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In the rain in NYC, Milo Yiannopoulos along with Pamela Gellar and other freedom fighters took the City University of New York (CUNY) to task for their inviting of Soros puppet, fake feminsist and islamic sympathizer the orgranizer of the so-called Women’s March Linda Sarsour to task.

Here is what Milo had to say (from his Facebook)


Hi everyone, and thanks so much for coming.

Ugh, what is this weather? Maybe God is Muslim after all.

I notice there aren’t many Muslim protesters today. But I don’t blame them. Have you ever tried getting from place to place in a drenched burka? I have, and let me tell you the chafing is enough to discourage the most determined jihadi.

Thank you all for coming out today! Thank you to Pamela Geller for including me in today’s event.

My name is Milo, and I stand here today in agreement with you on certain facts.

We all agree that Linda is a sharia-loving, terrorist-embracing, jew-hating ticking time bomb of progressive horror.

I’ll call her Linda because her surname Sarsour is Arabic for cockroach, and you know how I just hate to be disrespectful.

Yes, I’m back, and just as much of a waspish cunt as ever.

This week a Muslim loser — a fan of Linda’s, probably — strapped a bomb to his chest in Manchester and murdered over 20 people, including children.

Does Linda Sarsour in her dark heart approve of this senseless atrocity. If she feels any remorse at all, it is probably for the child grooming and Muslim rape gangs of Manchester who have 20 fewer potential victims this week.

What Manchester has done is once again raise the stakes — it is now more important than ever to fight Islam in America, and its emissaries like Linda Sarsour.

Linda Sarsour came out of nowhere. I first heard about her with that stupid women’s march. For some reason, leftists love putting Hijab wearing woman in front of things, to remind us how tolerant, progressive and feminist Islam is.

Give me a break: Islam views western progressives with the same contempt the Soviet Union reserved for the “useful idiots” of the American communist left.

It’s a relationship as abusive as Chris Brown and Rihanna’s, except no one in it is hot.

Claiming Islam is worthy of progressive protection is ludicrous.

The hijab is not a symbol of female liberation.

But Linda is special. She’s more than just an oppressive headscarf. Lurking underneath all that sweaty polyester is a mind that hates America and loves Sharia law.

Her greatest crime in my view is her treatment of the heroic female genital mutilation victim and Islam critic Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Linda said: “I wish I could take her vagina away, she doesn’t deserve to be a woman.” In other words. Linda is just like the men who actually did take Ayaan’s vagina away.

This is your leader of the women’s movement, feminists, setting out to finish the job that depraved, misogynist Muslims in Somalia started.

If you want to know what Sharia looks like in America, consider what happened in Minnesota this week, which has the largest Somali population in the world outside of Somalia itself. A bill to make female genital mutilation a felony has just stalled thanks to lobbying from the Muslim refugee population. This is the world Linda Sarsour wants. This is the America she is working to bring about: one in which young girls have no legal protection from having their genitals sliced off.

To paraphrase one of the great philosophers of the 21st Century, Regina George from Mean Girls: “Stop trying to make Sharia happen. It’s not gonna happen!”

Linda cares about women so much, she worked to discredit and silence a film called Honor Diaries, which is about the honor killings and violence against women that happen in the Muslim world. Muslim leaders would prefer if we all pretended honor violence doesn’t exist. It is an inconvenient truth to those trying to convince western women than Sharia is the new feminism.

Linda is obsessed with convincing American women that they are better off in Saudi Arabia than in America. Well, ladies, Saudi isn’t on Trump’s ban list — you’re free to come and go as you please!

If she can’t people to Saudi, Sarsour wants to bring Saudi to America. Frankly I’m amazed her husband lets her out of the house to speak as often as he does. But I guess the rules are different for progressive elites.

It wasn’t Saudi Arabia that Ariana Grande raced back to for safety after shamefully failing to condemn the murderous ideology that killed her young fans. She fled, of course, to America.

The World Economic Forum, which is NOT a conservative organization, ranks countries by Gender Gap. This isn’t the imaginary wage gap, it is the real gap in education, healthcare, and other critical economic factors. If you believe Linda, Saudi Arabia is the best country for women… but if you believe the World Economic Forum, they are ranked 141 out of 144 countries. Good news though, they did beat Syria.

This is a woman who considers Palestinians throwing rocks at Jews as “courageous.” There’s more than a few Jews at CUNY — a quarter of the student population in fact. Let’s hope she doesn’t come to her commence address armed and ready for battle. I’d advise yarmulke-wearing graduates to give this ceremony a miss, just in case.

Linda Sarsour is on a quest to convince western women that Sharia law is the ultimate expression of female empowerment. It’s shocking how many liberals seem to buy into that idea, isn’t it, despite their endless bleating about the “patriarchy”?

Nothing in the west compares to the horrific treatment of women under Sharia, except the treatment of women by Hillary Clinton after they were raped by Bill.

In London, the city I lived most of my life in, acid attacks increased by 250% in 2016. These aren’t Buddhists or Catholics throwing acid.

Judges in Europe tend to let Muslims off lightly when they are found guilty of rape. After all, they don’t know better. This is what George HW Bush referred to as the soft bigotry of lowered expectations. We don’t want it here.

The mainstream media wants Manchester to fade away from memory quickly like Nice, like Charlie Hebdo, like Brussels, like London, like Paris, like San Bernadino, like Fort Hood, Like Orlando. We shouldn’t allow this to happen.

Remember who the terrorists targeted — it wasn’t a military base. It wasn’t even a gay club — because, honestly, who doesn’t sometimes get THAT urge — it was a pop concert full of women and children. And, sure, some gays too.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali was disinvited from commencement festivities at Brandeis. Critics of Sharia are being thrown out of universities in America, and advocates of Sharia are getting commencement invites. Conservatives are being ignored and silenced like they were Tiffany Trump. Unlike Tiffany, we don’t deserve it!

Now let me tell you where I disagree with some of you, along with some of my esteemed fellow speakers. No disrespect to them, of course. It’s a lively exchange of views that distinguishes us from the totalitarian leftists like Linda.

I believe Linda Sarsour should be allowed to speak at CUNY. In fact, if they’d asked me, I’d have paid her speaking fee, however many goats she asked for.

Her words should be broadcast far and wide. Because the best response to authoritarianism is not more censorship, but rather more speech.

I want America to hear her.

I want America to listen to her arguments and weigh their merits.

I am a free speech fundamentalist. Free speech and more speech is always the best way. In an open marketplace of ideas, the best ideas prevail.

It is that open marketplace of ideas, with no more censorship of libertarians and conservatives and no more oppressive speech codes from the left that I believe to be America’s promise and destiny.

It’s why this is the greatest country in the history of human civilisation. And it’s why I am out here in the pouring rain, speaking to three hobos and a couple of rats. Because this stuff matters.

When we reach that goal — when we have achieved a truly fair and open marketplace in which all views can be heard, discussed and debated — then we will see most clearly why the principles on which America was founded — liberty, justice, freedom and, yes, capitalism — are the best values upon which to build a nation.

It’s true that Linda Sarsour’s ideology is as ugly as Chelsea Clinton.

It’s true that Linda wants to replace graduated women’s mortarboards with Hijabs, and once that happens, the burka will replace the graduation robes soon after. Linda wants to substitute prayer rugs for diplomas, and CUNY is going right along with her.

It’s true that CUNY will see in the coming years in their enrollment numbers and alumni donations the effect of pandering to progressivism and Islamism. And the other speakers here have done a better job than I can of explaining why Linda Sarsour is wrong about absolutely everything.

If you disagree with a sharia-loving, Jew-hating commencement speaker, hold back on giving to the university. Don’t enroll your kids there. Teach them a lesson the American way, with free speech and the power of money.

It’s a mystery why CUNY invited Linda. She’s not particularly popular. Not even in her own neighborhood. In 2016 she ran for Democratic county committee member for her block, a voluntary position, and came in third out of three in a heavily Islamic neighborhood. Even her neighbors fucking hate — and they’re all Muslim!

But at the end of the day, Linda is just another idiot, wittingly or unwittingly doing the work of Saudia Arabia, of Iran and of ISIS. The enemy you as Americans must struggle against every day is political correctness and the multifarious threats to your free speech that come from the media, academia and the entertainment industry.

I can add anything today, it is to remind you that as ever, the greatest threats to American liberty come from within, and that freedom has to be earned anew by every generation.

God bless you, and God bless America.



Hopefully a YouTube video will follow.


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