Haven’t done a Super update in a while

When you have a fridge you bought last February that is now about to undergo its 3rd repair in six months and a few other things, you tend to not keep up.

When it comes to Supergirl I have been able to thanks in part to the gang at Supergirl.TV.

When last i posted about the Girl of Steel, Comic Con in San Diego took place and a grand time was had by all.  There were even reports on social media that at the show’s FIRST COMMERCIAL BREAK…there was loud applause.

Late last month filming got started on episode 2 called “Stronger Together” and social media was a buzz with some behind the scenes pics videos and photos.  Here, from CBS’ official YouTube page for the show is a look at the filming of episode 2. WARNING…there is some laughter in this video and some good BTS stuff.

But there were two pictures that caught this guys attention (from SG.TV by way of Ali Adler’s Instagram page)…

Yes, even Supergirl needs doughnuts.  And that smile…

And then of all the pics out there, this one is the all-time champ for me.

What boy could say no to having an ice cream or something ice cream based with Supergirl…especially one so cute and sexy like Melissa Benoist, who is really becoming an adorable, lovable Supergirl, the same one i read about in the comics of the 1970’s and 80? Me, I would have an ice cream soda…with two straws.  Yeah I know it’s hokey, but i could imagine the scene; it would be at some 50’s style diner like the Johnny Rockets chain.  Then on the jukebox would be an appropriate song such as The Penguins signature 1955 hit Earth Angel, which was one of the comic books incarnations of Supergirl.  But for me, I would think of the line “I’m just a fool, a fool in love…”  then as the song nears its end I would ask Supergirl for a kiss.  Yes I have a crush on not just Supergirl, but Melissa who is able to become cuter than a YouTube kitten video.  She is so cute, I want to hug and kiss her!

But I digress, every superheroine needs a foil.  And it looks like there will be a lot of them including Reactron (played by Chris Browning), Livewire (a former shock jock radio gal turned evil), and and the devious Maxwell Lord (played by Peter Facinelli, who might give Cat Grant a run for her money and empire).

BUT…it’s also rumored there may be some guest heroes coming along.

And then comes the intrigue factor…as in one Lucy Lane, Lois’ sister and James Olsen’s former love interest. Actress Jenna Dewan Tatum, who is married to Channing Tatum, will play Lucy Lane.  Now as i may have said about the talent on the set; Melissa, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood and Laura Benanti are all singers, Helen Slater sings and composes music.  While Jenna is a dancer.  Mechad Brooks, who plays James Olsen, is in to hip hop and rap.  Sign these kids up for the USO or something!

Melissa is really taking her role as Supergirl to the hilt in terms of being a role model to the youth of America.  And it was seen on full display before over 400 kids at the Warner Brothers Studio in LA.  The girls and their moms thought they were there to see the first episode of Supergirl and get some trinkets and snacks.  Little did they know what was next…a visit from a “Super”friend.

This was Melissa at her best.  Her bounding energy was on display walking on to the set to leading the kids in what could be called Supergirl punches to signing autographs and handing out hugs and high tens.  One would suspect Meilssa, now that she got secretly married to her former Glee co-star Blake Jenner, may one day think about becoming Supermom.

You kind of know you have made it when you see this over L-A.

Now how about one for that other Metropolis, namely NYC?!

Anyway, there’s tons of things at websites like SG.TV and Comic Book Commentary, but I must leave you now with a little 8 second video of Melissa dancing…in her own way.  I guess when you land the role of a lifetime, there is (as far as I know), no law that says you can’t dance.


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