Optimum is in the game

The game show diginet BUZZR (WWOR 9.3) is now on the air for Optimum subscribers.  And as a game show freak this is like the rebirth of Game Show Network.

BUT, there is also news about WJLP 33.1.  Optimum allegedly has announced that Nickelodeon, the channel that has been on 33 practically since Cablevision came to CT in 1982, will be moving to Channel 121 in the newly revamped line-up where the 100’s are kids/family channels, 200’s are sports.  The Tee Vee Guyd reports on August 12th, the NYC MeTV Affiliate will move in.  This will not affect WZME 43 out of Bridgeport, which is a must carry in the NYC TV market.  So now Optimum customers will have TWO MeTV affiliates.

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