What’s worse for you Hillbots than Guccifer? How about Guccifer 2.0?  according to The Hill (via Western Journalism), the hacker known as Guccifer 2.0 has dumped some more documents on Hillary Clinton about a week before their circus of a convention in Philadelphia.

It’s mostly DNC papers released by the hacker and sent to the political news site which outlined which Democrats were “wobbly” on the controversial Iranian nuclear agreement.

One file, titled “March 26, 2015 — Plans for Recess,” covers the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with Iran, which at the time was going to be released soon as well as other issues that were to be covered in a call with political consultants Democracy Partners.

The Hill reported the names of these Senators mentioned cryptically include Senators Cory Booker, of New Jersey, Bob Casey of Pennsylvania Mark Warner of Virginia, Joe Manchin of West Virginia, Kristen Gillibrand of New York and Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who at that time had a bill pending to start sanctions against Iran. The JCPA eventually received sufficient support, but not until after the White House had to do major arm-twisting with reluctant senators.



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