UPDATE 5/14/15:  Now comes word of a Jade Helm-like operation affecting the Eastern US.  Before It’s News is reporting  Robin Sage is the equivalent of Jade Helm for the Eastern United States.

The site reports the operations will be based out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina to be “held within 15 North Carolina counties as the final test of their Special Forces Qualification Course training” Before It’s News said.

During the exercise, set to take effect in October, these Special Forces candidates and Robin Sage role-players will not only conduct training missions like controlled assaults and key-leader engagements, but also live, eat and sleep in these civilian areas, just like with Jade Helm.

BIN has also unveiled the logo for this operation



Meanwhile, as expected the corporate media has berated Alex Jones and alternative media for sounding the alarm on this and keep the public focused on the political elite narrative, distracting Americans from REAL news.



Infowars’ LeAnn McAdoo reports residents of Big Spring, Texas are reporting the “scary” sight of helicopters and tanks arriving in advance of Jade Helm. This is in addition to Video footage out of Ontario, California shows armed National Guard troops patrolling residential streets and practicing traffic control.



If there were to be major riots (SHTF) and you as a soldier were asked to point a gun at fellow citizens and kill them…WOULD YOU DO IT?

A “yes” answer means you were taught by your superiors to hate this republic (and that’s what it is NOT A DEMOCRACY!) its founding fathers and all the documents it stands for namely The US Constitution. To put it another way…VIOLATION OF POSSE COMITATUS.

A “no” answer means you have lived up to your oath to The Constitution and not to anyone or anything else and…WELCOME TO THE REVOLUTION AGAINST THE BANKSTERS AND THE POWER ELITE!

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