For you Hillbots who are STILL mentally deranged

Here is some REAL news from One America News, which should be on my monopoly cable system in place of The Blaze, YES LIVES WERE LOST IN LIBYA…OR IS THAT UNDIAGNOSED BRAIN CANCER LOOMING LARGE?

Here’s Liz Wheeler of Tipping Point

Oh and what about those riots in Chicago or New Tehran as I call that hellhole?  YES HITLARY, YOU AND YOUR LEFTIST NWO LEMMINGS DID THIS WITH THE HELP OF GEORGE SOROS AND ALL HIS MONEY!  Again Liz Wheeler

And in case the fake left-right Mockingbirds in my ex-brethren the media still want to say Republicans are racist…SOMEONE FROM THE KKK, A DEMOCRATIC FOUNDED GROUP ENDORSED HILLARY…OF COURSE NO MEDIA OUTRAGE FROM ALL THSOE WHO WANT TO ENGAGE IN PRON WITH HER (WRETCH!)

American Action News reports by way of the UK Telegraph, Will Quigg, a grand dragon of the Klan’s California chapter and responsible for recruitment in the western United States, is less keen to give Mr Trump the dubious benefit of his support.

No shocker a racist left-wing state like California WOULD HAVE A DIVISION OF THE KLAN!

And here from Infowars is one caller in Missouri who says Google, run by the progressive wing of Team Hitlary…HAS CENSORED HIM!  I say censored because Google has deep ties to the Obama/Soetoro regime which means these FASCISTS are working with the government ergo, they through donations to the left-wing NWO are engaging in CENSORSHIP!  Here this Trump supporter speaks to Michael Knight.

By the way I mentioned California; well it looks as if that state is OVERDUE for the Big One.  The Daily Mail reports The long-overdue earthquake set to hit southern California could be far worse than expected, a new study suggests. There is widespread consensus that millions will be killed or displaced when – not if – the San Andreas fault ruptures.  And that wold coincide with the San Jacinto fault. But you won’t hear me shed any tears for the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

But what does this boil down to with Hillary and the neocons?  ROTHSCHILD…yes folks that conspiracy theory you weren’t taught in your government propaganda center as a child.  In other words, school!

Saw this on Facebook.

The founder of the Rothschild dynasty, a German named Mayer Amschel Bauer, with assistance from Adam Weishaupt (a Catholic Jesuit priest), created the Illuminati in 1776 and infiltrated and reorganized the Freemasons. They used the Jewish Talmud, a book of Jewish traditions and anti-christ principles, to establish control. He changed his family name to Rothschild to represent the red Star of Saturn that hung on his family’s door, and which was a common symbol among the Khazar Germans who called themselves Jews. His ambitions are the reason the same six pointed star is on the Israeli flag. The Rothschild family of bankers loaned money to governments in Europe, and profited from both sides of wars. They expanded to create national banks throughout Europe and the world. They were instrumental in the Freemason design of Washington D.C., and created the privately owned central banks of the USA for the purpose of controlling the world. In the 1970s, John Todd gave some excellent lectures on the Illuminati but has since vanished.

After the Rothschild’s created the Federal Reserve, they bought strategically chosen newspapers in order to control the mass media. They funded Hitler (who was a Rothschild) during WWII, and then established the United Nations. Today, the Rothschild’s own all the major banks, money supplies, corporations, mass media, Wall Street, politicians, and secret societies worldwide. Although originally from Germany, with ties to the Jesuit priests of the Roman Catholic church, they are deceptively advertised as being Jews but are a part of the synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9, 3:9). They work for and manage the money for the Vatican and bow to the Pope. All mafias in this world bow down to the Pope today …. all !

WELL, I DON’T and as a Catholic I am sick to my stomach at Pope Francis, who is the religious cult leader of the New World Order..

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