Geek goes chic for Supergirl

Every year at this time in San Diego is held what’s called Comic Con, in essence a comic book and sci-fi convention.  But without a doubt the biggest buzz was surrounding the soon-to-be debuting Supergirl show on CBS this late October.  Last night over 4200 people gathered into a major hall at the San Diego Convention Center to see the Melissa Benoist-led vehicle.  When all was said and done, many in attendance took to social media and for the most part there was love in the air for Kara Zor-El.

Entertainment Weekly offered one of the first reactions to the event, relying on Twitter feeds from attendees.  And the reaction was about 4.5:1 in favor.


The verdict? Based on Twitter reactions from the screening, fans were overwhelmingly positive about the first episode (which also “leaked” onto file-sharing services in May shortly after its series order), and they were especially glowing toward star Melissa Benoist.

One tweet from Yahoo TV actually got in praise on the first impression

Applause at the first commercial break of Supergirl. October 26th can’t come soon enough!

Great start to say the least.  Another tweet said the show “had fun with itself.”  Another one even gave love to Tony-Award winner Laura Benanti who plays Alura, Kara’s Kryptonian mother, and another character or so I am told.

So beyond thrilled to see @LauraBenanti in the Supergirl pilot tonight at . Honestly, I’d watch her read the phone book.

Or perhaps…sing it?

There was some slight criticism.

Just saw Supergirl pilot. Suffering pacing issues and too much reliance on cheesy cliches, but great scenario and actors!

As for the tweets praising Melissa Benoist…

First episode of proves Melissa Benoist a winning new star

Another site, Radio Times, had a Tweet from Mike Mathis with the ultimate praise for the former Glee star, while saying the show “has wings.”

Got the chance to see the pilot ep of tonight and I think I am in love with @MelissaBenoist

My sentiments exactly.

More blonde

Another site, said “Supergirl is filled with a lot of the silly character interactions you’ve come to know from other DC shows and is definitely lighter fare than CW’s Arrow and The Flash, but that isn’t such a bad thing.”

The show has been given the TV rating of PG with V…mainly fantasy violence.

To honor this occassion, TV Guide has put out a special edition with a cover photo of Melissa Benoist smashing through the glass ceiling as it were. It is an amazing shot.

Dare I say it’s confetti time?

BUT…of course there are the haters, whose time I will not offer as I say to them GO GET YOUR JOLLIES MARVEL AND MAN OF STEEL WATCHERS!

Needless to say the cast and crew now has a fire underneath their belly for Saturday night which will likely be a celebration. And if there was such a thing a crowning of Melissa Benoist as Queen of Comic Con ’15. And if that night the place is packed and Mel steps out on stage…THE ROOF WILL BE TORN OFF!!  And if she pops up in the reds and blues, that will be the final stick of dynamite.


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