VA False Flag

To those who think I am crazy for calling the WDBJ shooting a false flag…let me say you are still asleep and using that dreaded term conspiracy theory, started by the corrupt US government to hide the truth about the JFK assassination. Hillary Clinton and her boy VA governor Terry McAuliffe and the Obama regime have already used this to call for more killing the 2nd Amendment with stricter gun laws. PREDICTABLE AND UNCALLED FOR! Take it from someone who lives in CT home of the infamous Sandy Hook false flag.

I no longer trust the media nor do I want to work in it because of 6 corporations and their censorship of thoughts; namely those that run nearly 95% of the media. I more trust alternative media sources because I just want the truth. What happened is all about a race war being put together by corrupt elements and fueled by money from evil people like George Soros ($33 million for the so-called “Black Lives Matter” movement).

And you can bet Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson those race hustlers will use this to spew their propaganda. I hope Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee, WI Alveda King, or David Webb​ are given a chance to counter things from these hate mongers.

I said I more trust the alternative media…well here is one of those sources…INFOWARS’ Paul Joseph Watson who takes these elements I have mentioned to task.


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