Sorry for not blogging

But I have had a shoulder pain for the last couple of weeks.  BUT, I am up and running with a few things for you.

For starters Infowars goes to the Red Carpet.  And it’s for a film the Nazis in Hollywood do not want you to see.  It’s called AMERICEDDON.  And it explains what happens when North Korea knocks out the US Power grid and forces the US Government into Martial Law.  But…was the EMP attack STAGED TERROR?

LeeAnn McAdoo, the glamour girl of freedom reports from the red carpet.  And she talks to the stars of this film directed by Mike Norris, oldest son of American movie icon Chuck Norris.  HEY ET, EXTRA, TMZ, EW…TRY AND COVER THIS!

Among the endorsements for this film, taken from the AmeriGEDDON website

It is as thrilling and informative as it is terrifying. No movie has captured the essence of the dangers which presently confront the American people with the clarity and detail that Amerigeddon brings to movie audiences.

— Dave Hodges // The Common Sense Show

The film features a former superhero; namely Dina Meyer who played Batgirl/Oracle in Birds of Prey…a show I liked on the WB Network, about the adventures of three of Batman’s proteges, the aforementioned Oracle, Black Canary and The Huntress.  Guess the time wasn’t right for a female superhero show.


OK, now here is where I am going; guess I broke my promise with you about Supergirl the TV show.  Oh I loved its first season on CBS, which also was a problem.  CBS isn’t the Tiffany Network for nothing.  Despite decent ratings, the costs were too much, especially for high tax Hollywood.  But, fear not, CBS co-owned The CW has swooped in…and sent the show packing to where DC’s other three super shows (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and CW ratings champ The Flash) are filmed…Vancouver, B.C.  And yes, according to reports, most to all the cast will make the move to the four-seasons climate of the Canadian city.


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