Post and Email…6/29/17…And more on Veritas

One America News Network’s John Hines spoke to Breitbart Political Editor Matthew Boyle about the recent vidoes by Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe.  And he says the videos ring pretty true…

In another video not even FOX NEWS would cover, The U.S. has Syria in its sights once again, as the White House threatens to take action and protect civilians from an alleged chemical weapons plot.  But…WHERE THE HECK IS THE PROOF?




California Ups The Heat, Using Government Power To Target & Oust Pro-Trump Companies




Ally Calls Upon President Trump To Put An End To Soros…Before It’s Too Late




George Soros’ Underground Network Is Growing…And It’s Feeding Off U.S. Tax Dollars



Democratic Governor Strikes Down Constitution, Deeming It “Overly Burdensome”




Leftopaths, the Cycle of Violence Continues




Exclusive: Four-Year-Old Roane County, TN Criminal Case Dismissed




US Funding Dubious Science and Unfounded Fear






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