Just as FBI Director James Comey was about to speak about Hillary Clinton’s email and server, up comes this latest false flag attack by a Muslim who WAS OR HAD GAY TENDENCIES.  This alone to me signals that this is the latest false flag terror attack on the people of the US by the government.

Government is corrupt at all high ends.  Sure there are those in the FBI and CIA who are good guys and girls.  But I want them to be like Stuart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers who issued a statement after Orlando.

I call on all Oath Keepers members and chapters to offer their protection, advice, and training to any and all in their community who are targeted by Islamist terrorists. Show them the way toward effective defense against the wave of ISIS attacks that we know are coming, teach them to defend themselves, and lead by example. Step up and Honor your oath by defending all Americans from these evil Islamist enemies of liberty and enemies of Western civilization. We of course support the sincere moderate Muslims like Maajid Nawaz, author of Radical: My Journey out of Extreme Islam, that condemn these acts of terror and are attempting to reform Islam from the inside.  But we also must acknowledge the reality that among Muslims in America are those who have adopted a fundamentalist and radical political version of Islam that compels them to commit Jihad.

Today I call on our national membership to directly assist local police as well as those members of the LGBT community who may continue to live in fear by the threat of future attacks, and any other potential “soft” target in our community such as churches, synagogues, schools, etc.

We are offering our organization’s full resources/personnel which  includes our many former federal, state and local law enforcement and military personnel to deploy to Florida or any other area, nationwide, where citizens feel a threat may exist.

We the people and the Oath Keepers and those in law enforcement must stand up to this tyrannical deliberate takeover of the Republic by power mad elites.

Infowars reports “earlier this month, Judicial Watch revealed [security contractor] G4S has been quietly moving and releasing van loads of illegal aliens away from the border to interior American cities.The security contractor also provides security guards and other security services for ’90 percent of U.S. nuclear facilities.’”

According to World Net Daily, an investigation into Omar Mateen was shut down under pressure from the Clinton-ran State Dept. and DHS’s Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Office out of fear of offending Muslims, according to recently retired DHS agent Philip Haney.” And now Omar’s brother in law is mocking our Second Amendment rights with his liberal swill posted on social media. Mateens brother in law Mustafa Abasin even went so far as to calling Trump a Nazi and a racist.”

And in an NBC report, of all places, The wife of the Orlando shooter has told the FBI that she actually drove him to Pulse nightclub on a prior occasion and that she tried to talk him out of conducting an attack.

And Infowars comments…

This new benchmark of the slaughter of Americans on American soil is a clear indication that the FBI, DHS, and Federal Government are not only unable to do the job our tax dollars are funding. Bottom line, they are growing the radical Islamic invasion. How about that for homegrown Obama? Obama and anyone previously responsible for or currently protecting his agenda that has breached our national security should be immediately arrested. The longer these Saudi Arabian lackeys are in power the more Americans will be slaughtered. The American people are sick of being blamed for these attacks. And this is only the beginning. Stop the madness. Arm yourselves America. Protect your First and Second Amendment rights. The Globalists are bringing a war to your backyard.

And meanwhile, many people, not influenced by the corporate spin of the media and the lies on television are saying this was a false flag.  I say this was Hillary Clinton’s work because Comey was about to come out with things on Hillary’s email and servers…and then this happens.  I QUESTION THE TIMING.

But some like Julian Assange are ready to pounce Orlando false flag or not.


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