An NAACP president is busted

In one of the rare times when media does its job, a Spokane, Washington TV station has caught the President of the city’s NAACP chapter in a lie.

KHQ-TV (via the Gateway Pundit) reports there were “questions” about Rachel Dolezal. The city confirmed with the station she claimed to be of African-American descent on a city application to be on the Ombudsman commission. But when the station talked with her parents they said their daughter is white and has been lying about her ethnicity for years. And another thing, she was born in Montana.

Dolezal made headlines last February when she claimed someone sent her racist and threatening letters to the NAACP’s post office box. The station obtained a 38-page Spokane Police report about the investigation into that mail. Police concluded that the mail was not properly processed through the post office, and likely put directly into the post office box, without being mailed out. They said only a few people have access to the box: the US Postal Service workers at the post office and the boxholder. Police said they do not believe the USPS employees put the mail there. The investigation continues into the matter.

Dolezal is a teacher of African American Culture at Eastern Washington University as an adjunct instructor. Her blog also says she is an art instructor at nearby North Idaho College and is an advisor for the school’s black student association.

The interview in question is below.


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