Insurrection? Maybe

OathKeepers member NavyJack is back again with another in a series of reports on how there is a growing war withing the Republic and how it is blood on the global elite’s hands.  And from the first words in his post, NavyJack makes it perfectly clear as to who is behind these rioters disguised as protestors.

“Some think it’s the Communists. Others only see the Anti-Fascists. Some believe it is a race war, the rise of radical Islam or a war against police, and on and on. Let me end the speculation. The individuals responsible for the insurrection that is taking place in our country are the Globalists” he said.

In other words, it’s big money, foreign offshore interests who pit human against human in an effort to create chaos so they, by their lies and deceit can come in on a claim to save humanity.

Jack includes a YouTube of a 60 Minutes interview with the kingpin, the pimp daddy, Hillary’s own Sugar Daddy and that of some neocons like Paul Ryan…GEORGE SOROS.

These are the same Globalists that overthrew cpuntries like the Ukraine, Egypt, Libya and Syria. Their mission, Jack says is World domination, calling them “the 4th Reich.” They are Fascists and White Supremacists who want to dominate over people of color or, like PLANNED PARENTHOOD FOUNDER AND EUGENICIST MARGARET SANGER eliminate them altogether.

These people are fueled on power and wealth.  And like someone on dangerous drugs are addicted and want more, regardless of individual or group politics.  Their mission is simple  end the Trump administration before it unwinds the Globalist’s control of America and its military.

“The Globalists will fund, support and embolden any group willing to enter the fight. They control the Main Stream Media (MSM) and the entertainment industry. They are forcing propaganda out to the public at a furious rate. Those who were opposed to one or another of the policies of the new administration have been whipped up into frenzy, thinking they are fighting against a fascist dictator. The irony is that they are merely puppets of the true fascists, the Globalist 4th Reich.” NavyJack said.

And Jack has a WARNING to anyone who is a part of this new neo-fascist New World Order takeover…

“If you are supporting the Revolutionary Communist Party, the Workers World Party, The IWW or any other communist organization inciting riots against the nationalist policies of the current administration, in reality you are supporting fascism. Those of you who have joined the Refuse Fascism movement have been duped into supporting the misguided efforts of the Revolutionary Communist Party. You are doing the dirty work for the Globalists and will be cast aside the moment the battle is won or lost. If you have joined an antifascist or anarchist organization that is hell bent on bringing down the current administration, in reality you are promoting fascism. Most people that join these antifascist organizations have no idea what fascism really is or why the anti-fascist movement was originally founded. If you are an anti-capitalist, a Global Warming adherent, a supporter of the occupy movement, a protester at Standing Rock or even a promoter of the Black Lives Matter movement, you too have been or will soon be enlisted to fight the Globalist war against the new administration.

And for many a generation, this country has been ruled by these foreign offshore robber baron declared a conspiracy theory by the elite run media.  Those who dared to flip the script were met with a false flag.

Every President since the assassination of JFK has either been on the Globalist payroll or has obliged their demands with the sole exception of Ronald Reagan. Kennedy and Reagan both resisted the Globalist agenda. Both were stopped with bullets. While Reagan was not killed, his fight against the Globalists ended 69 days into his presidency with a bullet that almost killed him.

Some say the bullet changed Reagan’s policies.

NavyJack said it’s one thing to protest, as given to us by the First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, which is a part of the Constitution.  But it’s another thing to riot and have these riots paid by elites like Soros

“I despise identity politics, racism and real fascists as much or more than any of you. Get out there and protest. The people that are telling you that protests are not enough; they are the enemy of the people of the United States and of all people of color throughout the World. The people and organizations that are inciting riots, encouraging property destruction and violence are blind to the Globalist agenda,” he said.

And to those who do engage in this outrageous behavior, NayJack warns “you are helping the Globalists attempt to restore their control of our nation and our military. These Globalists have no ethical limits. They are NAZIs and they are using you to achieve their goal. They are using you to enslave people of color, control all wealth and eliminate opposition.”

He wraps up his piece with this final warning.

“Stop this madness before the real anti-fascists, those who oppose the Globalist agenda, are forced to stop you,” he said.


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