Greenwich is singing a new, yet familiar song

To those of a certain age, Democratic President Harry S. Truman used the song “I’m Just Wild About Harry” for his campaign in 1948.

Well it’s 2020 and the same song can be used for voters of the newly elected 151st District Member, Republican Harry Arora.

Arora defeated Democrat Cheryl Moss Tuesday to replace Fred Camillo, now Greenwich First Selectman.

The Greenwich Time reports…

Arora received 2,345 votes to Moss’ 1,965, giving him 54.41 percent of the vote, according to preliminary results available Tuesday night.

This is Arora’s first elected office.  He’s a father of three who has made his career in the financial services and energy trading industries. He ran once before, a 2018 challenge to leftist U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, also a town resident, in the 4th Congressional District Race.

“This win is about turning our state around,” Arora said in his victory speech to an enthusiastic crowd at Caren’s Cos Cobber, in the heart of the district. “This win is about taking leadership to Hartford. We are going to make sure that we go to Hartford and work with our caucus leaders to advocate and put forward a clear vision of how we’re going to turn Connecticut around.”

Arora fills out the rest of Camillo’s term, about nine months. The seat will be up again for election in November along with all other state Legislature seats. And Arora has said he will run for reelection.

OPINION: Had Moss won, it would’ve been another tick mark on the board for tolls.  Also, momentum, ever so slowly, has gone the GOP way.

Media Mistakes

I start this semi-weekly somewhat event at the new blog with some major mistakes of the corporate media, financed by China and run by the Deep State (Save OAN, Newsmax, etc)

And one of the biggest epic fails came from yesterday’s Second Amendment rall held in the capital of the Confederacy, Richmond, VA.

The media hyped it is an event where riots would break out and it would be one big race riot.  REALITY CHECK: It was anything but.

Oh it was peaceful for the super majority of the event, but there was a lot of passion in the home of legendary radio station WRVA.

For example, at the rally was a lot of negative sentiment, though peaceful, for Blackface Governor Ralph Northam.

Also, and you knew Alex Jones would be there stirring things up, again, peacefully.

As well as Owen Shroyer.

From Breitbart’s recently discovered by me YouTube page come these videos.  In this one, a 2nd Amendment activist told Breitbart News he would ask Governor Ralph Northam why Northam didn’t know his blackface photo would be inappropriate.


Another protester said Northam was trying to equate the Peaceful rally to Charlottesville…

This activist called out NBC’s Ben Collins for a tweet, which he later deleted, urging other reporters to cover this “white nationalist rally” accurately.

NBC…Never Bash Communists!

The thing is though, Creepy, Crazy 30330 Uncle Joe Corn Pop Biden…WENT RIGHT WITH THE MEDIA’S CLAPTRAP.  Breitbart reports…

He did this by seizing on a March for Our Lives tweet wherein 13 members of the gun group claimed they had to sneak into Richmond “secretly” in order to avoid all the “white supremacists” attending the January 20, 2020, Second Amendment rally.

Biden responded by praising the “courage” of the gun controllers and calling for more gun control


But the one story the Goebbels calling themselves the media will not report on, or report on with their leftist bias, is Peter Schweitzer’s new book which pegs a lot of familiar globalist progressives.  Included…(Bleep)ing Bull herself, Liz Warren.  In one section of the book, Warren has major ties…TO IRAN.

The book, Profiles in Corruption, reveals progressive leaders’ little-known ties to corrupt businesses and governments and discusses the Massachusetts senator in a chapter.

The chapter details the business deals of Warren’s son-in-law, Sushil Tyagi, who is married to her daughter, Amelia. Tyagi was born in India but moved to the United States, where he met Amelia while they were both pursuing MBAs at Wharton Business School.

Warren and Tyagi are close. She attended his brother’s wedding in India, recounting it in her memoir. She and her husband Bruce Mann in December 2009 served as witnesses for a power of attorney corporate document he filed in India.

Since his marriage into the Warren family, Tyagi “has been involved in a series of curious—even troubling—business ventures around the world,” Schweizer writes.

Tyagi runs Tricolor Films, and in 2008, produced a film called The Song of Sparrows, directed by Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi.

The film was described as Majidi’s “most religious” and is about a man who is fired from his job on an ostrich farm, moves to the big city and becomes a motorcycle taxi driver, and soon becomes consumed with his passengers’ lives and is swept up in a world of greed. It is his family that help him restore his “caring and generous nature,” according to a film synopsis.

Tyagi was listed as the film’s sole producer on a New York Times page, in credits which have now been deleted. A look back at the page’s archive revealed that the film was funded by the Iranian government agency that is overseen by Iranian propagandists.


And Minnesota (which may as well be a part of Canada)’s Amy Klobachaur has cashed in from corruption as has Warren.

Schweizer said Klobuchar has “mastered the art of shaking down contributors and then pushing their legislation.”

He stated, “[Klobuchar] was a prosecutor before she was a U.S. Senator — very selective, did not go after people that were donors of hers, who were clearly engaged in corruption. And as a U.S. Senator, she has mastered the art of shaking down contributors and then pushing their legislation. There are instances where dozens of executives from a corporation over a three-day period will give her the donation, and then literally a few days later, she introduces legislation on their behalf.”


But don’t expect the Mockingbirds to report on it as it exposes their precious little Deep State.


And, leave it to those Chi-Coms in Hollywood to spread their race baiting.

For example…





And to this proponent of toxic feminism who would gladly shout her abortion…your reliance on the mockingbird leftist NWO media, is PITIFUL.


And since you seem to like the mullahs of Iran, who would kill one of your big proponents, the LGBTQ Community…YOU CAN JOIN THEM, WEAR HIJABS AND BURKAS AND ALSO TURN IN YOUR U.S. CITIZENSHIP.

And why will you not join Brandon Straka in the Walkaway movement?  Because you would lose money from your taskmaster the most benevolent Chairman Xi, who is anything but.

He is really a globalist tyrant hungry for power, like you are hungry for the NWO in Chi-Com Hollywood.


Is it any wonder Chi-Com scum that ticket sales for movies are at a near 25-year low?



It’s no longer “We report; you decide.”




Yes, it’s Operation Mockingbird…arisen like the Phoenix.  In case you do not know what it is…you are watching it in the form of ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCNPRPBSFNC.  Yeah, Fox has been included in this.








How nuts are SJW’S?

Well this video shows them in a nutshell.


And…Virginia’s biggest SJW, Governor “Blackface” Northam is looking to fire off Civil War 2.0 in Richmond, VA by staging a false flag event at a pro gun rights rally.

And patriots in VA say Northam, the WORST Governor VA has ever seen, a product of the Northern VA swamp and the leftist cities of Richmond, Norfolk, and to an extent Roanoke, is looking to start a second Charlottesville.

Northam’s support for a Democrat gun control push is sowing discord in the state, especially after the state Senate passed three gun control bills this week.

With a confined protest space and planned infiltration according to sources, patriot insiders fear that the left is trying to create a “Charlottesville 2.0” at Monday’s rally, referring to the 2017 event at which clashes between patriots and Antifa broke out, a young man was convicted for running a leftist protester over with a car, and a bizarre helicopter crash killed two people.

The website National File got a stunning tip Saturday, days after receiving a similar tip regarding planned leftist/communist infiltration:

“I’m in Richmond and have just received information from a very reliable source concerning Monday’s rally against the legislature’s gun grabs.”

The George Soros-financed Antifa have rented seven buses to bring in their thugs to cause trouble.

The battle for the Republic intensifies as the state of Virginia declares a National Emergency in preparation for the Rally Against Gun Confiscation. First and Second Amendment rights advocates are gathering from all across the country to peaceably protest Democrat lawmakers’ sweeping gun control measures that could very well create a constitutional crisis and spark the second American Civil War.

The report says they will be wearing MAGA hats and wearing NRA garb. They will pretend to be pro gun people.

Meanwhile others posing as democrats holding anti gun signs will stand on the side.

The Antifa thugs, pretending to be pro gun, will attack the sign holders. Making it look like the pro gun people have started violence.  This is the plan. If you are attending the rally be aware. Be very careful”…

Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell told National File

“Pro-Second Amendment Patriots need to be on the lookout for leftist interlopers like Jason Kessler who will only be out to foment division. With every day that passes, this Governor proves he’s more illegitimate than he was he day before. Ralph Northam should be removed from office and replaced with a non-blackface, non-hood wearing Patriot who hasn’t been credibly accused of rape by multiple Democrat Ph.D. women.”


And the telltale sign may be from this…as there are MILITARY POLICE VEHICLES IN RICHMOND…a blatant Posse Comitatus violation.


The temporary emergency has been issued ahead of Monday’s Lobby Day Demonstration, in which tens of thousands of 2nd Amendment activists are expected to descend on the State Capitol in protest of Democrat-sponsored gun control and confiscation bills making their way through the newly-blue state legislature.


A crazy feminazi lives up to Rush Limbaugh’s nickname for the misandry movement when one such…WANTS MEN TO BE CASTRATED!


All I can say is this…the radical left started Civil War 1.0…and they are looking to start Civil War 2.0!

UCONN faces lawsuit

In a story that more than likely will not be covered by the state run corporate media of this state, two University of Connecticut students who were arrested last October for yelling racial slurs are now suing the school.

Campus Reform reports the two students, Ryan Mucaj and Jarred Karal, filed the suit Tuesday in the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut, claiming the school violated their First Amendment rights to free speech.

“This is a civil rights action to remedy deprivation of First Amendment rights concerning retaliation by the University of Connecticut against the plaintiffs.  The retaliation impermissibly discriminates as to speech content and viewpoint”, the suit states.

The two students were arrested in October after a student recorded them walking through a campus parking lot and shouting the n-word.  They were charged under a Connecticut state law making it a crime to “ridicule” certain people.

While Mucaj’s case is ongoing, a court recently ordered Karal on probation.  The terms of which includes 20 hours of community service as well as so-called diversity and sensitivity training.

“Any person who, by his advertisement, ridicules or holds up to contempt any person or class of persons, on account of the creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race of such person or class of persons, shall be guilty of a class D misdemeanor,” the law states.

But, free speech advocates took issue with the law, saying the students’ free speech rights were violated.

Upon news of the lawsuit on Tuesday, the conservative leaning free speech nonprofit Foundation for Individual Rights in Education issued a statement, saying it “welcomes” the legal action against UCONN.

In 2017, the Supreme Court unanimously affirmed even hate speech is protected.

The high court unanimously struck down a disparagement provision of federal trademark law in Matal v. Tam, a case in which the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) denied an Asian-American rock band a trademark for their name “The Slants” because they found the name to be offensive.

Simon Tam, the band’s lead singer, says he chose the name to reclaim the “slants” slur and “drain its denigrating force as a derogatory term for Asian persons.”

The PTO denied the application under the Lanham Act provision which prohibits the registration of trademarks that may “disparage . . . or bring . . . into contemp[t] or disrepute” any “persons, living or dead.”

“We now hold that this provision violates the Free Speech Clause of the First Amendment,” Justice Samuel Alito wrote of the provision in his plurality opinion. “It offends a bedrock First Amendment principle: Speech may not be banned on the ground that it expresses ideas that offend.”

The decision was 8-0 as Neil Gorsuch was not on the court at the time.  Leftists like Anthony Kennedy joined their conservative brethren on the court in a total show of unity for the Constitution.

“A law that can be directed against speech found offensive to some portion of the public can be turned against minority and dissenting views to the detriment of all. The First Amendment does not entrust that power to the government’s benevolence. Instead, our reliance must be on the substantial safeguards of free and open discussion in a democratic society” Justice Kennedy said.



More taxes coming…More people going

In Connecticut, the most if not one of the most taxed states of the union, there are plans in the leftist, union backed and communist inspired General Assembly to put taxes on…GROCERIES.

But, Senate GOP Leader Len Fasano, in an email to subscribers, did this with a little bit of sarcasm-twinged Connecticut humor.

Actually, Fasano “thanked the state’s Department of Revenue Services for proposing 2020 legislation…” to cut the tax approved by Democrats in their state budget passed last year.  The much minority Senate Republicans will also be pushing forward with a proposal to get rid of the tax language in the upcoming legislative session.

“The only way to fix the law and truly protect taxpayers from the Democrats’ grocery tax is to change the language and pass a new statute. Republicans called for this to happen last year, but Democrats refused, because either they couldn’t admit they made a mistake, or at some point when the public isn’t looking, they plan to enforce the existing language, tax groceries and hide behind the language of the law,” said Fasano.

So what is the grocery tax?  This image may explain.

Democrat lawmakers claimed it would only apply to food items already subject to the sales tax. But the legislation included language expanding the tax to dozens of grocery store items never taxed before including rotisserie chickens, bags of lettuce and loose bagels and baked goods.

Taxing rotisserie chicken?  That’s fowl play (you’re welcome!)


And this ridiculous burden, another example of theft, may be yet another reason people are leaving “California sans earthquakes.”

Last week, the Yankee Institute for Public Policy put out an article saying how the state lost over a billion dollars in wealth to other states.

The numbers were based on the most recent year available 2018.  And the money is going to the usual spots…at least two of them,

Where is all the money going? Florida, mostly. The Sunshine State has been drawing Connecticut residents consistently for years and, over the course of 2017, accounted for $922 million of Connecticut’s total loss of gross income.  Connecticut also saw a net loss of $157 million to Massachusetts and $149 million to North Carolina,” Y.I.P.P.’S Mark Fitch wrote.

Florida and North Carolina, despite the latter having a Lamont-type governor in progressive Roy Cooper is understandable.  But, Massachusetts?  Well then again, GE moved from Fairfield to Boston a few years ago and the sales tax is 6.25%, slightly lower than 6.35% in Connecticut, but more calculable.

As it is 2020, the Census will be taken.  And if this is any indication, Connecticut may be a few steps closer to asking for a bailout from (God for fend) President Sanders, Warren or Biden!

“According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Connecticut experienced a net loss of 29,517 people in 2018, with a significant increase in the number of individuals moving to Florida,” Y.I.P.P. said.

In a state that in the last Census count, in 2010, had a population of 3,574,097, Fairfield County, where this writer lives, had a population of 916,829.  One can assume some of these people are commuting to work in New York City or Westchester County, NY.

Hartford, New Haven and New London Counties saw as much as 899,000 in those three each; mostly due to Colleges (Yale, Southern CT State, Quinnipiac, University of Hartford, the boondoggle of Dunkin Donuts Field or Rentsaleer) or the two casinos in New London County.

Middlesex. Windham, and (despite having UCONN’s main campus in Storrs), Tolland counties the population in each ranged from 118,428 to 199,999.  What this year’s Census says could mean a political shift as far as Congressional Districts go.

Connecticut has lost population to other states dating back to the Malloy regime, since 2013, and studies show those moving out have higher earnings than those moving into the state, but the losses in 2017 weren’t nearly as bad as some past years.

Take 2015, please.

2015 saw a net loss of $2.6 billion, largely from high-wealth individuals leaving, with $1.8 billion of that wealth going to Florida, according to the IRS.

Who makes up the majority of those leaving?

The largest groups of people leaving generally consist of retirees and college students, and retirees make up a large portion of the income and wealth loss. But Connecticut’s sluggish economic growth may be driving people seeking jobs out of state as well.

A moving survey in 2018 by United Van Lines ranked Connecticut 4th in the country for more people moving out than moving into the state. The main reason for moves was jobs, followed by retirement.

And more bad tax policies keep piling up.

Gov. Ned Lamont and the legislature closed a $1.5 billion budget deficit in 2019 with a mixture of small tax and fee increases and maintaining taxes that were meant to sunset. But the state now faces a $28 million deficit this year, when it was expecting to see a $141 million surplus.

Either someone didn’t hit the right calculator buttons…or there’s some pork barrel/under the table spending nobody knows about.

Even worse, Connecticut’s Office of Fiscal Analysis projects budget deficits as high as $1.2 billion between 2022 and 2024, due to fixed costs that are growing faster than revenue.

Connecticut, a bluer than UCONN National Flag Blue state is not alone

New York, Illinois and California all saw large outflows of wealth, losing as much as 1.3 percent of their total AGI to other states, according to

If only Connecticut had the guts to elect someone like Florida’s Ron DeSantis, who in one poll has a 72% approval rating…THAT’S MONSTER!  Why such high numbers?

DeSantis’ approval rating is heavily lifted by a 91 percent thumbs-up from Republicans. Yet he also has strong majorities of both Democrats and independent voters pleased with what he’s doing, according to the poll, done by UNF’s Public Opinion Research Lab. The Republican Governor has majorities of Floridians approvals across all demographic groups, except African American voters with whom he manages 50 percent, with only 32 percent of black voters disapprove of his performance.

Is there a Ron DeSantis in Connecticut?  I hope so.




If you still support Bernie after this video…

…which is the second part of Project Veritas’ exposure of a staffer for the Vermont Leftist Socialist Globalist…THEN YOU DON’T DESERVE TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY.

And this douchebag apropos of nothing…was smoking a joint when he was saying what he was saying.  I would not be shocked if this fool is a suspect in a false flag shooting.


Lisa Haven has reported on the videos as well…do not expect any corporate Nazi media coverage.

Veritas strikes again!

This tine their target…Vermont Senator and self-avowed Democratic Socialist…Bernie Sanders.  Well, maybe not him, but someone on his staff.

Breitbart reports…

Undercover footage released by Project Veritas on Tuesday shows a field organizer for Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I-VT) 2020 campaign warning that liberals will “get the f-ing wall first” in a socialist revolution.

The remark, uttered by an individual identified as Kyle Jurek, was prompted by a Project Veritas journalist, who asked: “Guys like that (liberals), what are we going to do with them?”

“Gulag,” Jurek quipped with a laugh, before adding: “Liberals get the f-ing wall first.”

At another point, the Project Veritas journalist asks, “Who you gonna throw down with?”

Jurek reflects for a moment, then begins counting on his fingers: “The billionaire class, the fucking media, pundits.”

Running with that train of thought, he fantasizes about killing the staff of cable news channel MSNBC–an openly liberal outlet that has obsessively pursued far-left conspiracy theories about President Trump conspiring with Russia.

“Walk into that MSNBC studios, drag these motherf-ers out by their hair, and light them on fire in the streets,” he continues.

In another part of the video, Jurek is asked what should be done about those who “resist the change.”

“Well, I’ll tell you what. In Cuba, what did they do to reactionaries?”

“They shot them on the beach,” the Project Veritas journalist answered.

Ah but wait, there’s more.  Again from Breitbart…it seems as if that same Iowa soyboy staffer also goes after fellow progressive Elizabeth Warren.  Jurek in the video said Warren supporters are “hung up on vaginas.”


In another part of the video, Jurek complains that Sanders is a bad judge of character, pointing to the candidate’s previous support of Warren as an example.

“Bernie’s a bad judge of character, so like he has [Jeff] Weaver, who is like one of his senior advisors, and is a s-f human and he likes him,” the Sanders organizer said. “He’s friends with Elizabeth Warren. What can you do? Bernie has started opening lines of attacks against Warren, but he keeps it policy-based.”

Jurek then launches into an attack on Warren supporters for wanting a woman to be the Democratic nominee, even if her policies are worse than Sanders’s.

Had to self-censor on the language.  You can see for yourself in the first of many parts Veritas has put up.


And a YouTuber, Robert Noerr, looks at the video


Infowars also reported on this.  Included in the report was this…

Notably, Jurek was arrested in Polk County, Iowa, last week for operating a vehicle while intoxicated, drug paraphernalia, and failure to provide proof of insurance.

Soon…I hope

Will come the end of the foreign lands of California.  This as a record numbers of volcanoes and earthquakes are erupting around the planet as children in California are being taught “vampirism.”  Is there a connection?  Is this Biblical Prophesy?

Maybe if you ask Lisa Haven.

Many articles back Lisa up…

From The Miami Herald

NPR…about Mexico

Washington Post

As for the California connection…Infowars has the story.


On another topic that goes under this title…if there is one time to go green, it should be in Iran with the green movement, which runs counter to the theocracy of the mullahs…much to the chagrin of the left side of globalism.

The populist movement RESTART warns the evil Ayatollah of a violent “Plan B” revolution in 72 hours if their demands for freedom are not met.


Major medical cover-up…EXPOSED!



Yes, the United Nations own health adjunct the World Health Organization admits vaccines are damaging, even deadly.

Infowars reports last month, the WHO held a Global Vaccine Safety Summit where scientists admitted that vaccines are killing people, adjuvants in the vaccines are part of the problem, and they have not conducted adequate safety studies.

In another Infowars report, the bombshell is dropped.

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, the Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization, admitted that some vaccines are killing people during the WHO Global Vaccine Safety Summit last December in Geneva, Switzerland.


“I don’t think we can overemphasize the fact we really don’t have very good safety monitoring systems in many countries and this adds to the miscommunication and the misapprehensions,” Swaminathan said.


“Because we’re not able to give very good clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine, and this always gets blown up in the media.”


And here is the video in question…SHARE THIS BEFORE GOOGLE YOUTUBE CENSORS IT!