Post and Email 4/4/17…and hate for McCain

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Mike Cernovich’s Report Confirmed by Bloomberg View



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Source Confirms Tennessee’s MCCX as “Hands-On” Prison




Now to those who think of neocon warmonger Arizona Senator John McCain as a hero…THINK AGAIN!

McCain is no war hero. His entire life is a lie!

1.) He graduated at the bottom of his class at Naval Academy (corrected from West Point).
2.) Crashed 4 planes during training, killing at least 1 instructor
3.) Blew up the aircraft carrier USS Forestal on his 1st mission, killing fellow soldiers.
4.) Got shot down on his 2nd mission ( broke both his arms ejecting ).
5.) Confessed to the Viet Cong within days and got special treatment for 5 years.
6.) Information he revealed to the Viet Cong got 30% more American planes shot down.
7.) His Vietnamese captors nicknamed him “The Prince”.
8.) Divorced his first wife and married the mafia heir to the Anheuser Busch fortune.
9.) Was implicated in the Keating Five Scandal costing taxpayers billions.
10.) Blocked the release of information about American POWs still in Vietnam for decades.
11.) Got caught over and over again posing with ISIS (al-Qaeda).
12.) Supports every single illegal war costing America TRILLIONS of dollars!


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