The things you find on foreign TV

Infowars has out up a video, translated obviously from Russian state TV, not RT, Russia Today, but a TV channel.  On there is something the failure that is US Corporate Media will NOT TELL YOU. Hillary Clinton Is A Witch Who Will Start World War 3

This is from today’s Alex Jones show.

And to the left-wing who is now going after Russia…you were rooting for them when they were the Evil Empire Soviet Union.  But since they went belly up 25 years ago, you along with your foreign pals like Rothschild, Rockefeller, etc. have staged wars and terror attacks to see to it that the USA becomes the new USSR!

And if you like Michael Moore, Barbra Streisand and all the other hacks of communist NWO Hollywood like “comedian” Lewis Black had your druthers, you rather see Trump…ASSASSINATED!  Just ask Roger Stone.  In fact he told David Knight he predicts that Trump is going to win the election and now the only way the political elite can stop him is with an assassination.


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