Malloy and the refugees

NBC Connecticut is reporting that Governor Dan Malloy, a progressive democrat, wants to bring 1300 MORE Syrian refugees to this state.

Malloy said he is monitoring the state’s transit hubs, like train stations and Bradley Airport, and said travelers could expect to see heightened presences in some places.

“We should be safe,” Malloy said. “On the other hand, America has always had a big heart.”

Given the population, it is of my belief that Malloy is putting this state in mortal jeopardy.  Given the number of people who died from this state on 9/11 at the hands of Muslim extremists, this to me is grounds for disaster and to me should be the start of a call…FOR REMOVAL AND IMPEACHMENT FROM OFFICE!

Governors of other states, including of all people Republican Charlie Baker in Mass.(infamously progressive state), Hassan of New Hampshire (a Democrat who is married to a Muslim) and Paul LaPage of Maine along with Greg Abbot of Texas, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Rick Scott of Florida and Scott Walker in Wisconsin among other have either flat out said no or called for a better vetting process.  Malloy here has done none.

GOP leader Themis Klarides said in a statement, she any plan allowing refugees to come to this state be fully vetted publicly before it’s put into effect.

“We cannot rely solely on people at the federal level to tell us who should be allowed in and where they would be housed – we need to hear from Connecticut’s own experts to come up with a safe, secure plan, she said.

Vetting to me has major holes in it; bigger than swiss cheese.  It’s time to flat out say no.

As I said earlier I am calling for Malloy as well as the entire Democratic run General Assembly to be removed from office.  But  of course they will say no to my suggestion OF A PETITION because the dumb people of this state want their big government programs and money and not caring one iota about their liberty and safety.  As Ben Franklin once said “Those who give up Liberty for Safety deserve neither.” I want to see the entire Democratic/Progressive run state assembly arrested and thrown out by We The People.  This state does not have sheriffs anymore.

A friend of mine on Facebook Dani McEvoy responded to my request for a petition for Malloy’s arrest and why this state no longer has County Sheriffs.

They were done away with, or more accurately described, their duties were minimalized to paper pushing, by a corrupt Governor named Rowland and if I remember correctly, Senator Blumental, when he was Attorney General. My point is, there isn’t a damn soul in this forsaken state that has the guts to arrest him, knowing full well, the cards are stacked against him/her..Malloy is a BAR member just like many of our other elected officials and just like those that run our corrupt courts. The people handed all the duties & rights over some time ago, not by choice however, by design. He wasn’t arrested upon infringing 2A; he was overwhelmingly supported.

Dani then I have no other choice but to call upon the Oath Keepers in this state to impose the ultimate citizens arrest on Malloy and all his cronies.  The time for talk is over…ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS.

In all honesty I cannot afford to move out because I have made poor decisions on jobs and a career.  At this time last year I was working as a freelancer for News 12…BIG MISTAKE.  It cost me Social Security.  I am broke, very stressed out and my mom and I have hired a lawyer because Social Security REFUSES to reinstate my money and benefits.  To find a job in CT you have to work in government or join a union.  I would rather face a den of angry lions then do either of those things.


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