Commentary: Dan Bongino

Former Secret Service agent and Fox News Contributor Dan Bongino from his Facebook page has had it up to here with liberals.


It’s an incredible waste of time trying to reason with liberals anymore. They will justify any behavior, and any level of depravity, in order to excuse their actions. After watching another speaker (Education Secretary Betsy DeVos) shouted down out a college campus speech, I’ve concluded that it’s useless to deal with these deeply troubled individuals.

They will assault you, scream at you, turn their backs on you, throw things, and do things that you would punish your toddler for doing yet, their imbecilic liberal friends will jump in front of a camera on cable news and shamelessly defend their actions. It’s disgusting.

Know this; life is short and one day we will all meet the Maker. Conservatives run from this malignant behavior because we understand this. We detest liberal policies because we know they’re destructive but we warmly welcome liberal speakers to largely conservative campuses (just ask Bernie Sanders about Liberty University) to hear them out, while liberals lose their small minds repeatedly when conservatives show up on their campuses.

In short, you’re pathetic. You’re everything I teach my daughters not to be. You’re an embarrassment to yourselves, your parents, your schools, and the country, and you make the world worse every day you continue down this destructive path.



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