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Could action finally be taken against Dannel Malloy and the democrats?

The Hartford Courant is reporting Connecticut’s Elections Enforcement Commission decided Thursday to take legal action against the state Democratic Party over its refusal to answer a May 29 subpoena for papers and other material related to the 2014 re-election campaign of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

The subpoena was served as part of the commission’s investigation of a complaint filed late last year by then-state GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. The complaint claimed Democrats illegally circumvented the state’s ban on contractor contributions last year by collecting state contractors’ money in a “federal account” and using it to pay for Malloy propaganda in the form of mass mailings.

Since the time of the report, CT’s Republican party has chosen Derby’s J R Romano to lead them.

EEC attorney, Kevin Ahern, said the left-wing Democratic State Central Committee’s refusal to comply “obstructs the commission’s ability to do its job.”

Later on in the article, the Courant said

This past weekend, The Courant disclosed the existence of a draft of the advisory legal opinion that the Democrats had requested from the FEC. An FEC lawyer emailed it in April to a staff lawyer at the State Elections Enforcement Commission, saying that “we were about to request [that it] be made public [last October] shortly before the … request was withdrawn.”

The draft opinion would have been bad news for the Democrats. Among its findings were that the mailings appeared to be part of an attempt to “avoid” and “bypass” Connecticut’s clean election laws.

Of course the left-wing of CT calls this politics…typical!  WELCOME TO CORRUPTICUT!


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