I GOT YOUR FEMINIST RIGHT HERE!  Watch as this former Muslim take Islam, Sharia law and progressive leftists TO THE WOODSHED!

Courtesy Louder with Crowder.

Steven Crowder also takes on progressives and the NWO who love Sharia and Taqyiaa…

Muhammad is a million times worse than even those brat students at Mizzou who need safe spaces where they can curl up with their security blankets to have a good cry about their safe spaces still (unfortunately) including white people. Muhammad, the founder, role model and general crap weasel of Islam, was a terrorist. A terrorist. Since, as this woman points out, Islam IS NOT A RACE but a religion, we can criticize Islam without being racists. Not that it matters to leftists, but always good to reiterate that point.

I  pray for Farrah’s soul and I hope she does not end up getting killed by Sharia.


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