I make no qualms about how much I hate most to all of Connecticut’s polticians; more Democrats than Republicans, though Tom Foley, Linda McMahon, Lowell Weicker and John Rowland are the biggest GOP losers in their own way.  Well now there is one PROGRESSIVE, NEW WORLD ORDER SUPPORTING POLITICO WHOM I AM CALLING ON TO RESIGN FROM OFFICE.

Chris Murphy took over the spot after another fellow NWO supporter (Chinese Style web censorship) Joe Lieberman resigned in 2012.  He has been a voice for the progressives and unions and overall supporters of un popular governor Dannel Malloy.

Well in Breitbart, in the wake of President Donald Trump’s immigration suspension, Murphy went on one of the many media safe zones, namely MSNBC’s Morning Joe to whine and complain about the policy.

“The four countries that were of origin for the 9/11 attackers, none of them are on this list,” and then quickly shifted to push “a discussion about a pathway in which there is absolutely no screening” for immigrants. He cited U.S./Europe agreements on the VISA waiver program as an example of U.S. entrance “without almost any security vet.”

Murphy also took the dangerous foreign policy mantra for former President Obama.

“Murphy claimed that the U.S. has ISIS ‘on its heels,’ and the suspension of immigration from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia will ‘[hand ISIS] a path to rebirth'”, AWR Hawkins wrote for Breitbart.

Mr. Murphy needs to hear from a fellow Democrat who knows firsthand about the hell that has been caused by our interventionalist policies, Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard paid a visit to Aleppo, Syria on what was dubbed a fact finding mission.  What she found Mr. Murphy, was hell on earth

And who does she blame for all this mess, Mr. Murphy?  Mr. Obama and his giving of weapons to the so-called Moderate Rebels who really are ISIS, ISIL or DAESH.

She spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper

And to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

And Infowars’ LeeAnn McAdoo reported on Gabbard’s mission including the meeting with Asaad.  And McAdoo blasted fake news outlets like CNN for basically being a bunch of Mockingbirds

But back to Murphy, your mission sir is to protect the citizens of this country and of Connecticut.  This progressive hand wringing and projecting and support of New World Order policies is a MAJOR DANGER to this country.

For starters this is NOT a Muslim Ban unlike what the Mockingbirds will say, as well as Chinese Communist run and Soros-backed financially Hollywood.

For this display of hatred for a sovereign nation and suppot for multi-national corporations and banksters like Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller and for secret societies like Yale University’s Skull and Bones..MR. MURPHY YOU SHOULD RESIGN FROM OFFICE.


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