Hollywood invades CPAC…somewhat

I put this qualifier in because Next News Network’s Gary Franchi spoke to the black sheep of the Baldwin family, Stephen.

Media Mistakes

First, an update to the James O’Keefe Project Veritas investigation into ABC News.  Well, the dinosaur media outlet has suspended a reporter.  Red State comments

It sounded like it was going to be good, because even before the video came out this morning, ABC even suspended one of the people who appeared in the video, veteran Washington correspondent, David Wright, who has reported for “World News Tonight,” “Good Morning America” and “Nightline.”

So what was it that prompted such a quick response on their part? Had he done something awful?

Project Veritas taped him while he was covering the Democratic primary in New Hampshire.

He was caught on tape talking about ABC’s refusal to cover the news accurately and saying that they didn’t see “any upside” in actually doing their job and reporting the truth.

According to Wright, ABC and similar places are interested in three things when it comes to Trump. “The outrage of the day, the investigation, and of the palace intrigue of who’s backstabbing whom. Beyond that, we don’t really cover the guy,” Wright said.

And for that, real reporting from PV gets someone removed from ABC for the time being.


A reporter for the New York Post, one of NYC’s two tabloids is in some hot water.  The reporter, Ebony Bowden, who once wrote about casual racism being widespread was caught on video mocking an Indian reporter behind his back during a White House press conference.

Infowars reports Bowden was seen pulling strange faces and asking another journalist sitting next to her “who is this guy?” as the Indian expresses his best wishes the Trump administration will “keep America safe” from coronavirus.

The Twitter user who posted the video remarked, “Who is that reporter in the green mocking an Indian reporter? I bet she thinks Trump is racist..”

He then posted a link to an article Bowden had written in which she asserts that “casual racism” is “widespread” in Australia.

The Indian reporter in question, Raghubir Goyal, has been a White House reporter since the days of President Carter.  Needless to say to the Post reporter, who works for maybe the conservative alternative to the Daily News and the New York Times, Goyal has been to a few rodeos.


In a story the globalist, Islamic radical loving media will not report, the country of Iran is losing its religion to paraphrase leftist music group REM.

Jihad Watch reports

“Islam is dead,” the “mosques are empty,” and “no one follows Islam inside of Iran,” an unidentified Iranian church leader stated in the 2019 film Sheep Among Wolves Volume II. The film marks a widely observed trend in recent decades of Iranians abandoning the cruel theocratic faith of Iran’s 1979-established Islamic Republic for Christianity.

“God is moving powerfully inside of Iran,” the church leader stated as the documentary examined how “Muslim-background Iranians are leading a quiet but mass exodus out of Islam.” Christian evangelists, who reach Iranians via means such as television broadcasting, have for several years reported on Iranians leaving Islam for Christianity. Other media reports have noted that Iranians “are leaving the mosques in droves” as atheists.

Estimates vary about Christianity’s Iranian revival, with some suggesting in 2019 that “70 percent of Iran’s people have rejected Islam.” Like others, Open Doors, an aid organization for Christians persecuted worldwide, cited at least 500,000 Iranian Christians that same year, compared to 500 known evangelical Christians in 1979, while some sources claimed one million covert believers.

In a 2016 Christian Broadcasting Network interview, Iranian house church pastor Rahman Salehsafari, an evangelist among Iranians both in Iran and globally via Skype, stated that 100,000 Iranian Christians in 1994 had become three million.

Also in the article is this story…

Reza Safa, an Iranian Muslim convert to Christianity and evangelical pastor, predicted in 2019 that Iran would become the first majority-Muslim country to convert to Christianity, given the evangel’s wildfire spread despite harsh repression. Iranian-American evangelist Hormoz Shariat in 2016 declared that “Islam is experiencing its greatest defeat in its history in Iran today.” Most young Iranians “have been raised in a family where Islam was rejected and even ridiculed, or at least it was a non-issue.”

Sadly this story was rated by the globalist leftist fact check website from Microsoft News Guard as inaccurate.  Sure, and the Huff Puff Post is accurate?  #REALLYMAN?


And to finish up, a laugh at the media’s expense from Mark Dice

Hate ICE? Then you love Soros!

To those on the radical globalist left, the never great Democratic Party, who back the destruction of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), then it’s clear you support open border lobbyists like globalist Communist billionaire George Soros.

In a post, Sons of Liberty Media said ICE should deport Soros as he is a Nazi collaborator.

Writing at the blog, Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine said…


The deportation of a Nazi death camp guard from his residence in Queens, New York, in 2018 by ICE was described as the removal of the “last known Nazi collaborator from the United States.”

That’s not quite true.

There’s another Nazi collaborator living on Fifth Avenue. He’s a billionaire and untouchable because his dubious fortune has been used to finance the Democrat Party, radical leftists, assorted anti-Semites, and opponents of ICE: the agency that should step in to remove the aged Hungarian from the United States.


And that should also include his family and those linked to him (get my point Adam Schiff and Mitt Romney?).

The legal basis for removing George Soros, Greenfirled writes,  is quite clear.


The Holtzman Amendment states that “Any alien… under the direction of, or in association with…  (II) any government in any area occupied by the military forces of the Nazi government of Germany, (III) any government established with the assistance or cooperation of the Nazi government of Germany, or (IV) any government which was an ally of the Nazi government of Germany, ordered, incited, assisted, or otherwise participated in the persecution of any person because of race, religion, national origin, or political opinion is inadmissible.” It provides grounds for deportation even retroactively.

Emphasis, this writer.

A few years ago on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Soros admitted working with a Hungarian Nazi collaborator to confiscate Jewish property. While he and his flacks have since tried to spin the admission, including those in politics, the leftist blogosphere and Hollywood the interview is quite clear.

“My understanding is that you went out with this protector of yours who swore that you were his adopted godson, went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews,” Steve Kroft asked the radical billionaire in an almost catatonic state of wanting to obey this globalist overlord.


“Yes, that’s right. Yes,” Soros admitted, nodding his head.


In his biography, Soros’ father said his son worked with a Hungarian Nazi official to made a list of a Jewish person’s property.  Soros made that same claim elsewhere. The official, variously named as Baumbach or Baumflass by Soros and his father, both probably pseudonyms, worked for the Hungarian government.

The Hungarian government these days are not showing anything for Soros.

In 2018, Soros was outwitted by Hungarian Prime Minister Orban, closing down his operations in Hungary and moving to Berlin, Germany, a city blogger Pamela Gellar said “better suited to Soros’ Nazi-collaboration background.”

When Soros originally made his admissions in the nineties, when the Clinton Crime Machine was running and there was no alt-media out there, there was little interest in him outside the financial world.

But, as he began using his massive fortune which came from shorting stocks or predicting a stock will fall and then cashing in his chips, to buy elections, and fund lefty groups hostile to the nation-state and sovereignty and the rise of media like Breitbart and Infowars, there was renewed interest in his wartime activities.

His political allies in the media have vociferously condemned any mention of his collaboration and have worked to rewrite history, claiming these admissions by Soros were poorly worded or taken out of context.


And it’s one driven by so-called fact checkers who really are leftist propagandists who want globalism.


Innumerable fact checks have claimed that Soros was only a frightened little boy hiding out for his life.

These fact checks ignore the simple fact that Soros was not “hiding” by going off to participate in the confiscation of the estate of a Jewish industrialist. Hiding out meant staying out of sight. Soros never actually stayed out of sight while with the Nazi collaborator, he hiked and chatted with friends.

Why did George Soros actually go to the Kornfeld estate?

Tivadar Soros, the billionaire’s father, revealed that, “The following week the kind-hearted Baufluss, in an effort to cheer the unhappy lad up, took him off with him to the provinces. At the time he was working in Transdanubia, west of Budapest, on the model estate of a Jewish aristocrat, Baron Moric Kornfeld. There they were wined and dined by what was left of the staff. George also met several other ministry officials, who immediately took a liking to the young man, the alleged godson of Mr Baufluss. He even helped with the inventory. Surrounded by good company, he quickly regained his spirits.”

Soros did not go to the Kornfeld estate to hide out, but because a Nazi collaborator paid by the Soros family thought that it would cheer him up. He was not a frightened child. And he was not hiding out. Instead, he voluntarily went to the worst possible place that an actual Jew hiding out could possibly be, hanging out with officials dispatched to identify and persecute Jews, because he was having fun.

This matches Soros’ description elsewhere of the period as the “most exciting time of my life”.

Or as he stated elsewhere, “1944 was the happiest year of my life. This is a strange, almost offensive thing to say because 1944 was the year of the Holocaust, but it is true.”

The fact checks claiming that George Soros was a teenager who only did what he had to are false. The account by his father and the circumstances of his collaboration show that he did it for fun.

The claims that Soros collaborated because he was hiding out were disproven by his father’s words.

Soros was a teenager at the time. But the Holtzman Amendment does not set an age limit. And, as an adult, Soros has remained unrepentant, expressing a lack of guilt in the 60 Minutes interview.


Soros came to the U S in 1956, eventually he would become a citizen of this country. What happened after that was a mystery…


But we do know that Soros had trouble obtaining a visa to originally enter the United States.

Soros obtained his visa under the skilled worker quotas of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. While the bill makes no specific mention of Nazi war crimes, it declares visa applicants affiliated with totalitarian movements ineligible. Arguably, Soros illegitimately procured his visa. And, having done so, he can be denaturalized, and then treated as a deportable alien under the Holtzman Amendment.

Aliens can be deported from the United States, not based on current deportability rules, but those under which they were admitted. In Soros’ case, those would be the 1952 rules of the INA.


The question though is when will justice come for Kingpin Soros?

Project Veritas goes after ABC News

In another undercover story and on this the day of the Conservative Political Action Conference or CPAC where he will speak, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe takes on another of the corporate dinosaur media outlets; this time ABC.

Senior ABC Correspondent David Wright, who ADMITS being a socialist, said on Hidden Camera: How ‘Bosses Don’t See an Upside’ for Reporting News; ‘The Truth Suffers’; Says ABC Doesn’t ‘Give Trump Credit for What Things He Does Do’; ABC News Producer: New Yorkers Need to ‘Cross the Hudson River’ to Learn Why Voters Back Trump.

Are You a Democrat Socialist? Wright: “Oh yeah. More than that I would consider myself a socialist; like I think there should be national health insurance. I’m totally fine with reigning in corporations, I think they’re too many billionaires, and I think there’s a wealth gap–that’s a problem.”

See for yourself as PV goes undercover at the New Hampshire Democratic Primary


Also Andy Fies, an ABC News Producer, wonders “People in New York Are Constantly, I Think, Fascinated by, ‘How Can People Like Donald Trump?’…You Know, Well F**k! Cross the Hudson Now and Then, and Come Out and Spend Some Time, and You’ll Hear Why!”

Fies also said in what should be a money shot…

“Real People, Practical Issues? ‘Those things aren’t TV-friendly.’ ”


Is it any wonder Bob Iger recently stepped down from his position at Disney, which owns ABC?

Weaponizing a virus

At least according to Newsmax, that’s what talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh is saying.  On his talk radio show Monday, Limbaugh said,

“Folks, this coronavirus thing, I want to try to put this in perspective for you. It looks like the coronavirus is being weaponized as yet another element to bring down Donald Trump.  Now, I want to tell you the truth about the coronavirus. I’m dead right on this. The coronavirus is the common cold, folks.”

Not so sure if I would go to those extremes El Rushbo, but methinks you have been reading into what the corporate media, run by China and foreign agents, would call a conspiracy theory.

And it’s one the left would laugh at as they ready themselves to shove Communist Bernie Sanders up our rectums!

You see, coronavirus IS FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER.  It was created in a lab in Wuhan, China.  And the communist dictatorship that Hollywood, and the American left love under the most benevolent Chairman Xi, IS SPREADING LIES IN THE BIGGEST CYA EVER.  Just look at Natural News after typing “Wuhan” in the search bar.

Speaking of Natural News, they offer the REAL numbers on coronavirus.

Official (rigged) Coronavirus Count: 80,346 infected, 2,706 dead
Realistic estimates: 300,000+ infected, 30,000+ dead
2,621 infections outside of China: South Korea: 977, Japan: 160, Italy: 270, Iran: 61

Emphasis in italics, the writer.

And multi-national corporations and the UN’s health wing the WHO (no I don’t mean the legendary Iowa radio and TV stations) aren’t making things any better according to Lisa Haven, who says it and crazed nerd and population control freak BILL GATES are working in secret (isn’t everything the globalist devil worshippers do that way?) to create a VACCINE to deal with this virus.



Lisa has multiple articles to help out.  Among these are…


Epoch Times 1

Epoch Times 2

CNBC (of all places!) from 2017

Business Insider





Infowars’ Millie Weaver reveals the ultimate back story of how Barack Hussein Obama (Allah Praise be his name) tried to use an executive order to prevent Donald Trump from fully becoming President and how Trump cleverly got around it.


Media Mistake…RUSSIA(3X)

Breitbart reports Monday The New York Times has made another mistake on Russian collusion

U.S. intelligence and national security officials have reportedly refuted the claim that Russia is interfering in the 2020 elections to help President Donald Trump’s re-election, arguing in media reports published over the weekend that the United States does not have evidence to support the allegation.

And as a result of the Sunday mistake…

The [intelligence] officials now maintain that the House members either misheard or misinterpreted a key part of the briefing, and that the Office of the Director of National Intelligence [ODNI] did not mean to say that it believes the Russians are currently intervening in the election explicitly to help President Trump.

Citing three unnamed national security officials (to me this story is declared bagged!), CNN added, “The U.S. does not have evidence that Russia’s interference this cycle is aimed at reelecting Trump.”