Liberals are NOT REALLY Tolerant

Despite what the Goebbels in the media will tell you, their BFFs liberals are really not that tolerant according to research.

Infowars reports a study by PRRI found that, “Political liberals are far more likely than conservatives to say they removed someone from their social media circle due to what they shared online.”

The study found about 24% of these democrats say they blocked, unfriended or unfollowed someone after the presidential election, compared to just 9% of Republicans and 9% of Independents who were triggered to do the same.

The report also found that nearly three in ten of Democratic women removed someone from their social network because of their political opinion.

A related 2014 study looking at philanthropy from The Philanthropy Chronicle analyzed itemized charity deductions on the tax returns of hundreds of millions of Americans between 2006 and 2012 and found conservatives who were poor gave more money to charity than wealthy liberals.

RT reports

“Lower and middle-income people know people who lost their jobs or are homeless, and they worry that they themselves are a day away from losing their jobs. They’re very sensitive to the needs of other people and recognize that these years have been hard,” explained Stacy Palmer, editor of the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Meanwhile, the wealthier donors, who had been able to afford largesse during the fat years through the 90s and early 2000s, became “nervous and cautious” as the financial crisis struck in 2008, threatening their incomes, property and shares.

The report found also those who voted for Mitt Romney for President in 2012 and people in Utah (with a giving rate of 6.56 percent) gave more.  The more liberty loving state of New Hampshire where less than a third of the people say they believe in God, donates 1.74 percent of its incomes to charity.

Similarly, the cosmopolitan, urbane San Francisco and Boston are at the bottom of a similar ranking for cities, while the Southern and Central strongholds of Salt, Lake City, Birmingham, Memphis, Nashville and Atlanta are among some of the most generous.

No shock there.  But what was shocking was one town in the most leftist state, California opened their wallets more than anywhere in the U.S.

The most generous town in the US was Canby in California, where 645 people gave $436,000, or 18 percent of their income, to philanthropic causes.

Canby is up in northeastern California, almost near the Oregon border.  Accoridng to their Wikipedia page the trend of conservatives being charitable continues.
In the state legislature, Canby is in the 1st Senate District, represented by Republican Ted Gaines, and the 1st Assembly District, represented by Republican Brian Dahle. Federally, Canby is in California’s 1st congressional district, represented by Republican Doug LaMalfa.

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