Father Joe, RIP

Since 2007 or so my family has attended St Clement of Rome Church in Stamford, CT.  Since 2009, I have been a part of the all-volunteer choir.  All of this was under the tutelage of Father Joseph Malloy.  On Saturday, Father Joe was called home after a short battle with an aggressive form of cancer called small cell.  The cancer was found in his kidneys, and his stomach mainly.

Father Joe it goes without saying did have health issues; he was a smoker, had arthritis, and not to go food police, he loved hot dogs.

In 2010, my mother and I attended Father Joe’s 40th anniversary dinner at Giovanni’s in Darien.  It was the 40th anniversary of his ordainment into the Roman Catholic Church.

That same year, his cousin, former Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy became Governor of CT (I will not get politics involved in this article because it’s assumed Dan Malloy will be attending the wake and funeral in his hometown at St. Clement Church). At his first inauguration, Father Joe was there to deliver the invocation for the governor.

The last time I saw Father Joe he was doing what he did, serve mass while I was in the choir loft.  That was about three weeks ago.  When i arrive at church Sunday morning for choir rehearsal, I would go to the back of the church, which is the front entrance and sit.  And Father Joe would see me and I would wave good morning to him

Choir director Jennifer Tromboli on Sunday gave the sad news to us.  A fill-in celebrant for the mass, Father Michael A. Boccaccio of Norwalk’s Saint Phillip Parish told a stunned group of parishioners Sunday during the homliy at the 10:30 mass.

Funeral arrangements have been made and yes I will be singing at the mass at 7:30 PM Tuesday evening.  Bishop Frank Caggiano, the head of the Archdiocese of Bridgeport will perform the ceremony.


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