Time for the “I” word

Yes.  Impeachment.  It’s basically saying Obama did wrong but all his policies still stand.  Columnists like Devvy Kidd say and I agree with her on it, is to have Obama/Soetoro ARRESTED and TRIED.  When and if he is convicted of treason and war crimes, all his policies become null and void.  Yes you may question the timing of this post as it is the day of his “last” State of the Union Address.  I say last in quotes because if Obama/Soetoro were to stage a false flag attack on innocent citizens who belive in our founding and not the New World Order way of non-life, it would lead him to impose martial law and thus throw out for good The US Constitution.

Last week with Alex Jones, Stephen Pidgeon, one of the early so-called birther attorneys and Lead Counsel of The North American Law Center discussed Articles of Impeachment.



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