How nuts are SJW’S?

Well this video shows them in a nutshell.


And…Virginia’s biggest SJW, Governor “Blackface” Northam is looking to fire off Civil War 2.0 in Richmond, VA by staging a false flag event at a pro gun rights rally.

And patriots in VA say Northam, the WORST Governor VA has ever seen, a product of the Northern VA swamp and the leftist cities of Richmond, Norfolk, and to an extent Roanoke, is looking to start a second Charlottesville.

Northam’s support for a Democrat gun control push is sowing discord in the state, especially after the state Senate passed three gun control bills this week.

With a confined protest space and planned infiltration according to sources, patriot insiders fear that the left is trying to create a “Charlottesville 2.0” at Monday’s rally, referring to the 2017 event at which clashes between patriots and Antifa broke out, a young man was convicted for running a leftist protester over with a car, and a bizarre helicopter crash killed two people.

The website National File got a stunning tip Saturday, days after receiving a similar tip regarding planned leftist/communist infiltration:

“I’m in Richmond and have just received information from a very reliable source concerning Monday’s rally against the legislature’s gun grabs.”

The George Soros-financed Antifa have rented seven buses to bring in their thugs to cause trouble.

The battle for the Republic intensifies as the state of Virginia declares a National Emergency in preparation for the Rally Against Gun Confiscation. First and Second Amendment rights advocates are gathering from all across the country to peaceably protest Democrat lawmakers’ sweeping gun control measures that could very well create a constitutional crisis and spark the second American Civil War.

The report says they will be wearing MAGA hats and wearing NRA garb. They will pretend to be pro gun people.

Meanwhile others posing as democrats holding anti gun signs will stand on the side.

The Antifa thugs, pretending to be pro gun, will attack the sign holders. Making it look like the pro gun people have started violence.  This is the plan. If you are attending the rally be aware. Be very careful”…

Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell told National File

“Pro-Second Amendment Patriots need to be on the lookout for leftist interlopers like Jason Kessler who will only be out to foment division. With every day that passes, this Governor proves he’s more illegitimate than he was he day before. Ralph Northam should be removed from office and replaced with a non-blackface, non-hood wearing Patriot who hasn’t been credibly accused of rape by multiple Democrat Ph.D. women.”


And the telltale sign may be from this…as there are MILITARY POLICE VEHICLES IN RICHMOND…a blatant Posse Comitatus violation.


The temporary emergency has been issued ahead of Monday’s Lobby Day Demonstration, in which tens of thousands of 2nd Amendment activists are expected to descend on the State Capitol in protest of Democrat-sponsored gun control and confiscation bills making their way through the newly-blue state legislature.


A crazy feminazi lives up to Rush Limbaugh’s nickname for the misandry movement when one such…WANTS MEN TO BE CASTRATED!


All I can say is this…the radical left started Civil War 1.0…and they are looking to start Civil War 2.0!

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