Cold Civil War

Those words were uttered Friday by none other than RUSH LIMBAUGH.  Paul Joseph Watson, writing for Infowars, said

The radio host told his vast listening audience that latest impeachment efforts against Trump were just another attempt to overturn the 2016 election results and “nothing more than the Steele dossier 2.0.”

Limbaugh said that the Washington establishment was getting increasingly edgy because Trump threatens to destroy their power base for good.


Sunday night, President Trump quote tweeted Dallas-based Pastor Robert Jeffress, who told Fox News, “If the Democrats are successful in removing the President from office (which they will never be), it will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.”

Well Rush, those words have been used before even you uttered them.  They have been used by scholars at Hillsdale College, which you promote on your program.

In related news, Lisa Haven has uttered those words as well…


And this war is not actually cold, but WARM thanks to the impeachment inquiry.  If Trump DOES get impeached to the delight of the Deep State, our enemies like CHina and Iran, and Hollywood which is run by the former of the two countries, and more and more people are silenced for their thoughts, this Civil War goes hot.

It’s what the globalists want so they can complete their takeover also with help from the UN, CIA and the NWO.


And if I may mention the article from Hillsdale’s Imprimus newsletter …

So if we won’t change our minds, and if we can’t change the subject, we are left with only three other ways out of the cold civil war. The happiest of the three would be a vastly reinvigorated federalism. One of the original reasons for constitutional federalism was that the states had a variety of interests and views that clashed with one another and could not be pursued in common. If we had a re-flowering of federalism, some of the differences between blue states and red states could be handled discreetly by the states themselves. The most disruptive issues could be denationalized. The problem is, having abandoned so much of traditional federalism, it is hard to see how federalism could be revived at this late juncture.

That leaves two possibilities. One, alas, is secession, which is a danger to any federal system—something about which James Madison wrote at great length in The Federalist Papers. With any federal system, there is the possibility that some states will try to leave it. The Czech Republic and Slovakia have gone their separate ways peacefully, just within the last generation. But America is much better at expansion than contraction. And George Washington’s admonitions to preserve the Union, I think, still miraculously somehow linger in our ears. So secession would be extremely difficult for many reasons, not the least of which is that it could lead, as we Americans know from experience, to the fifth and worst possibility: hot civil war.

Under present circumstances, the American constitutional future seems to be approaching some kind of crisis—a crisis of the two Constitutions. Let us pray that we and our countrymen will find a way to reason together and to compromise, allowing us to avoid the worst of these dire scenarios—that we will find, that is, the better angels of our nature.

As I mentioned the CIA, take into consideration this rant by Tucker Carlson saying Harry S. Truman REGRETS starting the CIA.


Connecticut “Senator” Richard “Stolen Valor” Blumenthal in a video linked onto Infowars fantasizes about President Trump choking during a Fox News interview.

In an embedded video at the Infowars article, The Daily Caller uploaded ironically enough a Fox News video segment making what could amount to be a threat against the President.


Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) claimed that the Ukraine phone call President Trump had with its president Volodymyr Zelensky would take him out, saying he would “choke on this supposed nothing burger.”

In response to Sen. Lindsey Graham’s (R-S.C.) assessment that the phone call – the transcript of which was released by the Trump administration earlier this week – was simply a big fat “nothing burger,” Blumenthal took the analogy to a malicious place.

“Donald Trump is going to choke on this supposed nothing burger,” Blumenthal told Fox News Thursday. “He will go down with this supposed nothing burger in his throat because what it shows is repeated, concerted, premeditated criminal conduct.”


Classy, stolen valor, REALLY classy…NOT!  Infowars also reported…


The Democrats have ramped up their rancorous rhetoric against Trump since the media-driven Ukraine debacle ramped up following House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement of an impeachment inquiry on Tuesday.


Do not expect leftist so called local media outlets (WFSB 3, WTNH 8, News 12, NBC CT, Fox 61, any radio or newspaper) to cover this.



Lisa Haven reports on Tucker Carlson letting the CIA have it.  But then she warns Fox News, which has recently hired disgraced neocon from Wisconsin Paul Ryan (whose wife is a HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER), is looking to CENSOR PATRIOTS!

Going for it

A commentary in Western Journalism looks at how talk radio kingpin Rush Limbaugh says globalist ex-VP Joe Biden is only a part of President Trump’s Ukraine work.

“Limbaugh has another theory, though — he thinks the president is looking for the genesis of the Mueller investigation”, C. Douglas Golden writes.

The giveaway in this is the fact that Trump mentioned a company called CrowdStrike during the call used in the transcript.


CrowdStrike, for those of you who have forgotten the Democratic National Committee email hack, was the private cybersecurity firm that the DNC brought in to evaluate its servers after the hack. They’re the ones who determined that the hack came from Russia.

During the call, Trump spent a fair chunk of time talking about the firm.

“I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation with Ukraine, they say CrowdStrike … I guess you have one of your wealthy people … The server, they say Ukraine has it,” Trump said, according to the transcript.

“I would like to have the attorney general call you or your people and I would like you to get to the bottom of it. As you saw yesterday, that whole nonsense ended with a very poor performance by a man named Robert Mueller, an incompetent performance, but they say a lot of it started with Ukraine.”


That Limbaugh said was a tipoff Trump’s talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky wasn’t really that much Biden focused. When it came to the DNC hack, according to Limbaugh,  “everybody has just assumed that the Russians were the guilty party only because the firm hired by the Democrats [CrowdStrike] said so.”


Limbaugh cited National Review’s Andrew C. McCarthy on the matter: “CrowdStrike widely believed to have been wrong in a controversial 2016 judgment, when it claimed that Russian operatives hacked a Ukrainian artillery app, resulting in heavy losses of howitzers in combat against separatists used by Moscow,” McCarthy wrote in “Ball of Collusion.”

“CrowdStrike withdrew its report and admitted that it was wrong,” Limbaugh said of the Ukrainian artillery app hack.


Of course the Democrats and the Mockingbird Media that backs it wanted ZERO to do with this…so as long as they keep their Trump Derangement Syndrome alive.


Limbaugh also noted that there’d been almost no coverage of the CrowdStrike mention in the media — and that the Democrats were staying quiet about it, as well.

“I haven’t seen a single report focus on CrowdStrike in this transcript,” Limbaugh said.

“Now, I know why the Democrats are ignoring it. The Democrats are bent out of shape that Trump even knows about CrowdStrike. They think Trump’s an idiot. With Trump specifically zeroing in on CrowdStrike the Democrats have learned today, after reading that transcript, what Trump is really doing here.”


And now for…the money shot!


“I know damn well the whistleblower didn’t tell the Democrats about that or they would have a different strategy laid out for this. Because another thing — don’t doubt me on this — what this really means, folks, is that Trump — he was asking for assistance on Biden, but it’s all related. What Trump actually was asking the president of Ukraine to do was to help the attorney general.”

“There’s no question in my mind now what this is. Trump is gonna get to the bottom of the origins of the Mueller investigation. He’s gonna get to the bottom of the origins of this coup that was run against him come hell or high water and he was asking the president of Ukraine for assistance today, and part of that is illustrating and proving the vile corruption of Joe Biden, which is monumental.”


Which is why the left, financed by Soros and the globalists and supported by the corporate media and Chi-Com Hollywood are DISTRACTING from justice being served.


A new nickname for CT

Well you may call Connecticut the “Sinkhole State.”  The Yankee Institute for Public Policy recently sent a report from the agency Truth in Accounting to subscribers.

“Connecticut ranked 48th in the country because of its high debt, which translates to $51,800 per taxpayer, according to the report. However, Connecticut’s ranking was a slight improvement over last year when it ranked 49th” the report found.

It also found Alaska’s finances were the best in the nation with a Taxpayer
Surplus of $74,200, earning it an “A.” ; followed by North Dakota and Wyoming, which both got “A” grades.  All three states are “red” states and are governed by Republican/Conservatives.

As for Connecticut, it was graded an “F” thanks to leftist policies, the unions and media that back them.

“Connecticut has $14.4 billion available to pay $82.1 billion worth of bills.  The outcome is a $67.8 billion shortfall, which breaks down to a burden of $51,800 per taxpayer,” the report said.

The state’s net position is inflated by $8.2 billion, mostly because Hartford defers recognizing losses incurred when the net pension liability increases.

Only Illinois and New Jersey, which are also blue states run by unions and the socialist communist left, were worse than Connecticut financially or what TIA calls sinkhole states.

I prefer the name shithole state…which is what I have been living in all of my 45 years.

Grocery Tax cheats

Well folks those leftists and the unions that seemingly back them are at it again when it comes to taxes.

In an email to subscribers, state Senate Republican Leader Len Fasano took the left and the Working Families Party (A communist outlet) to task in, of all places, The Hartford Courant (that’s KORAN’T).

“A few weeks ago I told you about a grocery tax hidden in the Democrat-approved state budget.”

Saying the Democrats started it and now they want to end it and be all big heroes in the minds of the unions, zombie voters and statist media, Fasano called their bluff…

Reading through my emails the other day, I had to do a double take.

“Democrats Stop the Grocery Tax, Again.”

That was the subject line of multiple emails I received from Democrat lawmakers.

These emails came just a day after Democrats said the grocery tax was never real, and simply invented by “Republican misinformation,” and a week after Gov. Ned Lamont said Democrats needed the money from a grocery tax to balance their budget.

When it comes to the state’s new food taxes, Democrats started the fire. Now they are trying to take credit for putting it out. 

The reality is they didn’t even bring water buckets to their smoldering mess. They just shouted for help and waited for someone else to try to fix it.

The “fix” came in the form of Gov. Lamont forcing his Department of Revenue Services Commissioner to “reinterpret” the law and issue an alternative “defensible” reading. It’s nowhere near a permanent solution. In fact, it still requires higher taxes on many items at grocery stores and markets, showing how disingenuous the Democrats’ initial labeling of this as merely a “restaurant tax” really was. The language of the law remains unchanged and still puts taxpayers in danger of seeing the sales tax expanded to many more grocery store items in the future.

The only way to fix the law is to change the language and pass a new statute. But Democrats refuse, because either they can’t admit they made a mistake, or at some point when the public isn’t looking, they plan to enforce the existing language, tax groceries and hide behind the language of the law.

There’s a pattern to the hypocrisy of Connecticut Democrats. They create problems, deny responsibility then try to swoop in to save the day with inadequate fixes that only leave people more vulnerable in the future.


And the “fix” is no fix at all.  In fact, one might say the “fix” is fixed.


It was only after Republicans raised concerns about this tax, followed by media attention and public outcry, that some Democrats started to weigh in and backpedal. The governor’s initial response was that we needed the grocery tax money and it was really about fairness — clearly this was what Democrats intended the tax to be.

But slowly, Gov. Lamont and Democrat lawmakers shifted gears. In a pathetic effort to disassociate themselves with the tax, Democrats threw the DRS commissioner and his staff under the bus and made them the scapegoat for the Democrat budget.

The Democrats, who claim to be the protectors of all that is good, used bully tactics to force the DRS commissioner to revise his fair reading of the statute. Even with all of the bullying, the commissioner held to his strongly rooted principals the best he could, refusing to concede to the Democrats accusatory attacks and instead offering an alternative, “defensible” interpretation of the law. In other words, in the future, groceries could still be taxed.

In other words, they are doing what their leftist brethren in Washington, led by Communist Rosa DeLauro, and other state progressives who back the leftist unions and billionaire Wall Street elites, are doing.  They are emphasizing the bully of bully pulpit.

At the end of his email, Fasano said “Taxpayers will remember.”

But if they continue getting news from fake corporate outlets including so-called local media, they may get distracted so much, they’ll end up with a case of amnesia.







Guess who’s back; and other things.

Little AOC!  Cassandra Fairbanks from The Gateway Pundit reports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez impersonator, Ava Martinez, who was driven off the internet by lemmings of the Masters of the Universe is back with a brand new hilarious parody video — saying that it “looks like politics are no longer off limits for children thanks to Greta.”


There could be some more Trump democrat donors from Wall Street if Lie-A-Watha Liz Warren is the Democratic nominee.

CNBC spoke with several high-profile Democratic donors over the past few weeks and found Warren’s recent surge in the polls has many of them scared.

“You’re in a box because you’re a Democrat and you’re thinking, ‘I want to help the party, but she’s going to hurt me, so I’m going to help President Trump,’” a senior private equity executive said Wednesday.

Kelen McBreen of Infowars reports

Highlighting the strength of cultural Marxism among Democrats, the exec said they wish to remain anonymous to avoid “retribution by party leaders.”

On September 10, CNBC Tweeted a video of Jim Cramer claiming Wall Street executives are telling him Elizabeth Warren “has got to be stopped.”

Warren retweeted the clip and sarcastically stated, “I’m Elizabeth Warren and I approve this message.”

Hedge fund managers and big bank executives are not happy about Warren’s rising popularity, according to an executive at one of the biggest banks in America.

“They will not support her. It would be like shutting down their industry,” the anonymous executive told CNBC.




Fighting fake news

That is what Infowars is doing going after far left/Communist propaganda site The Young Turks.  It, Mother Jones and a Massachusetts congressional Democrat candidate are in legal hot water after they made defamatory claims against Infowars and Alex Jones.

In a statement Wednesday, Constitutional Lawyer Robert Barnes goes after the corporate media and the aforementioned.

Jones filed a lawsuit against the names mentioned in court in Austin, Texas.  Infowars reports

Jones filed suit against various liberal media members that libeled him over the summer, including The Young Turks, the national affairs editor of Mother Jones (Andrew Kimmel), and Democratic Congressional candidate Brianna Wu.

The suit alleges each of the defendants libeled Jones repeatedly over the summer, and failed to take any corrective action, even when the rest of the press did so.

The suit said “The defendants launched a campaign of lies and libels against their media competitor and ideological opponent, Alex Jones. Defendants virally spread one of the worst smears that can be spread about anyone: accusing someone of one of the most infamous federal felony crimes, even though defendant knew Jones was actually the victim of that crime.”

The legal action details how cyber-criminals targeted Infowars trying to plant child pornography on its servers so as to be produced during discovery in other legal matters, how an FBI investigation cleared Infowars and identified Jones as the targeted victim of the cyber-attack, and how TYT, Mother Jones and Wu lied to the world about what happened by falsely accusing the victim, Alex Jones, of being the perpetrator.

Lots of must see videos

I have a plethora of videos for y’all to see this day.

I first start with a segment from Lisa Kennedy Montgomery’s nightly Fox Business Network show “Kennedy” she blasts the United Nations and a few other globalist operatives.


What once was an organization standing for global peace has become an outlet for the New World Order.


In the next video, Lisa Haven takes things a little farther, this time about the so-called Pope calling for a turbo boost to globalism and the New World Order.


The founder of the #WalkAway campaign Brandon Straka talks to One America’s Jack Posobiec about the campaign’s one-year anniversary.


AND…Ben Swann looks at California’s newly passed mandatory vaccine law modifying the oversight of vaccine exemptions, which has sparked controversy as some say this law effectively removes all medical exemptions putting thousands of children at risk.

Swann talks to legendary activist, attorney, Chairman of the Children’s Health Defense, and leading critic of the new law, Robert F Kennedy Jr.



NOTE: The program is sponsored by The Holland Center which is a day treatment program and medical clinic for children with autism. Holland Center takes a unique approach by integrating proven therapeutic interventions and researched medical treatments in an environment that has been designed to help a child’s ability to learn.

Monday Media Mistakes

Looks like another leftist writer for the (FAILING) New York Times made some bigoted tweets years ago.

Breitbart reports

Jazmine Hughes, an associate editor of the New York Times Magazine, has made a series of racist and antisemitic comments on social media over a multi-year span. A number of the tweets came from Hughes’s personal account, which is associated with her Times-email, after she was hired by the outletin April 2015 and continued well into 2017.

Breitbart News has been able to confirm the authenticity of the tweets, which are still visible on Hughes’s page at the time of the publication of this story. While Twitter has not officially verified Hughes’ account, her official New York Times website biography links to the account, confirming it is in fact hers.

Although most of the tweets center around every day interactions, a few have pointed to political overtones. Hughes appears to have been particularly irate with white people for electing President Donald Trump. Late on election night 2016, shortly after it became clear that Trump had won the presidency, Hughes took to social media to state she had not been so angry at white people since having  learned of Drake and Taylor Swift’s short but ill-fated relationship.

Another tweet that Hughes sent in the days following the election seemed to imply she blamed white women for Trump’s victory — an argument the Times itself made the morning after the election.

Hughes continued making disparaging tweets about white people and Jews well into 2017. Her most recent came in June 2017, when the editor claimed, “Jews are inDEED good with money.”


Just call it the National F’D UP League.  Fox NFL Sunday on one of their telecasts for the struggling sport league, has hired leftist foul-mouthed so-called “comedian” Michael Rappaport.

Infowars commented…

Meanwhile, in what was a precursor to today’s cancel culture, Hank Williams Jr.’s Monday Night Football intro song “All My Rowdy Friends Are Here on Monday Night” was dropped by ESPN in 2011 when the country music legend criticized President Obama on Fox News.


Staying with Fox…another year, another so-called award show, more of the same leftist ideology from China…AND MORE POOR RATINGS.

Deadline reports

The 71st Primetime Emmy Awards on the Fox network hit a record low with a dismal 5.8 household Nielsen rating — a 22% drop from last year, Deadline reported. Last year, the show pulled a 7.4 rating (10.2 million viewers).

The latest show got crushed by NBC’s “Sunday Night Football,” even though it featured the undefeated Los Angeles Rams versus the lowly Cleveland Browns.


The Daily Wire reports

TV’s biggest night included all the virtue-signaling viewers have come to expect from awards shows like the Oscars and Grammys.

Michelle Williams, who won her first-ever Emmy for her role as Gwen Verdon in “Fosse/Verdon,” used her time on stage to decry white privilege.

“I want to thank FX and Fox Studios for supporting me completely and for paying me equally because they understood. They understood that when you put value into a person, it empowers that person to get in touch with their own inherent value. And where do they put that value?”

“And so the next time a woman, and especially a woman of color — because she stands to make 52 cents on the dollar compared to her white male counterpart — tells you what she needs in order to do her job, listen to her. Believe her,” she said.

Actress Patricia Arquette, who won for her supporting role as Dee Dee Blanchard in Hulu’s true-crime limited series “The Act,” brought up her sister, transgender actress Alexis Arquette, who died in 2016 at age 47.

“Trans people are still being persecuted,” she said. “I’m in mourning every day of my life, Alexis, and I will be for the rest of my life for you, until we change the world so trans people are not persecuted — and give them jobs. They’re human beings, let’s get rid of this bias we have everywhere,” she said.

Craig Mazin, creator of “Chernobyl,” ripped President Trump without saying his name.

“I hope that in some small ways our show has helped remind people of the value of the truth and the danger of the lie,” Mazin said onstage Sunday at the Microsoft Theater as he accepted the Outstanding Limited Series award.

I think you get the idea!


Let me end with this poem…


If you get woke

You will go broke

And baby let me say