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In what can only be described as arrogance, Connecticut progressive governor Dannel Malloy has in essence further made this state a sanctuary one.

He did so by telling law enforcement officers to not enforce immigration laws already on the books, all because of President Donald Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration.

Breitbart reports Malloy sent a memo to police statewide laying out his guidelines for them to refuse compliance with federal immigration law on Wednesday. Among other provisions, the memo informed state officers not to detain anyone based on their immigration status. Malloy insisted that ICE detainer requests should not be treated as an official order or warrant for a suspected illegal alien’s detention.

The Hill reported Malloy went even farther saying that law enforcement personnel in the state should also refuse to allow federal immigration officials to have access to the illegal aliens in their custody.

Breitbart also reports with passage in 2013 of the Connecticut Trust Act, the state limited the interaction local and state police agencies have with federal immigration officials and gives locals the opportunity to rebuff ICE officers in their attempt to enforce federal immigration laws.

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer responded to Malloy’s actions, to which Malloy, being the arrogant progressive regressive anti-family elitest he is, scoffed.

Connecticut has two major cities as Sanctuary ones…New Haven and Hartford.  The former being home to a gang of murderous illegals called MS-13.  In 2007, WTNH-TV reported the gang defaced a Vietnam memorial.

Fox News spoke to Wendy Hartley, a woman from Norwich, whose daughter Casey was killed by an illegal alien from Haiti in 2015.  This alien was never even deported.

“It hurts me and it hurts a lot of people that we lost a lot of people to cirminal illegal aliens…” she told Martha McCallum.

During the evening, Malloy spoke to Fox News’ rising superstar in primetime Tucker Carlson to try and explain himself for his actions.

And then in recent news, Connecticut’s largest city Bridgeport was the scene of a murder and AMBER Alert kidnapping.  On Friday a previously deported illegal alien murdered his girlfriend and kidnapped her six year-old daughter.

Let that sink in…

Oscar Obedio Hernandez, an illegal alien from El Salvador, was arrested on Friday night.

WTIC-TV Fox 61 reported

“Oscar Obedio Hernandez, a citizen of El Salvador, was issued a Final Order of Removal by an immigration judge on Oct. 29, 2013,” said spokesman Shawn Neudauer. “He was removed from the United States by ICE officers in Hartford, CT on Nov. 27, 2013. He has prior felony convictions from 2002 for assault and threatening, as well as several misdemeanor convictions. ICE has placed an immigration detainer with the Bridgeport (Connecticut) Police Department.”

Gov. Dan Malloy’s spokeswoman, Kelly Donnelly, issued a statement today regarding the incident between Hernandez and the ICE.

“Our local laws are designed to protect our residents and also ensure that those in harm’s way feel safe seeking help from law enforcement. That’s why convicted violent felons are detained for deportation under our state laws that the governor has consistently and strongly supported.” said Donnelly.

An Amber Alert was issued early Friday morning for Aylin Sofia Hernandez, 6, from Bridgeport. Police say her mother, Nidia Gonzalez, 26, was stabbed to death in a domestic dispute with her father. The mother’s female friend is in critical condition after the stabbing, police said.

Malloy now has blood on his hands thanks to this.

As a result of this dereliction of duty, I as a 43-year lifelong and very frustrated resident of this state, am calling on those in law enforcement, who are Oath Keepers to physically remove from office this disgraceful governor, and the majority in the general assembly.  I call for anarchy, REAL anarchy, not the kind the media claims as violent overthrows (like the so-called protests of PRESIDENT TRUMP by George Soros paid rioters), but something like a massive reset of CT politics due to this hatred of citizenry by its chief executive, who during his reign of terror as Mayor of Stamford turned it into a mini-New York City.

He can’t be impeached as the left runs the General Assembly in Hartford mainly due to statist corporate media, unions, and the zombie population who trusts said corproate media.  I am in essence calling for a vote of no confidence by the citizenry, like how England does things.

This is a matter of state safety.  The Governor is supposed to protect the citizens of his or her state.  Malloy, to paraphrase the TV show “Arrow” about the crime fighter Green Arrow has failed this state and its citizens.  Those praising this decision are just as guilty as Malloy and the leftist globalist assembly are.

This is now one of those times to administer the RED PILL.

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From SGT Report‘s YouTube comes this big video breaking down an interview JOhn Podesta did.  This is one video the fake news cororpate media, where six companies own the vast majority of the media and tell us what THEY THINK IS NEWS, SHOULD BE SCARED SHITLESS ON!

This powerful interview contains breaking news about Podesta’s lies about Pizzagate. SGT also dissect the highly suspicious development that actor Ashton Kutcher is partnering with the DHS to expose and stop human trafficking.  You know the one where this sicko blew a kiss to psycho neocon John McCain?


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