Tomi Vs. Beyonce

In what can be described at least by this blogger as a one-sided catfight, Blaze TV’s blonde bombshell reporter Tomi Lahren just told Illuminati uber-leftist NWO supporting “pop singer” Beyonce to STUFF IT!

Mark Dice, who last year interviewed Lahren when she was working for One America News in San Diego, reports Beyonce tried to buy the rights to Lahren’s viral Super Bowl Half Time Show rant where she tore into Beyonce for her Black Power performance of the song “Formation.”  But Lahren whom if she had some acting chops could be Supergirl on TV, all due respect to Melissa Benoist (though she is a progressive and a Hillary supporter…thus her brain is full of progressive NWO Kryptonite), in her rant she shows she’s more of a badass Supergirl than the character herself.

The password is…INTEGRITY.  But leave it to global media outlets like the UK Daily Mail to call Tomi “controversial” because she disagrees with that “media outlet” and their savior, the almighty Baphomet Illuminati whore Beyonce Knowles.  Same thing with TMZ…Toxic Media Zone, which is run by Uber-Jewboy Harvey Levin.



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