CT Abortion Clinic closes

One of the state’s longest running abortion centers is shutting down after 40 years in operation.

Life Site News reports Summit Women’s Center, a Connecticut abortion facility open since 1975, has shut its doors.

Operation Save America, a pro-life group estimates that the Bridgeport-based facility has done 150,000 abortions over the last 40 years. The group said in 1990, the facility did up to 80 abortions a day, four days a week. This year, OSA reports there has been less than 10 abortions a day, two days a week.

Life News reports OSA saw women being taken away from the facility by ambulance after botched procedures on multiple occasions. The group explained one woman left Summit with a perforated uterus and bladder.

“Her baby was bigger than the abortionist thought (21 weeks) and [the abortionist] ripped apart half of the baby and couldn’t get the second half out. The mom was hemorrhaging all the way to the hospital. Summit had to pay her $350,000 in damages and she could never have a baby again. Abortionist Jonas retired soon after that incident” OSA said in graphic detail.

Last August Summit abortionist Jonathan Foster was fined $5,000 by the state medical board for completely removing a pregnant woman’s uterus at Waterbury’s St. Mary’s Hospital.

The site also reported one Summitt worker pleaded guilty to sexually abusing three teens in 2005. Michael Britt, a janitor reportedly abused the three girls ages 14, 17 and 18. Before working at Summit, Britt owned a modeling agency in the same building as the clinic and lured teens in by telling them they couldn’t become models unless they had sex with him.

Life News reports nearly 2400 babies (2371 to be exact) have been saved from death at Summit since 1990 due to peaceful pro-life picketers who told women the truth about abortion.


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