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Obama Returns to U.S. Only to be Served Birther Lawsuit in 10th Circuit Court of Appeals




Zullo: “The Media Won’t Even Discuss the Findings” on Obama Birth Certificate




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The Consequence of Life (RR)


According to a report from Fox 61, WTIC-TV, in a move after Governor Dannel Malloy announced he would not seek a third term for governor, lawmakers are looking to hike the state sales and income taxes.

The sales tax stands at 6.35%.  A proposed bill in the General Assembly would hike that to 6.99%, making it the second highest tax rate in New England.  When looking at the other states in the region, Rhode Island is currently at seven percent, Massachusetts is at 6.25 percent, Vermont is at 6 percent and Maine at 5.5 percent. New Hampshire has no sales tax.

Another proposal would increase the income tax rate on Connecticut’s wealthiest residents. This would affect those making more than $500,000 if filing single annually. If you file jointly, it would be for couples making more than $1,000,000. That rate is at 6.99 percent and a proposal would spike that by half a percentage to 7.49 percent, the highest its been since the tax was introduced more than 25 years ago during the Weicker Administration.

Ironically, Malloy did not propose either tax hike in the budget he presented several months ago.

“Too much thought is going into how to raise additional money and too little thought going into how do we live within our approximate means,” said Malloy.

On Friday, Malloy reiterated his claim of that he would not raise taxes, although he raised taxes many times in his administration, which resulted in businesses like GE leaving resulting in Malloy being labeled one of the most upopular governors in America. Malloy said he’s going to wait and see what lawmakers come up with.

There will be a hearing this coming Tuesday at the capitol on several of these proposals where those for and against can sound off.

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U.S. Foreign Policy for the Ignorant




Klayman: Former Government Contractor Found Obama’s Birth Certificate “Not Genuine”













Post and Email 4/20/17…and a new washer

Today from PC Richard and Son came our new GE Washer.  It’s very high tech by our standards; no telling how long a cycle lasts, so many rinse options, very high tech.  But day one we go with a couple loads of towels.  The dial has preset washes, including towels.





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DISGUSTING…LGBT movement’s other goal: Lower age of consent to 10 years old for psychiatric therapy – without parents’ knowledge or consent!




Post and Email 4/19/17…and a washer

It was mom’s day off from the taxes (she works for accountants as a secretary)…and our 20-something year old washer goes on the blink.  We go to PC Richard and Son in hopes of getting a new one.  Hope we do not go through the crap with the refrigerator like a couple of years ago.




Report: Assault on Correction Officers Attempted but Thwarted



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Contested Hearing Scheduled for April 25 in “Robinson” Case, Part 2



You support the Green Party…YOU SUPPORT WAHBBIST ISLAM!



Osoff would be perfect for Hollywood…HE’S A LYING COMMUNIST PIECE OF CRAP!



Bill O’Reilly…HE GONE!

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Letter to Trump Alleges Obama’s Two-Time Usurpation of the Presidency Meriting Investigation




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