I did NOT see any of the Grammys

And it’s a good thing I didn’t.  Just goes to show you how the Illuminati are destroying this nation just like they had Antonin Scalia ASSASSINATED!

For example Alice Cooper (A Republican) and Johnny Depp are in a band together called Hollywood Vampires which had their television debut at the 2016 Grammys where they performed their song As Bad As I Am. Media analyst Mark Dice decodes this Illuminati satanic ritual and why these men were chosen to be broadcast into the minds of millions.

Bold…what did I tell you?

And to make matters worse, the group Little Big Town won the 2016 Grammy for Best Country song for ‘Girl Crush’ a song many interpret as being a gay / lesbian love song. Dice looks at how so called “gay rights” have been center stage at the Grammys for the last few years in what many conservatives and liberty-minded people say is liberal propaganda. Some go so far as to say its part of the Illuminati secret agenda.

And I would like to let all you Illuminati whores know that Zika virus…A ROCKEFELLER CREATION!


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