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The third time is not going to be the charm for beleagured and low-rated governor Dannel Malloy.

The former Stamford Mayor announced he is not seeking a third four-year term in Hartford.

Perhaps this Morning Consult poll about least and most popular governors may have been a deciding factor.

Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy, whose state has experienced job losses to neighboring Massachusetts, is the second-least popular governor in the country and the least popular Democrat. His approval is 29 percent, while 64 percent of voters in the Nutmeg State disapprove of his performance.

One of the big job losses was General Electric to the Bay State, which is the home to that survey’s most popular governor Republican Charlie Baker who comes in with a 72% approval rating.  Maryland’s Larry Hogan, another GOPer comes in second at 71%.

So what will Malloy’s legacy be aside from jobs lost?  Well just ask the cheeleader for progressives, Connecticut’s so called paper of record The Hartford Courant, as Daniela Altimari wrote…

“He battled with left-leaning union leaders as well as Republicans, and faced storms, both figurative and literal. He signed the two largest tax increases in state history, in 2011 and 2015, and was unable to stop one of Connecticut’s iconic corporate pillars, General Electric, from departing for Boston.”

He also was no fan of the Constitution, ironically this is the Constitution State, especially the Second Amendment.

“He helped win approval for some of the nation’s toughest gun laws after the fatal shooting of 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” Altimari wrote, not knowing of the silencing by the elites of Sandy Hook, the corporate media and Newtown of Wolfgang W. Halbig, who has questioned the legitimacy of this attack and has met with massive resistance.

Malloy’s not seeking a third term has turned him into a lame duck governor (with an emphasis on lame).  Twice he ran against neocon Greenwich elitist Tom Foley and both times he won.  It’s time for this blogger to say it.  IT’S TIME FOR THE TWO-PARTY SYSTEM TO END.

This is now the time for a Libertarian or at minimum libertarian-leaning politician (think KY Senator Rand Paul or MI Congressman Justin Amash) to think about running for Novemeber 2018.

This state was one of the 13 original colonies and gladly signed among our founding papers The U.S. Constitution.  Connecticut for it to return to its Constitution State nickname and wear it with pride and not just on license plates, must be willing to forgo big money policies and elect someone who will tighten the purse strings, really clean up corruption, support the family and most importantly lift regulations and cut taxes and spending drastically and not bring back tolls, it’s time to go in another direction.









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