The Case Against Socialism

It’s the title of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s newest book about the perils of the sociopolitical ideology.

Infowars reports

Speaking on the matter during an interview with C-Span, Paul said “nobody in the media seems to care that what AOC is supporting or what Bernie is supporting is Stalin and Mao and Pol Pot, and all these terrible ideas, and they get away with it because they aren’t challenged.”

Paul spoke to C-SPAN’s After Words with guest host Republican Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida.



Paul cited the disaster in Venezuela as an example of the dangers of socialism.

“Venezuela is just such a disaster. I mean, people literally eating their pets. We tell the story of a young lady who was a teenage girl, and she has a gang, but her gang is to defend the turf of trash. So, there’s certain garbage receptacles and she keeps people out of them because those are her garbage receptacles to look for food. How sad. People killing rats in the street to try to eat them, pigeons, and it just, it really is a sad thing.” Paul urged.


In a not so surprising event,  it was reported in a survey

It was reported this week that a survey discovered 70 percent of American millennials said they would vote for a socialist, with 1 in 3 saying they have a favorable view of communism.

Paul put the blame in the chat on government run schools.  Marion Smith, executive director of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation said about this

“The historical amnesia about the dangers of communism and socialism is on full display in this year’s report”


Smith added

“When we don’t educate our youngest generations about the historical truth of 100 million victims murdered at the hands of communist regimes over the past century, we shouldn’t be surprised at their willingness to embrace Marxist ideas.  We need to redouble our efforts to educate America’s youth about the history of communist regimes and the dangers of socialism today.”


Well, in Virginia, of all places given the leftist enclaves of Fairfax and Alexandria as well as Richmond and the Tidewater area, there’s a 12% increase in homeschooling.

There were nearly 39,000 home-schooled students during 2013-14 school year. That’s compared to about 43,500 students last school year.


Scott Woodruff, a lawyer for the Home School Legal Defense Association, said a few factors are at play.


There has been a relaxation in state regulations as well as an increase in the amount of quality and affordable academic materials that are available.


Perhaps there are those who support Rand Paul’s father, liberty icon Ron Paul, who too has backed homeschooling.

Just don’t tell the Communists called the teacher’s unions.


Breaking news on Flynn

As the globalist linchpins in the media continue with their hatred of 63 million Americans and President Trump, comes a story not even the “new” Fox News will cover.

One America’s Jack Posobiec reports the judge in the hearing over Michael Flynn has canceled itdue to last Friday’s bombshell of new evidence by lawyer Sidney Powell.


The fake sign mystery has been solved

Last Friday I posted about a series of fake political signs in Greenwich that links Republican First Selectman contender Fred Camillo to President Trump.  Well the mystery as to who put up those signs has been solved.

It turns out a captain with the Greenwich Police Department made and put up those signs.

CT Insider, linked from The Greenwich Time reports


Greenwich Police Department Capt. Mark Kordick said he has been placed on paid administrative leave after he admitted he purchased political signs linking Republican first selectman candidate Fred Camillo to President Donald Trump.


Near the end of the page should actually be more toward the top, which is where this writer is putting it.  It seems Captain Kordick hates President Trump.  By the way he’s also a registered Democrat.


Kordick called opposition to Trump a “deeply personal issue” because he felt people should be speaking out against Trump positions on women’s health and rights, LGBTQ rights and other areas. He said he purchased the signs to make a political point about the failure of local Republican leaders to speak out against Trump and he was “baffled” by the reaction because he was speaking out as a citizen and a voter and did not lie about buying the signs or try to hide it.

Kordick said he did it because he wanted to start a conversation and provoke thought about candidate political positions in relation to the current national political climate and the Trump administration, which Kordick said he does not support. He said since local Republicans were doing “everything they can to distance themselves” from national Republican agenda, he wanted to bring it up.

“Local elections do in fact matter and electing local Republicans is a tacit endorsement of the national political situation and the Republican Party itself,” Kordick said.

According to town policy, political signs can be put up on town property as long as they do not go up more than two weeks before an election and are taken down the day after an election.

The Greenwich PD has not offered any comment on the matter. Kordick said he was called into the office of Deputy Chief of Police Mark Marino Monday.  Marino asked him if he knew about the signs and if he purchased them.  Kordick said he did. He also said he was not told whether he was under any kind of investigation.

Kordick, who to this writer is an Oath Breaker (calling Stuart Rhodes!), has done something similar before.

In 2018 was reportedly placed on leave after letters of complaint were filed against him for comments made during meetings of the town’s Retirement Board, of which he was a member. And in 2015 he was placed on administrative leave for improper actions regarding town resident and political activist Arthur “Cort” Wrotnowski and his efforts to campaign against Common Core.


But one part of this story not only burned me up, but my mother as I told her the story.  And that comes from this line.


Kordick said on Monday night that he did not feel it should have any bearing on his status as a municipal employee.

“I’m a resident, a taxpayer and a registered voter here,” Kordick said. “I’m entitled to have political views and participate in the political process. I should have the same rights as anyone else to put up political signs.”

It is one thing to put up these signs.  It should be protected free speech under the US Constitution.  But there can be legal troubles Kordick should be facing; namely slander.  While Camillo has yet to respond to the Greenwich Time over this, Republican Town Committee Chair Richard DiPreta said Monday night…

“It is deeply troubling that Mark Kordick, a registered Democrat and a captain of the Greenwich Police Department, has been identified as the individual behind the fraudulent Camillo campaign signs.  I am confident that the police will conduct an exhaustive investigation to determine which laws Mr. Kordick broke, if any, regarding this incident.”

The signs were removed after DiPreta, Democratic Town Committee Chair Joe Angland and the town’s legal department agreed they could be taken down.

As for this oathbreaking officer, he should resign from his position.  Using slander to prove a point is as low as anything the global elites have done to destroy this republic, like using lies to start wars or create the private Federal Reserve,

Sure this is a local political story.  But with all due respect to the late Thomas P “Tip” O’Neill, for lowball politics like this to happen, all politics have gone national.

If anything, this could actually boost Camillo’s chances in next Tuesday’s election up against progressive leftist Jill Oberlander.  My mother said to me hopefully the people of Greenwich will be smart enough to see through this.  To be honest mom, I am not so sure if they just keep relying on media like The Greenwich Time, News 12, and so on.

More than just a blow to ISIS

As reported, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed over the weekend.  As Fox News reports on the possible death of his successor, killed in Syria, Infowars asks if the US really did kill al-Baghdadi.

This in the face of reports of a former Obama photographer whining that a photo of President Trump along with his team during the ISIS raid was staged.  Oh really?  What about Benghazi?

This is a blow to ISIS, but the mockingbird mega money media is for want of a better word IGNORING this death while they heaped praise on Obama (Allah praise be his name!) after killing CIA operative Osama Bin Laden.


After the Washington Post ludicrously described him as an “austere scholar,” some U.S. media outlets are now downplaying the importance of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in an apparent effort to take credit away from President Trump for the ISIS leader being killed on his watch.

The Washington Post’s first reaction was to describe the terror leader as an “austere scholar” in its obituary of him, prompting widespread ridicule.

However, despite lauding Barack Obama for the death of Osama Bin Laden in 2011, who many saw as a faded figure by that point, the media is now asserting that Baghdadi wasn’t that important anyway.

Newsweek cited an unnamed “intelligence official” who claimed that Baghdadi “had become largely symbolic.”

“Baghdadi was a figurehead. He was not involved in operations or day-to-day,” said the official. “All Baghdadi did was say yes or no—no planning.”


And you wonder why people have very little trust in the media.

This as the globalist’s latest terror spook ISIS is all but destroyed.


Jon Bowne at Infowars said…


It isn’t just ISIS that is enraged by President Trump’s call to have the secret compound of ISIS founder and leader Al Baghdadi decimated by the brave special forces of the U.S. military.

The globalists, who left Baghdadi to his own devices, have had the rug pulled out from under them.


Turning to the rarefied air I do in entertainment news, comedian Dave Chappelle is earning more and more of his freedom stripes, especially during an awards ceremony in Washington which had some noted leftist celebrities in the audience.

Chappelle was receiving the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor at The Kennedy Center when he made unscripted remarks regarding other comedians whom he knows to be “very racist,” but who still deserve freedom of speech.

A short transcript provided by USA Today captures Chappelle’s segue into gun rights:

Chappelle informed the audience “I did not write a speech.” During his impromptu remarks, he defended freedom of speech when talking about comedians he knows who are “very racist.”

“(I) don’t get mad at ’em, don’t hate on ’em,” he said. “Man, it’s not that serious. The First Amendment is first for a reason. Second Amendment is just in case the First one doesn’t work out.”

The legendary comedian proceeded to give the speech while smoking a cigarette inside the building, acknowledging the Fire Marshal “for having the courage to let me be myself.”

“I want everyone in America right now to look at me. Look at me smoking indoors,” Chappelle said, to an audience including celebs such as Bradley Cooper, John Legend and rapper Common. “I didn’t ask anybody… What are they gonna do? Kick me out before I get the prize?”



It’s official…HE GONE

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the western-backed and financed Islamic State militant group (ISIS) is dead.

The Gateway Pundit reports Syrian journalist Mohamad Rasheed posted several videos Saturday night of air raids in northern Syria.

Newsweek reported

The United States military has conducted a special operations raid targeting one of its most high-value targets, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), Newsweek has learned. President Donald Trump approved the mission nearly a week before it took place.

President Trump made the announcement of the ISIS leader after 9AM EST.


Predictably the left and their Mockingbirds in the media hated on this.




Big interview and Is all politics really local

Friday Roger Stone was interviewed on The Alex Jones Show.  He was asked if President Trump will resign.

“There’s zero chance that he will resign, I think that’s wishful thinking by some in the political establishment,” said Stone on The Alex Jones Show Friday. “Donald Trump is a brawler, he has resources. One of the things that I think is hurting him is that you have a monolithic mainstream media, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN – and you have the slow turn of Fox.”


But, Stone warned Trump of the neocon threat inside the Senate that could end up impeaching the president…perhaps led by Mitt Romney.

Stone made it clear that Trump needs to take the impeachment inquiry seriously as there are enough Republicans in the Senate that don’t share his non-interventionalist views.

To frame Trump’s situation, Stone said that the battles occurring in today’s Washington are not about “Republicans versus Democrats” anymore.


And to counter this seemingly active coup…

Stone suggested Trump needs to channel his newly-enhanced war chest from his California fundraising to target the “soft” Republican senators in their own states.


Well, in less than two weeks, Greenwich, CT will elect its new First Selectman…and it looks like not even Greenwich is immune from lowball political tricks.

CT Insider via The Greenwich Time reported Friday on some signs popping up linking Congressman Fred Camillo with fellow Republican President Trump.

Full disclosure, I remember seeing one of those signs.

Well, Camillo is calling these things fake signs and putting the blame on leftists Jill Oberlander and Sandy Litvack, who are running for spots on the three-member Board of Selectman.

“This is a new low for Greenwich,” Camillo said Friday morning. “It is desperate, dirty and fraudulent. It is time for Jill Oberlander and Sandy Litvack to disavow not only the signs but all the emails and rhetoric that are coming from the Greenwich chapter of this national Indivisible group that is using our town as a platform to push a national agenda.”


The signs give the impression that they are endorsed by the Camillo campaign: They are in red lettering with a traditional Republican elephant and what appears to be Camillo’s campaign website on the bottom.

However, Camillo’s website is The link on the sign — — goes to a website that appears to be a citizens group supporting Trump.

There is no notation on the signs saying who paid for them. Republicans questioned whether the signs were put up by the Oberlander campaign, the Democratic Town Committee or Indivisible Greenwich, an activist group that has been a vocal opponent of Trump.

But Oberlander denied all of this.  There may be a link though with Litvack, even though he has denied the signs as well.

Litvack, a Democrat, is running for reelection as selectman and has been vocal in calling for local Republican leaders to condemn Trump’s actions. Litvack is married to Joanna Swomley, co-founder of Indivisible Greenwich.

Bold–an interesting development.

Some action could be taken on these signs.

On Friday afternoon, Republican Town Committee Chair Richard DiPreta, an attorney, said the RTC was seeking an opinion from the town legal department on whether the signs can be removed. Party leaders believe the signs are illegal because they use Camillo’s name to make a false representation and list a website that is not his.

“If we get permission from the town we will remove the signs or we will have the town do it,” DiPreta said. “Hopefully, the person that did this will come forward and remove them.”

The RTC said the “fraudulent lawn signs (were) intentionally designed to look like they were from the Camillo campaign” and said the “counterfeit signs” were not authorized by the campaign or the Greenwich RTC.

As for the left

DTC Chairman Joe Angland said that if Camillo or his campaign did not approve them, then “personally I condemn the signs.” He said that anyone attributing them to the Democratic candidates were doing it “without a shred of evidence” and called the accusations “scurrilous.”

In a further statement, Angland said, “Given that the signs explicitly ask people to ‘Vote Republican,’ it appeared that they were created and posted by Republicans. We now understand that Mr. Camillo and the RTC deny any knowledge of the signs’ origin. One possibility is that the signs were created by a supporter of Donald Trump who believes that associating Mr. Camillo with Trump will help the Camillo campaign. Another possibility is that someone wanted to lead people to believe that Democrats had created a fake sign, damaging Democratic candidates at the polls. We hope that the source of the signs is identified and is subject to the appropriate legal remedies.”


A look at Indivisible Greenwich clearly shows a leftist progressive website, using talking points spewed bu globalist leftists.

Indivisible Greenwich is part of a national network of local grassroots groups working to preserve our democracy and counter Trump’s corrupt, divisive and authoritarian actions and policies that threaten our democratic values, as well as America’s safety and standing in the world. We are your neighbors — informed, engaged, and concerned citizens — seeking results-oriented action to counter what we see as a fundamental threat to our nation’s democracy.


For starters, this nation is a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC…if we can keep it.  Indivisible Greenwich is part of a national Indivisible campaign.

The group links to article in mostly mainstream corporate or far left media…so there is another bias strike against it.

To make a donation, you are taken to another progressive site Act Blue, which powers leftist groups such as the DCCC and Democracy for America.

Some known progressives like Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Jeff Merekley.

A search for CT groups and people in their directory turns up all of the CT leftists in the Senate and House, and many left-wing groups including NARAL, Progressive America PAC and the leftist communist Working Families Party.

And, here comes the money shot.  ActBlue HAS TIES TO GEORGE SOROS!  And of all places to call out this foul play, the leftist Daily Kos did this, back in 2010.  One of Kos’s backers from Ohio posted…

I was seeking to find a definitive relationship between ActBlue and George Soros but at the time couldn’t find the smoking gun. One of the conservative candidates later called out ActBlue on twitter using the above diary as ammo. I then did more research on this subject, and I did find “the smoking gun.”

George Soros did indeed donate to ActBlue, and it is UNDISPUTED as one can see from the information in my diary below.

ActBlue Lies when they say Soros never gave them money.

My desire was to bring this to everyone’s attention here, in case they happened to be in the dark.

Well Lady Impact Ohio, you sure did.

Fred Camillo, the RTC, and DTC should be warned of Soros’ possible interference in buying elections.  Or do you still want to continue reading the failing New York Times which did a softball story about the man who makes even Lex Luthor look like a piker?

Things in threes

There is an old phrase that says things that happen a lot come in threes.  For my cousin/godmother Roxanne Covello, 2019 was a year of three…three deaths that is.

In January as the New Year was starting, her dad, my uncle Rocky Covello passed on after a nearly 8-year battle with a stroke.

Then two months later, her boyfriend and my cousin Jay Fosco died at only 62.  He battled health issues.  Perhaps Uncle Rocky’s death was too much to handle.

And then just this morning, her cat, a Persian named Tiger died at 15.  I emailed her to send my and mom’s condolences and that Tiger crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  And in return, she said…

Yes I have read the rainbow bridge years ago & it does tug at your heartstrings.  Buddy & I have lost our 3 best friends in a short time & he is sad just like I am.  I have lost many a pet over the years but every now & again one comes along that stands out in the crowd & my Tiger man is certainly one of them.  I told him when we got him that he had big shoes to fill & fill them he did.  I am saddened to live my life without him by my side but he was in such a bad way & going forward it would only worsen.  I would have done anything to help him stay well but when it reached the point that no more could really help than why prolong someone’s pain & suffering? Especially one as wonderful as he was.  I lost Thumper back in 2003 & I still tell her I love & miss her so I’m sure I will tell them both that now.  A better friend you could never find.

Thumper was also a Persian cat and Buddy was my uncle’s dog, a golden retriever.  Roxanne tells me Buddy and Tiger were very close and Buddy is feeling down about it.

There have been lots of firsts since Uncle Rocky’s passing such as the first birthday since his passing.  It also is the same day as my grandma Nellie Covello…September 11th.

Coming up is the first Thanksgiving and then Christmas.  Needless to say it will be tough.