One of the rules of so-called journalism is to not start a story with a question.  Well I will deliberately break that rule by asking what if the Cold War were to start up again and this time it led to blows by missiles?

The UK Daily Mail last week put out a story on how an all out attack between the two superpowers would be deadly for all sides.  It was based on simulations and models.


The model — based on realistic data on nuclear force postures, targets and causality estimates — predicts that 34.1 million people would die within hours.

The catastrophic conflict would leave another 55.9 million injured — figures which do not include subsequent deaths from nuclear fallout and other effects.

In the first three hours alone, Europe would be devastated and an estimated 2.6 million people would be either killed or injured.

The following 90 minutes would see key cities in both the US and Russia hit with 5–10 nuclear bombs each, leaving another 88.7 million dead or injured.

Many countries in the model appear to escape being the direct target of a nuke — such as those in the southern hemisphere, and Scotland.

A four-minute video was created by Princeton University engineering and international affairs expert Alex Glaser and co-workers.


The simulation, dubbed ‘Plan A’, was drawn up based on various independent assessments of current US and Russian military postures, nuclear war plans and corresponding weapons targets.

It included extensive data on the number of nuclear weapons currently deployed, bomb yields and the order in which such a war would likely progress.

A nuclear war would likely evolve from an initial phase of tactical targeting through to a strategic period intended to take out each side’s offensive nuclear capacity.


These five cities would be targeted…

New York

Indianapolis, Indiana

Washington, DC

San Diego, California

Austin, Texas

Not to go political, but these cities are run by Democrats, who were cheering on the Soviets during the Cold War.

Of course those leftists that survive this will likely blame the GOP for starting this with the media aiding and abetting.


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