Connecticut’s hush money

Once again it seems as if the Nutmeg State lives up to its more dirisive name CORRUPT-ICUT, at least according to the Yankee Institute for Public Policy.

In a post from last Friday, state agencies made at least $100,000 payments to former workers so as to avoid lawsuits or to keep the employee quiet about their working for the state government.

“State auditors revealed the payments in their 2016 report to the General Assembly. The auditors found that these payments were not part of any legal settlement made by the Attorney General’s office, nor were they authorized by the governor as required by state statute,” Mark Fitch wrote for Y.I.P.P.

According to State General Statute Sec. 3-7, only the Attorney General or Governor can authorize the payment of a so-called “disputed claim against the state or any department or agency.” Also records of any such accords are required to be “open to public inspection.”

State auditor, John Geragosian, said those who are ready to blow the whistle on corruption in a state agency “should not be denied the right to talk about it.”  He also said a third party should be called upon to review the claims and payouts.


I make no qualms about how much I hate most to all of Connecticut’s polticians; more Democrats than Republicans, though Tom Foley, Linda McMahon, Lowell Weicker and John Rowland are the biggest GOP losers in their own way.  Well now there is one PROGRESSIVE, NEW WORLD ORDER SUPPORTING POLITICO WHOM I AM CALLING ON TO RESIGN FROM OFFICE.

Chris Murphy took over the spot after another fellow NWO supporter (Chinese Style web censorship) Joe Lieberman resigned in 2012.  He has been a voice for the progressives and unions and overall supporters of un popular governor Dannel Malloy.

Well in Breitbart, in the wake of President Donald Trump’s immigration suspension, Murphy went on one of the many media safe zones, namely MSNBC’s Morning Joe to whine and complain about the policy.

“The four countries that were of origin for the 9/11 attackers, none of them are on this list,” and then quickly shifted to push “a discussion about a pathway in which there is absolutely no screening” for immigrants. He cited U.S./Europe agreements on the VISA waiver program as an example of U.S. entrance “without almost any security vet.”

Murphy also took the dangerous foreign policy mantra for former President Obama.

“Murphy claimed that the U.S. has ISIS ‘on its heels,’ and the suspension of immigration from Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia will ‘[hand ISIS] a path to rebirth'”, AWR Hawkins wrote for Breitbart.

Mr. Murphy needs to hear from a fellow Democrat who knows firsthand about the hell that has been caused by our interventionalist policies, Hawaii’s Tulsi Gabbard paid a visit to Aleppo, Syria on what was dubbed a fact finding mission.  What she found Mr. Murphy, was hell on earth

And who does she blame for all this mess, Mr. Murphy?  Mr. Obama and his giving of weapons to the so-called Moderate Rebels who really are ISIS, ISIL or DAESH.

She spoke to CNN’s Jake Tapper

And to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson

And Infowars’ LeeAnn McAdoo reported on Gabbard’s mission including the meeting with Asaad.  And McAdoo blasted fake news outlets like CNN for basically being a bunch of Mockingbirds

But back to Murphy, your mission sir is to protect the citizens of this country and of Connecticut.  This progressive hand wringing and projecting and support of New World Order policies is a MAJOR DANGER to this country.

For starters this is NOT a Muslim Ban unlike what the Mockingbirds will say, as well as Chinese Communist run and Soros-backed financially Hollywood.

For this display of hatred for a sovereign nation and suppot for multi-national corporations and banksters like Soros, Rothschild, Rockefeller and for secret societies like Yale University’s Skull and Bones..MR. MURPHY YOU SHOULD RESIGN FROM OFFICE.

The Hawaiian Volcano

Her name is Tulsi Gabbard.  She is a DEMOCRAT, but one of the very few good ones out there.  West Viriginia Senator Joe Manchin is the other IMHO.  But Gabbard, more than just a pretty face (in fact she’s GORGEOUS), is also an Iraq War veteran, and a major critic of THIS NATION’S policies.  Recently she went on a secret fact-finding mission to Syria and discovered the Syrian people were telling a FAR different story than what the Mockingbird/establishment media in the U.S. has been spinning.

Rather than celebrate a U.S. official going above the call of duty to see how Syria can truly find peace, Gabbard has been smeared by the New World Order elites as someone who’d dare question Washington’s (and former President Obama and his Secretaries of State, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry) decision on how to deal with Syria.

Infowars’ Wonder Woman Lee Ann McAdoo reports on Gabbard’s appearance on fake news outlet CNN with pseudo-journalist Jake Tapper…and goes after the media and the slaves who are the anti-American Soros-backed protestors, like the uber-leftist Daily Beast and CIA neocons like Evan McMullin.

Greenwich’s double scandal

The town of Greenwich is dealing with two scandals, both involving members of the Representative Town Meeting or RTM.

The Greenwich Time reports RTM member Chris Von Keyserling  was arrested last Wednesday on a warrant related to an incident on December 9th at the town-owned Nathaniel Witherell, nursing home on Parsonage Road. Officials said Von Keyserling was arrested at Town Hall.

According to an arrest warrant , the incident began when von Keyserling had a brief political discussion with a 57-year-old female worker. Accoridng to court papers, the talks turned heated, and the woman went to her office.

“The encounter continued in the office, and when the woman rose to leave, she was pinched on her rear end by von Keyserling”, the paper said.

The woman later told investigators she detected “an evil look” in Von Keyserling’s eyes after a brief verbal exchange as she was leaving the office.

Von Keyserling’s lawyer, Phil Russell, called the charge “unrealistic.”

“In almost 30 years of practicing law in this town, I would say Mr. von Keyserling is the one person I would never suspect of having any inappropriate sexual predilections,” Russell told the paper.

Von Keyserling, in his 70’s, was released on $2,500 bond and given a court date of January 25th.

UPDATE (1/25/17) In an official statment, the Board of Selectmen has calle don VonKeyserling to resign his position.

In the other, even bigger scandal, another Republican RTM member resigned January 9th after being accused of child pornography possession.

Forty-six-year old Christopher Sandys, was arrested four days prior and charged with one count of possession of child porn. The arrest occured in the middle of his first term on the RTM after being appointed last March to fill a vacancy in District 1. Sandys was arrested as part of an undercover investigation by Connecticut State Police into so-called “peer to peer” child pornography image and video trading.

“Chris has led an exemplary life, highlighted by his graduation from the Air Force Academy and honorable discharge from the Air Force after a four-year enlistment. These types of cases are always very difficult but it’s simply too soon for me to have any comment on the charges,” Sandys lawyer Lindy Urso said.

Greenwich Police said they found a desktop computer belonging to Sandys with over 700 images of child pornography at his home on LeGrande Avenue.

Police said Sandys is due in court on January 20th.


Has Pizzagate finally gone mainstream?

The only real journalist in a world of corporate driven fake news, Ben Swann of Atlanta, Georgia has become the first reporter to truly report on the pizzagate scandal.  The scandal had featured a plot by the mockingbird media to plant a red herring of some violent citizen.  But Swann who works for Meredith-owned CBS affiliate WGCL-TV 46.1, did a month of research and filed THIS report, where he reports on what was seen.  And many of which are the facts.

Ben Swann has been, as one YouTube commentor said “cementing his legacy.”


Anarchy planned at Trump Inauguration

Infowars’ Maggie Howell reports on how so-called anarchists who really are Soros NWO puppets are looking to disrupt Donald Trump’s inauguration.

This also includes an ASSASINATION ATTEMPT on Trump friend Roger Stone.


Biden says world order near collapse

With two days left in the Obama/Biden White House, Vice President Joe Biden has supposedly admitted that the world government of the New World Order is…COLLAPSING!

Alex Jones in a video at Infowars’ Facebook breaks down Biden’s warning to fellow progressives the “liberal world order” is collapsing.

Jones breaks down the following CNBC report, where Biden, at the globalist Davos Conference in Switzerland, said in essence

At a time of “uncertainty” we must double down on the values that made Western democracies great, and not allow the “liberal world order” to be torn apart by destructive forces.

Biden went after Russian President Vladimir Putin by name, saying he is using “every tool” in his power to whittle away the European project, and undermine Western democracies. Biden accused Putin of wanting to “roll back decades of progress.”

Jon Bowne from Infowars reports on Davos…

[T]he foreign banker backed globalist machine constructed by the military industrial complex, lead by Manchurian candidate puppets, and falsely legitimized by the dying mockingbird mainstream media is collapsing as the wrench of populism lands squarely in its gears.

The World Economic Forum’s paranoid Davos Men are meeting once again this week, desperately protecting their globalist agenda.

The elite are now using anti drone technology to protect their scheming hovel. Zero Hedge reports “It’s not FCC-certified as we write this, so you can’t legally operate one in the US unless you’re with the government.”

China’s President Xi Jingping unloaded on the anti globalization sweeping the world, saying “….we should adapt to and guide economic globalization, cushion its negative impacts and deliver its benefits for all countries.” Meanwhile China artificially pumped shares into its market to appear on an economic even keel in the face of President Elect Donald Trump’s continuing positive effect on Wall Street as capitalism rides the rising tsunami of nationalism.

Have not done this in a while

But I am bringing back the Rogue’s Gallery.  And you don’t get any more rogue…THAN THE PARTY I CALL THE NEW NAZI PARTY, THE DEMOCRATS

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And in a video post, is this exclusive interview from Dinesh D’Souza’s film Hillary’s America with BLACK, FEMALE, REPUBLICAN Professor Carol Swain

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Congress should STOP right now

When it comes to Obamacare, Congress is doing their part in repealing the (UN)Affordable Heathcare Act.  But despite what many people have been hearing about in the media as well as projectionary complaints by the left, one columnist says Obamacare SHOULD NOT BE REPLACED.

This article found online through a Devvy Kidd suggestion begins with this image

Writing at News With Views, Kelleigh Nelson said

Please President Trump, repeal Obamacare, but do not add another boondoggle to our already ridiculously huge government. NO REPLACEMENT OF OBAMACARE IS NECESSARY!

What is wrong with allowing the free market to handle healthcare?

One problem, many in Congress DO NOT believe in the free market.

Nelson goes on to say..

Past major laws and other policies implemented by the Federal and state governments have interfered with the health care marketplace to the point where our people are not only suffering, but dying. Is that the intent? Nearly every law regarding healthcare that has been passed since the early 1900s should be repealed, not just Obamacare!

What Nelson is saying is the big brother hand of big government should be out of all of our lives.

Is any part of Obamacare good?  Well…yes and no.

President Trump has rightly stated that competition across state lines would create more competitive insurance markets, and that pre-existing conditions should not disqualify care under new health plans.

But why are we allowing young people to be carried on their parents’ insurance until age 26? The percentage of youth who actually become ill between college graduation and age 26 is so miniscule as to be almost unchartable.

And as for illegal aliens (yes this writer is using the term):

Between 1983 and 1992, health care costs rose almost 10% annually. Prescription drug costs rose 12.1 percent a year. Home health care prices increased 18.3 percent annually. (Perhaps there were only 10 to 15 million illegal aliens in our country 30 odd years ago, but I believe we’re at 50 to 60 million today).

Congress expanded Medicaid to include illegal immigrants, children (through CHIP, Children’s Medicaid), and pregnant women.

Because of the U.S. Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1986 (42 U.S.C.), most hospitals may not refuse anyone treatment for an emergency medical condition because of citizenship (illegal aliens), legal status, or ability to pay. An example of the cost conflict between federal government, state and local government, and private institutions, is that the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) brings injured and ill illegal aliens to hospital emergency rooms, but does not pay for their medical care. Almost $190 million, or about 25 percent, of the uncompensated costs Southwest border county hospitals incurred, resulted from emergency medical treatment provided to illegal immigrants.

Emergency rooms on our southern borders have gone bankrupt and closed. Whether anyone wants to admit it or not, the cost to American taxpayers for medical treatment of illegals, and now the so-called Syrian refugees and Somalis, has exacerbated and exponentially increased our own healthcare costs. [Link], [Link], [Link]

Anchor baby births alone have cost Americans billions of dollars each year. Breitbart documents that one is born every 93 seconds. Medicaid alonepaid $2.2 billion last year to partially reimburse hospitals for unpaid illegal alien delivery bills, double estimates from news reports.

The amount not reimbursed to hospitals is in the tens of billions. A staggering 84 hospitals in California alone, have been forced to close their doors because of unpaid bills by illegal aliens. Los Angeles emergency rooms are full of illegal aliens. Hospitals which manage to remain open, pass the unpaid costs onto the rest of us, which translates into more out-of-pocket expenses and higher insurance premiums for Americans.

One Dallas hospital has a MAJOR anchor baby problem.  And it’s one we all should be familar with.

“Parkland Memorial Hospital (yes, the same hospital where JFK died after his assassination in 1963), a staggering 70% of all babies born are to illegal aliens. Nationally, 400,000 anchor babies a year — 1 in 10 of all births — are illegal alien offspring,” Nelson writes.

The first link in the quote is to the leftist website Snopes, so caution is advised.  The second is to the more reliable Breitbart.

And Nelson writes, Congress is to blame for all this mess, which began over 100 years ago.   The mess, Nelson writes goes back to the days of Taft, up through Teddy Roosevelt, Coolidge, and FDR.  And it all involves…BIG PHARMA.

In 1925, prescription drug monopolies began after the federal government, led by Republican President Calvin Coolidge, started allowing the patenting of drugs. And guess what…these drug monopolies have been promoted by government research and development subsidies targeted to favored pharmaceutical companies.

So much for Calvin Coolidge being cool.  And FDR offered up what might be called “Rosseveltcare.”

During the early 1940s, FDR asked for a Bill of Rights which included medical care. Truman later offered a national health program plan, proposing a single system that would include all of American society, but it was denounced by the AMA and was called a Communist plot by a House subcommittee.

In other words, single payer, like in Canada and Britain today.  And Big Med was given a major pass under the progressive icon FDR

In 1945, buyer monopolization began after the McCarran-Ferguson Act led by the Roosevelt Administration exempted the business of medical insurance from most federal regulation, including antitrust laws.

This collusion would go on throughout the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and into the Reagan years.

In the 1980s, under Reagan, there was a shift towards privatization and corporatization of healthcare. Medicare shifts to payment by diagnosis (DRG) instead of by treatment. Private plans quickly follow suit, with growing complaints by insurance companies that the traditional fee-for-service method of payment to doctors is being exploited. I can remember when I would go to a physician with a problem, and he could diagnose my symptoms without weeks of various expensive tests.

In 1984, prescription drug monopolies were strengthened during the Reagan Administration after the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act permitted the extension of patents beyond 20 years. (*The government also allowed pharmaceuticals companies to bribe physicians to prescribe more expensive drugs.*)

Both Bushes and Clinton would follow even without the passing of “Hillarycare.”  Obamacare was another story.  In fact, when it comes to doctors and politics, it’s a very dangerous drug mixture.  In a story from Breitbart…

Physicians have openly stated that Obamacare was never about health care, but about achieving another Progressive goal of massive wealth redistribution.

As for the leftist socialists, their goal has been single payer where the GOVERNMENT ALONE collects all fees and has total control.  In fact…

(S)ometime down the road under ObamaCare the government will (control the food) tell you what you can and can not eat. They are using the Marxist Hegelian Dialectic to accomplish exactly that.

Well now Obamacare is being repealed, despite the Chicken (****) Little worries of the puppets of billionaire George Soros, the Democrats, whom like the Republicans in Congress CAN AFFORD THEIR OWN HEALTHCARE.

Nelson finished things up with this…

[P.S. In order to wake up the population, we need to reach more people. Please use this material, and call into talk radio programs (like Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh etc.) and mention on the air while discussing the content of this article, write letters to newspaper editors, and speak to your friends. Spread the word, and in doing so, we have a chance to save America.]


In a story the media, a wing of the CIA (Operation Mockingbird) will not report on, but Infowars will…The Central Intelligence Agency might be doing Hollywood and the left’s bidding to try and stop Donald Trump’s inauguration.  Alex Jones on the phone reports from the field.

A similar video can be seen here.