Truck toll a roadblock

Governor Ned Lamont still has tolls on his mind.  In this case it’s for trucks, and Republicans will be looking to put the brakes on this.

State Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano in an email to subscribers said there is a major wrinkle in Lamont’s proposal.  And not just the GOP, but truckers are angered about this.

The decision advances the trucking industry’s lawsuit challenging Rhode Island’s truck-only tolls as unconstitutional, claiming Rhode Island’s tolling program discriminates against out-of-state entities under the dormant Commerce Clause.

In a statement Friday, Fasano said

“Gov. Lamont said he would be releasing a new proposal to toll trucks by the end of this week. In light of yesterday (Thursday)’s federal appeals court decision advancing the lawsuit in Rhode Island over truck tolls, Gov. Lamont needs to call off his trucks-only tolling plan. It is clear that Republicans have the only viable transportation plan.

“The court’s decision gives credence to the trucking industry’s challenge. It ties up this issue in litigation for years to come, leaves doubt and uncertainty in the ability to toll only trucks, and creates significant economic risk for taxpayers. The only transportation plan that is viable today is the Senate Republican no-tolls, no-tax-increase plan FASTR CT. If Gov. Lamont is serious about transportation infrastructure and moving Connecticut forward, let’s get together now and advance the Republican plan through the legislature.


This comes as media reports say Lamont wants a special session with the General Assembly in about two weeks.


Some are still looking for more details on the governor’s plan for tolls as well.

“Let’s start with trucks only. You don’t want cars and trucks. I salute Democrats in the House, they have come forward with a plan,” Lamont said.

Last week, Lamont met with Democrats and Republicans about a plan for tolls.

Now he’s ready for a vote. In a letter to legislative leaders, Lamont wants lawmakers to take up transportation and tolls in a special session.

He says he understands this is a “difficult and expedited timeframe”, but these are “important issues which require resolution before year-end”.


Republicans wonder about plans.


A big complaint is that there are no spreadsheets, no paperwork on where tolls would be and how much they would generate.

“I think it’s hard for Republicans to support a toll plan given there is no toll plan on the table. My understanding is they will redraft some numbers and get back to use with other details, but it’s difficult to find support in the House and Senate for a toll plan,” said Senator Len Fasano.



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