Looking back at 2019

For me this was a trying year.  I lose my Uncle Rocky in January and the stress of it I think caused my cousin Jay to pass on.  And then, one of the many family therapists I have seen all of my life, Lynne Hone dies of cancer…perhaps small cell.

Then, our old neighbors, a Brazilian couple who had a child, left our apartment.  Then the real estate agent mom hires kind of gives us a bum steer and the result is a bit of a diva for a neighbor.  My mom spent at least $10,000 to get that apartment fixed.

And when the situation is that you can’t find work in a communist enclave like CT and have an 81 year old mom who is stressed to the max at times, that’s a hell of a lot of money.

I hope when tax time comes my mom can get most of that money back…if not…well then Lamont MUST go…and I as a registered Republican might not vote for Trump in the primary as we face the most important election of our lifetime.

And well the media will again do what it does as the Deep State’s propaganda voice to see to it the New World Order is fully ensconced.  And of course there will be the woke Communist brigade and their Trump Derangement Syndrome to make sure to it the agenda of the Chi-Coms, Mullahs of Iran, et al. overthrows this republic.

Take a look at this from Infowars…



And Mark Dice looks back on 2019 the only way he can.


And Liz Wheeler, whose program Tipping Point and One America News should be on my Euro-Weenie cable outlet, looks at the five biggest lies of the globalist Islamic loving left.


I can only hope this story comes to fruition…


Infowars’ Millie Weaver reports…

Not only is there a rouge source of intelligence, but there is also another source of intelligence, something further in the background than the NSA, that hasn’t been made public yet.

I can neither confirm nor deny that my source and the President are working through an unnamed agency to take down the Deep State. Remember when President Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex? You don’t think he may have set something else up in secret to monitor them, do you?


And I hope Fox News resolves to NOT FIRE Tucker Carlson.  Look at this from Lisa Haven


I do not know what 2020 will bring but I want a new beginning at least.

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