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First the bombshell from Infowars new DC Bureau Manager Dr. Jerome Corsi…


As of the posting of this blog, more info has been added to this article.  To see more that does become available, hit refresh or F5.

And to those who followed the Birther movement it features two familiar names.


Michael Zullo, formerly the commander and chief investigator of the Cold Case Posse (CCP), a special investigative group created in 2006 in the office of Joseph M. Arpaio, formerly the sheriff in Maricopa County, an Arizona State Certified Law Enforcement Agency, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

The NSA electronic surveillance data was created by the NSA as part of the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional Project Dragnet electronic surveillance of U.S. citizens, revealed by news reports published in 2005,

As further documented by the revelations of whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 – a project that Sheriff Arpaio and his chief CCP investigator Michael Zullo believe has never been shut down.

Sheriff Arpaio and Chief Investigator Zullo have identified dozens of entries at various addresses, including both Trump Tower in New York City and Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, under which Trump was under NSA electronic surveillance, as a result of the analysis they conducted on Project Dragnet records of U.S. citizens that were the targets of electronic surveillance from 2004, during President George W. Bush’s term of office, through 2009, the first year of President Obama’s presidency.



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The UNConstitution State…AGAIN

Another Connecticut Democrat wants to see to it that free speech is silenced.

The Yankee Institute for Public Policy reports on March 13th,  Democratic House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, of Berlin, an employee of the powerful government union AFSCME, and other representatives introduced House Bill 5589, An Act Concerning Campaign Finance Reform.

A second act, House Bill 7211, An Act Concerning Disclosure of Coordinated and Independent Spending in Campaign Finance ,was introduced in the left-wing majority General Assembly.

The Institute reports the proposed legislation “would result in a list of people who have donated to nonprofit groups that support causes in Connecticut.”  Liberty and free speech minded critics believe government reporting of private giving “could result in harassment of people across the political spectrum who take controversial positions,” especially those against the bully pulpet of the assembly.

The legislation appears to apply to 501(c)(4) nonprofit organizations, which the IRS says must “operate primarily to further the common good and general welfare of the people of the community.”

YIPP Policy Director, Suzanne Bates, told the government administration and elections committee the bill will make political participation tougher for average citizens while big money donors would still have the legal and financial ability to navigate the system.

“Any time you make the campaign finance laws more complex you basically make it harder for regular people to get involved in the process. People who really want to get their money into the system find a way,” Bates told the committee.

There is a possiblity Connecticut could face a fight at the U.S. Supreme Court, which in the past ruled that donor privacy is part of freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

The court in a 1958 case, Alabama v. NAACP, decided that advocacy groups cannot be forced to disclose the names of their supporters because it violates freedom of speech and freedom of assembly, both guaranteed by the First Amendment.

In that case, Alabama tried to force the NAACP to reveal its list of members’ names and addresses, claiming the groups was causing harm to the state. The ruling is considered a landmark civil-rights ruling.

Connecticut is trying to do what California did in 2015.  Then the state forced nonprofits, including 501(c)(3) organizations to report the names of supporters who donated $5,000 or more to the government.

The case was eventually appealed to the nation’s high court, but it refused to take up the matter, contrary to the court’s past rulings.

The Connecticut connection in this comes from last year’s elections.  While it was a presidential election year, there were some local races, including one featuring William Petit, the Cheshire man who’s daughter and wife were killed by two gunman in a 2007 attack.

Labor United, a union-funded PAC, released a controversial television ad attacking Petit for being anti-family. The ad would be pulled and the union’s treasurer was fired from the PAC and resigned from his separate position as the executive director of the left-wing SEIU Connecticut State Council.

Petit would go on to win his race for state representative.

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And an alert is out involving Texas Rep Louie Gohmert.  I receieved an email from my web friend Andrea Shea King regarding an article in The Daily Caller where Gohmert calls out neocon Paul Ryan when it comes to our cyber safety and security

“I’m circulating a letter, and we’re going to ask for just that,” Gohmert told The Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group Thursday following a “Conversation with Conservatives” news conference.

Congress needs to know more about three Pakistani brothers — Imran, Abid and Jamal Awan — and two of their associates, who are under criminal investigation for using a remote server to download and store data from congressional IT systems and over-billing taxpayers for computer equipment, Gohmert said.


The DCNF previously reported that the brothers owed money to a Hezbollah-connected fugitive, took cash from an Iraqi politician, had access to former Democratic National Committee Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s digital devices, and were suspected of holding their stepmother in “captivity” in order to access offshore cash.

Over the last few weeks, Mrs. King has been playing on her Blog Talk Radio program a series of reports from Investigator George Webb, doing what the corporate government media complex especially in the US has been failing to do.

Webb has assembled a 12-minute video summarizing what Rep.Gohmert needs to know.   This is in an ongoing series of webcasts on YouTube which have so far not been removed from the leftist Google run video sharing site.  The video below is number 145 in the series.

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