So does this kill our Constitution?  The answer is yes, which is what the NWO wants.
1. It would Transform Our Constitution From One of Enumerated Spending Powers To One of General (“Unlimited”) Spending Powers. Unlimited spending means more printing of fake fiat money under the Fed.
2. The BBA Transfers Control of the “Purse” from Congress to the President. (This one is already compromised by the ILLEGAL, UNCONSTITUTIONAL, DOLLAR KILLING FEDERAL RESERVE)
3. The BBA grants judicial power over taxing & spending to the federal courts. And with a Supreme Court run by extremists who want the Republic dead, number 3 if I were in Congress (and God help me if I am)…THAT’S THE DEAL BREAKER FOR ME!
Not even Alexander Hamilton would like this…
And so five (5) people on the supreme Court will decide an issue which goes to the heart of our Constitution – an issue which the People clamoring for the BBA don’t even know exists. And remember: Our supreme Court is filled with fallen people who looked at Sec. 1 of the 14th Amendment and said it means that women may kill their babies. They looked at the 1st Amendment and said it means that Congress may regulate political speech, and courts may ban Christian speech in the public square, but it gives Westboro “baptists” a “right” to spew their filth & hate at private funerals of dead American heroes.
Is it any wonder why Devvy wrote in a recent column as to why the Supreme Court should be IMPEACHED?  The sequester circus is only the start of the economic malaise that led to the end of the Soviet Union…IT DROVE ITSELF TO A DEATH BY DEBT!

Thanks for the obvious

Some various things on the web that are as clear and as plain as the noses on our faces…and most of these things get neocon warhawks’ pink lace thong undies to ride up their anuses.

And to think Hagel’s anti-Israeli thoughts are the reason why his nomination has been held up…REALITY CHECK.

Those who think we should control the population because there’s too many people on Earth…THINK AGAIN!  Meet Steven W. Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute and the author of the best-selling A Mother’s Ordeal: One Woman’s Fight Against China’s One-Child Policy.

CT-Stan’s Lt Governor battleaxe Nancy Wyman claims the 2nd Amendment is about hunting…HEY WYMAN…IT IS NOT ABOUT HUNTING IT’S ABOUT GOING AGAINST TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT LIKE YOU IN HARTFORD!

WHAT PART OF SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED DO YOU FASCISTS ON THE LEFT DON’T GET?!  YOU THINK WE ARE PLAGUES ON THE PLANET?!?!?!?  Why is CT in the mess it’s in? Two words…WELFARE WHORES…especially in Waterbury, Bridgeport, Stamford, New Haven, Norwich, Hartford, etc. Also the state run corporate media and a limp dick GOP that should be Ron Paul-based, Lew Rockwell-based, Peter Schiff-based, Tom Woods-based AND NOT JOHN ROWLAND, TOM FOLEY AND NEOCON-BASED.

Wyman, you and Malloy are proposing killing the second amendment WHICH IS UNJUST.


It seems to me you want CT like California and will allow the state police chief to spew globalist NWO bile like saying guns are not defensive weapons.  GET READY TO BE REFUTED.



Today, an appellate court ruled President Obama’s appointments to the National Labor Relations Board were unconstitutional. United Liberty reports the Constitution allows a president to make such appointments when the Congress is not in session. This is where it gets dicey. The Senate, which is constitutionally required to confirm appointments, was still in session.

The appointments were challenged in court by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY) and other Senate Republicans, who argued Obama violated the Constitution. The DC Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with McConnell, ruling President Obama had abused his authority

The AP reported…

The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said Obama did not have the power to make three recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board because the Senate was officially in session – and not in recess – at the time. If the decision stands, it could invalidate hundreds of board decisions made over the past year.

The court said the president could only fill vacancies with the recess appointment procedure if the openings arise when the Senate is in an official recess, which it defined as the once-a-year break between sessions of Congress.

The Washington Times reports there’s even deeper implications.

The ruling has even broader constitutional significance, with the judges arguing that the president’s recess appointment powers don’t apply to “intra-session” appointments — those made when Congress has left town for a few days or weeks. They said Mr. Obama erred when he said he could claim the power to determine when he could make appointments.

“Allowing the president to define the scope of his own appointments power would eviscerate the Constitution’s separation of powers,” the judges said in their opinion.


Quick Hits

Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

Congressional Report Lists 36 Pages of Obama’s Crimes

Obama lied about date of (long dead) “Osama Killing”, high level military stood by the lie and recently an admiral with direct knowledge relieved of command

Obama leading nation into ‘full-on depression’

Republican Role-Reversal on Gay Rights, Harry Reid Has NRA Cash and More in Capital Eye Opener

Harry Reid: Americans Aren’t Interested in Issues of Same-Sex Marriage and Abortion

The corruption of a generation: In a major Mail series, a renowned psychologist argues that our daughters are facing an unprecedented crisis… sexualisiation from primary school age

California Commits Suicide

Californians Fleeing To Texas “Improves” CA Economy

Prozac in Poultry Is Better Than Penicillin

What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More

Link Between Flame Retardants and Neurodevelopmental Delays in Children

Obama fires 20,000 Marines, promises billions to Muslim green energy

U.S. Government Lends $105M to Brazil—to Build Aquarium

U.S. Spends $40 Mil on Foreign Labor Causes in Final Days of 2012

Labor Dept. Spending $2M to Boost Worker ‘Solidarity’ in Haiti and Peru

Lavish PBS Salaries Means Taxpayer Help Isn’t Needed

U.S. Taxpayers Spent $5.6 Million in 2011 to Preserve Cultural Landmarks – in Other Countries

EPA Spends $1.2 Million to Provide ‘Asthma-Friendly Homes’ Training

$150M in Stimulus to Play Monopoly

U.S. Spent $27 Million on ‘Ineffective’ Pottery Classes–in Morocco

Battery Maker with $249 Million in Taxpayer Cash Goes Bankrupt

Amtrak snack bars lost $84.5 million last year; $833 million in 10 years

$1 million to develop a menu for what people might eat on the planet Mars – every year

$25 Mil to Keep Africa, the “Original Cradle of All Humanity,” Healthy

Miracle of miracles?

In the wake of a Fox News report where one of Obama’s so-called classmates rambled about her birth and certificates, comes a report in The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s version of Infowars, WHICH MENTIONS HIS INDONESIAN NAME! The article, from November, makes mention of the name Barry Soetoro, one of the many false ID’s the usurper who claims to be President has use over his years.

Enrollment documents viewed by TheBlaze confirm that a young Barack Obama was listed as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim on school registration in the 1960s. And while the document has been reported on before, albeit lightly, TheBlaze has compiled the most complete view thus far of the document and the circumstances surrounding it – including an interview with the president’s first-ever principal while he was in Indonesia.

TheBlaze repeatedly photographed the document in the office of the current headmaster of Santo Fransiskus Assisis, a Catholic school that Obama attended from January 1968 to December 1970 in Jakarta.  The record shows that Obama (or his parents) – at least for the period of his life – claimed to be an Indonesian citizen, that he took the last name Soetoro (the last name of his step-father, Lolo), that his religion was listed as Islam, and that he was born in Honolulu.

All of this considering it may have been Beck himself who was targeted by media high-ups, according to a 2008 Canada Free Press article where talk about Obama’s records was considered forbidden.