Do I think Scalia was MURDERED?

To put it in so many words…YOU BET YOUR LAST MONEY HE WAS!

This image I saw online should set things up for a war between alternative and corporate media.

This Infowars article sets things up for a possible war between patriots and the Illuminati.

A Texas judge declined to order an autopsy for Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia after she says she was assured the cause of death was a heart attack.

Speaking with ABC affiliate and Belo-owned  WFAA , Presidio County Judge Cinderella Guevara says she turned down the procedure Saturday after Presidio County Sheriff Danny Dominguez said there were no signs of foul play.

According to CNN, the Scalia family also made the same decision.

“As part of my investigation, one of the things I did ask the sheriff and the U.S. Marshal: ‘Were there any signs of foul play?’ And they said, ‘absolutely not.’ At that time, I still wanted to be careful, and asked them if [Scalia’s] physician would call me.”

Bold…BULL!  Someone in the power elites and the Obama regime FORCED the medical examiner and Scalia’s family to IMMEDIATELY ENBALM.  And I question ANYONE with the last name Guevara!

Oh and since WHEN is anyone sleeping WITH A PILLOW OVER THEIR HEAD?!

Alex Jones yesterday issued this Emergency Transmission, which got Progressives like Right Wing Watch all pissed off (TOO BAD!)

Somehow I think JFK was the last great President this nation had



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