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First, an update to the James O’Keefe Project Veritas investigation into ABC News.  Well, the dinosaur media outlet has suspended a reporter.  Red State comments

It sounded like it was going to be good, because even before the video came out this morning, ABC even suspended one of the people who appeared in the video, veteran Washington correspondent, David Wright, who has reported for “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America” and “Nightline.”

So what was it that prompted such a quick response on their part? Had he done something awful?

Project Veritas taped him while he was covering the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

He was caught on tape talking about ABC’s refusal to cover the news accurately and saying that they didn’t see “any upside” in actually doing their job and reporting the truth.

According to Wright, ABC and similar places are interested in three things when it comes to Trump. “The outrage of the day, the investigation, and of the palace intrigue of who’s backstabbing whom. Beyond that, we don’t really cover the guy,” Wright said.

And for that, real reporting from PV gets someone removed from ABC for the time being.


A reporter for the New York Post, one of NYC’s two tabloids is in some hot water.  The reporter, Ebony Bowden, who once wrote about casual racism being widespread was caught on video mocking an Indian reporter behind his back during a White House press conference.

Infowars reports Bowden was seen pulling strange faces and asking another journalist sitting next to her “who is this guy?” as the Indian expresses his best wishes the Trump administration will “keep America safe” from coronavirus.

The Twitter user who posted the video remarked, “Who is that reporter in the green mocking an Indian reporter? I bet she thinks Trump is racist..”

He then posted a link to an article Bowden had written in which she asserts that “casual racism” is “widespread” in Australia.

The Indian reporter in question, Raghubir Goyal, has been a White House reporter since the days of President Carter.  Needless to say to the Post reporter, who works for maybe the conservative alternative to the Daily News and the New York Times, Goyal has been to a few rodeos.


In a story the globalist, Islamic radical loving media will not report, the country of Iran is losing its religion to paraphrase leftist music group REM.

Jihad Watch reports

“Islam is dead,” the “mosques are empty,” and “no one follows Islam inside of Iran,” an unidentified Iranian church leader stated in the 2019 film Sheep Among Wolves Volume II. The film marks a widely observed trend in recent decades of Iranians abandoning the cruel theocratic faith of Iran’s 1979-established Islamic Republic for Christianity.

“God is moving powerfully inside of Iran,” the church leader stated as the documentary examined how “Muslim-background Iranians are leading a quiet but mass exodus out of Islam.” Christian evangelists, who reach Iranians via means such as television broadcasting, have for several years reported on Iranians leaving Islam for Christianity. Other media reports have noted that Iranians “are leaving the mosques in droves” as atheists.

Estimates vary about Christianity’s Iranian revival, with some suggesting in 2019 that “70 percent of Iran’s people have rejected Islam.” Like others, Open Doors, an aid organization for Christians persecuted worldwide, cited at least 500,000 Iranian Christians that same year, compared to 500 known evangelical Christians in 1979, while some sources claimed one million covert believers.

In a 2016 Christian Broadcasting Network interview, Iranian house church pastor Rahman Salehsafari, an evangelist among Iranians both in Iran and globally via Skype, stated that 100,000 Iranian Christians in 1994 had become three million.

Also in the article is this story…

Reza Safa, an Iranian Muslim convert to Christianity and evangelical pastor, predicted in 2019 that Iran would become the first majority-Muslim country to convert to Christianity, given the evangel’s wildfire spread despite harsh repression. Iranian-American evangelist Hormoz Shariat in 2016 declared that “Islam is experiencing its greatest defeat in its history in Iran today.” Most young Iranians “have been raised in a family where Islam was rejected and even ridiculed, or at least it was a non-issue.”

Sadly this story was rated by the globalist leftist fact check website from Microsoft News Guard as inaccurate.  Sure, and the Huff Puff Post is accurate?  #REALLYMAN?


And to finish up, a laugh at the media’s expense from Mark Dice

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