Reversal of a role reversal

Politico is reporting that a former speechwriter for the late Robert F. Kennedy and the Democrats is switching his allegiance to Donald Trump for President.

Adam Walinsky writes

I came to Washington to serve President John Kennedy and Attorney General Robert Kennedy. When the president was murdered and his brother struck off on his own, I joined his Senate campaign and staff as his legislative assistant and speechwriter, until his presidential campaign ended with his own assassination. I ran on a (losing) Democratic ticket in the New York state elections of 1970. When I was working to enact my own program of police reform in the 1980s and 1990s, then-Governor Bill Clinton was chairman of my National Committee for the Police Corps. This year, I will vote to elect Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Walinsky said this was a “public accounting for this decision.”

He said the Democrat party today, much like the neocons in the Republican party has become a party of war; a place for “arms merchants, mercenaries, academic war planners, lobbyists for every foreign intervention, promoters of color revolutions, failed generals, exploiters of the natural resources of corrupt governments.”

Acting more like former Republican Texas Congressman and liberty champion Ron Paul, Walinsky went on to say there are military bases in 80 countries around the world and personnel in more than 130. He basically is saying America has become like what Dwight Eisenhower warned about in his 1961 farewell address; The Military Industrial Complex.

“Generals and admirals announce our national policies. Theater commanders are our principal ambassadors. Our first answer to trouble or opposition of any kind seems always to be a military movement or action” he said.

And Walinsky took issue with current Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton saying she does not want the U.S. to have a diplomatic relationship with Vladimir Putin, with her campaign calling the former KGB agent “another Hitler.” She also wants to invade Assad’s Syria (repeating Operation Ajax from 1953 in Iran)

He said Clinton’s war cabinet “brims with the architects of war and disaster for the past decades, the neocons who led us to our present pass, in Iraq, in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen, in Ukraine, unrepentant of all past errors, ready to resume it all with fresh trillions and fresh blood.”

Walinsky did also have something to say about Donald Trump calling him an imperfect candidate, also crude and vulgar.  But he also said Trump has one thing JFK admired, political courage.

“willing to defy the hysteria of the Washington war hawks, the establishment and the mainstream media who daily describe him as virtually anti-American for daring to voice ideas and opinions at variance with their one-note devotion to war” he said.

Walinsky compared what happened in the 1960’s during Lyndon Johnson (later Richard Nixon)’s disastrous Vietnam war effort (all based on the lies of the Gulf of Tonkin) to the disaster that is the War on Terror and how the DEMOCRATS are now the party of war

We have broken one Middle Eastern nation after another. Hundreds of cities and villages lie in ruins, hundreds of thousands are dead, millions are refugees; and, for all the press and political thundering against the menace of ISIS, Al Qaeda, or Islamic terrorism generally, our military leaders offer no prospects of victory. They cannot tell us what victory would require or mean; though they are quick to assure us, as in Libya today, that this conflict will go on indefinitely. They cannot even explain how some of our current allies (example Turkey) are bombing and shelling others of our purported allies (example the Kurds). So a Democratic administration, carrying on the work of the Bush presidency, without thought and without question, year after year, has kept sending more young men and women into the grinder.

Walinsky makes mention of one brave Democratic representative who seemingly is bucking the trend of the war party it has become.  It’s ironic because she has served our country.

“Today there is only the voice of the marvelous Democratic member of Congress Tulsi Gabbard, a reservist who has twice deployed to Iraq and knows of what she speaks. And it is a Democratic president who sends an endless parade of drones to nations all over the world…” he said.

For the record, Gabbard, from Hawaii, supported Bernie Sanders for President.

Walinsky ended his commentary with a three step plan…

First, we must begin immediately to end our involvement in endless, unnecessary and therefore murderous wars.

Easier said than done when war contractors like General Electric exist on Wall Street.

Second, we must at the same time begin to recover our domestic peace. There are many ills to be cured, many shortcomings to be righted.

I think this needs to be done with our very porous border.  It can be solved by closing all the bases overseas and bringing our troops home to defend not just the Mexican border, but the Canadian one as well.  Call it a human wall.

Walinsky also calls for action from within our border as well.

We need our very best young people, not getting their legs blown off by IEDs in Afghanistan, but saving all of our lives in St. Louis and Chicago and Detroit and Baton Rouge and all the other wasted places in our own land.

And Walinsky thinks Trump’s “America First” sounds like a good domestic plan.

Donald Trump has been mocked mercilessly for saying, “America first.” But to demand that all the actions of government, at home or abroad, be first directed at the interests and well-being of our own country is not old-fashioned or outmoded. Rather it represents the deepest wisdom and tradition of American statesmen from the founders on.

Finally, Walinsky said it’s time for Americans to speak up, starting perhaps with speaking out against President Obama

our president has told us we must lower our voices. Of course we do not hope for domestic discord. But the people of the United States have perhaps stood silent for too long. The elites of opinion and government have not hesitated to offer us instruction, from the heights of their power and eminence. These are the people who have led us into useless foreign war and limitless domestic disaster. This president tells us that we must now spend another trillion dollars on new nuclear weapons systems, and when we ask who will be the target for these world-destroying weapons, says only, “There can be no business as usual with Russia.”

This from the party that cheered on the Soviets during the Cold War.  Hypocrisy anyone?

Walinsky also said the nation must speak as one voice, “a voice as powerful as Washington, as Jefferson, as Lincoln, as Martin Luther King”

He also wants this nation to go back to the Founder’s wisdom as they fought needed wars like the Revolutionary to defend not just the union but also avoid foreign entanglements.  But Walinsky also warned of heading into a new Cold War with not just Russia, but the Communist Chinese as well.  He wants the US to enlist their help to “resist the forces of terror and chaos that threaten all civilization.”

Walinsky believes Trump’s platform is one that could “fulfill the hopes of the greatest Americans of all parties.”

In conclusion, Walinsky said Trump offers “a path away from constant war, a path of businesslike accommodation with all reasonable people and nations.”  Instead his plan concentrates America’s efforts against the enemies of civilization; namely the global elite and the warhawks who seek constant war and turmoil in the world.

“Truly, America first, last and always; for ourselves and for our posterity”, he ends the statement.


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