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From Super Action Central News…THIS IS A SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

CBS is now having such confidence in their new Supergirl project, that they have decided to move the worldwide debut of the show to…OCTOBER 26

Deadline.com reports the show will debut after Big Bang Theory, which is perhaps the strongest lead-in to the show given the characters are comic book freaks.  And if the show succeeds, expect Melissa Benoist to perhaps appear (as herself) on the show to show she doesn’t take herself seriously

And how to celebrate this?  Well the gang at Supergirl.TV have a newly released picture of the star of the show letting her hair down, turned it more blonde and showing off her heart warming and soul soaring smile.


Here in CT, we are having some rain. But Melissa’s cuter than cute smile if I may quote the legendary Motown group the Temptations is like “sunshine on a cloudy day.” SAVE ME SUPERGIRL!

And here is a 12 second teaser trailer for Supergirl with the star holding up the card indicating her debut.  Be sure and listen for elements of John Williams’ Superman The Movie theme song.  But someone on YouTube was able to loop it and slow it down to turn 12 seconds into over five minutes.

In an interview in the erstwhile titled The Interview Magazine, Supergirl star Melissa Benoist is featured in a film noir like article called “The New Wave,” which looks at some up and coming film and TV stars.

She talked about her career going from Colorado, her home state, to New York and then to Hollywood for many roles on TV (including Glee) and some upcoming projects besides Supergirl.

She talked about how like Supergirl or even Superman how she moved the ultimate Metropolis of New York City (though one of its nicknames is Gotham) to acting school there,

“I didn’t know anyone but I just plunged right in. I thrived there even though the city kicked my a** a few times” she said (edited for content).

One time in the big city she got a lesson which she just might transfer to her interpretation of the last daughter of Krypton.  Benoist told the magazine she was so broke she couldn’t even take the subway and rode her bike.  And realizing how dangerous NYC traffic is, she once got hit by a car.

And it’s that mistake and perhaps a few others Melissa might have gotten herself into, which led to her making Supergirl a superheroine most people could relate to; someone with flaws despite her powers.

“I wanted her to be someone who is eccentric and messed up and makes a lot of mistakes. She’s more human than alien.”

This despite Supergirl/Kara-Zor-El being from Argo City, a part of the planet Krypton which blew up.


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