Two big videos…MUST SEE

For my first post of the New Year, I have two majot videos from Infowars that look to be majot must sees…

In this first one, new evidence has surfaced underscoring President-Elect Donald Trump’s assertion Obama was the founder of ISIS, despite what lies the corporate Mockingbirds in the media will say.  Also, the evidence is overwhelming said media has colluded with the Obama administration to push the narrative for regime change in Syria, while concealing the truth about the US arming and funding ISIS, as well as Kerry and the Palestinians engaging in “secret meetings” according to WND.

Infowars’ Wonder Woman Lee Ann McAdoo reports.

And it also includes LEAKED AUDIO.

In the other video,  Alex Jones breaks down how mainstream media propaganda is in collusion with the globalist puppet Obama as Russia is threatened on every front to ignite a world war before President Elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.



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