Malloy vetoes budget; and a rant.

To no one’s surprise, tax and spend liberal, progressive globalist Governor Dan Malloy has vetoed the bipartisan budget passed with a handful of Democratic votes.

The CT Mirror reports Malloy called it “gimmick-laden measure that would consign Hartford to bankruptcy, devastate public higher education, invite certain lawsuits from state employees and add to Connecticut’s pension liabilities.”

Basically Malloy is doing the work of the leftist big government union bosses who now run this state and will run it into the ground turning the bluer than UCONN National Flag blue state into the Illinois of New England; and maybe even New England’s Venezuela.

Senate Republican leader Len Fasano said the veto opens Connecticut to its own list of dire consequences as a result of Malloy making fiscal choices as he, like President Barack Obama did, govern by executive order.  Fasano also said this puts Connecticut in chaos.

“By vetoing this budget, the governor’s draconian executive order will remain in effect and create destruction for low and middle income families. His executive order cuts core social services, slashes municipal aid, and zeros out funding for public education – a constitutional requirement,” the North Haven Republican said.

The nonpartisan Office of Fiscal Analysis says the GOP-crafted plan would have balanced the state’s books this fiscal year and next knocking out the $3.5 billion potential deficit in the process.  But a similar plan, unless adjusted, would run $3.31 billion in the red between 2019 and 2021.

And the alternative budget developed by Malloy and Democratic legislative leadership would fare even worse, with a potential deficit of $3.58 billion. 

Of course the winners are the government union bosses and zombie democrats by default who join the unions to get those fat pensions.

Suzanne Bates of The Yankee Institute for Public Policy writes in the Hartford Courant

“For years, public sector unions in Connecticut have succeeded in passing laws that grant them special status.

Public sector union contracts, for example, can override state law. Whole sections of state law are rewritten by contract. Then, these contracts don’t have to be voted on by the legislature — they are “deemed approved” if they just sit on the legislative calendar for 30 days.

Another carve out: At the local level, if an elected municipal board votes down a union contract, it is then subject to decisions made by an arbitrator, with zero recourse no matter what mandate that arbitrator imposes.

This is not how it’s done in other states. In other states, unions do not get to rewrite state law, have their contracts escape legislative scrutiny or override local elected officials.

They also don’t have 30-year contracts, which is how long the state employee benefits contract will have existed assuming it does — finally — come to an end in 2027.”


Writing in the comments section yukonjoe posted


Public sector unions have been killing this state for decades.
The Democrats have been complicit in this because they have controlled the legislature and/or the governor’s office for over 40 years.
Connecticut’s last best hope is to vote the Dems out of office in 2018. If that doesn’t happen, the fiscal death spiral will continue.
Aresimowicz, the union guy, and his minion, Ritter, must be in the minority in next year. It is our only hope.
That and a Governor that is not beholden to state employee unions will help.
I guess that means a Republican or an Independent, because every Dem that has come down the pike in the last 40 years has paid homage to the unions.
Enough of that!
Perhaps my picks later in this post or perhaps a libertarian.  Anyone please except that in the mold of Lowell “Income Tax” Weicker.
Of course there are those who want the unions to run CT into the financial ground…
Another misinformed individual spewing baseless numbers unassociated with any metrics.
State employees gross pay may be higher, but the contributions are substantially higher to pensions and healthcare etc. than other states causing NET pay to lag behind all Ct’s neighboring states.
If you want to get Ct out of our financial problems take a look at the grants that are given to towns.
Weaver High make over for $100M, Senior center in Southington $3M, civic center makeover $275M…UCONN subsidies…If you add up all the grants to all 169 towns in CT…that’s the true driver of our deficit.
No representative will EVER vote to reduce their towns aid or grants because they wouldn’t get re-elected.
There is no shared pain, just constant attacks on state employees and the little that is really offered to them.
Nice try, Bernie.  Now keep your socialist rear end in Vermont where it belongs; or would you rather move to Venezuela?
To me there is only one solution to this.  Three words…Governor Joe Visconti.  And four more words…Lieutenant Governor Peter Schiff.
If the fat cats in the GOP especially in Greenwich, Darien and Westport had any gumption and stopped watching News 12 or any of the corporate fake news in CT, they would ignore the pro-leftist pablum emanating from Norwalk, New Haven and Hartford and get their rears in gear and not give us neocons like Mark Boughton or Tom Foley for the umpteenth times.
Visconti has the Trump passion inside him as well as being a backer of the POTUS and Schiff has a solid financial acumen.  And please media no more bringing up how his father didn’t want to pay taxes.  Taxation is theft, it and the IRS are unconstitutional.  But the elite media won’t tell you that the 16th amendment may not have been verified and therefore may not be legal.
Bill Benson’s findings, published in “The Law That Never Was,” make a convincing case that the 16th amendment was not legally ratified and that Secretary of State Philander Knox was not merely in error, but committed fraud when he declared it ratified in February 1913.
What follows is a summary of some of the major findings for many of the states, showing that their ratifications were not legal and should not have been counted.
The 16th amendment had been sent out in 1909 to the state governors for ratification by the state legislatures after having been passed by Congress.
There were 48 states at that time, and three-fourths, or 36, of them were required to give their approval in order for it to be ratified.
The process took almost the whole term of the Taft administration, from 1909 to 1913.
Knox had received responses from 42 states when he declared the 16th amendment ratified on February 25, 1913, just a few days before leaving office to make way for the administration of Woodrow Wilson.
Knox acknowledged that four of those states (Utah, Conn, R.I. and N.H.) had rejected it, and he counted 38 states as having approved it.


And there is more…


In Kentucky, the legislature acted on the amendment without even having received it from the governor (the governor of each state was to transmit the proposed amendment to the state legislature). The version of the amendment that the Kentucky legislature made up and acted upon omitted the words “on income” from the text, so they weren’t even voting on an income tax! When they straightened that out (with the help of the governor), the Kentucky senate rejected the amendment. Yet Philander Knox counted Kentucky as approving it!

In Oklahoma, the legislature changed the wording of the amendment so that its meaning was virtually the opposite of what was intended by Congress, and this was the version they sent back to Knox. Yet Knox counted Oklahoma as approving it, despite a memo from his chief legal counsel, Reuben Clark, that states were not allowed to change it in any way.

So you see, Connecticut was among four states in 1913, the same year the Federal Reserve was created, in secret off Jekyll Island, GA, to not approve of the 16th amendment.  And yet, it was allowed to take place under a major cloud of fraud.

In this era of alternative news and talk radio like Breitbart, Infowars and Drudge, the 16th amendment controversy would be great material.

Of course the corporate media, local or national, run by foreign elites with dual citizenship would scream conspiracy theory.  Oh, it’s conspiracy alright, but it’s no theory, unless you did not purge your indoctrination from the government run school system.

It’s that same media that wanted their agenda of globalism and the New World Order with Hillary Clinton and the big union bosses, but now has to deal with populism from Donald Trump.  They are still whining about it and doing every dirty trick in the book to see that We The People is removed from The U.S. Constitution and the document itself removed from existence.

I doubt Connecticut can follow this thanks to the government union bosses.

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