Three Connecticut businesses take on the state

In what is being seen as a battle over the state budget, three of Connecticut’s iconic business are issuing an ultimatum to lawmakers in Hartford.

WTNH News 8 is reporting the companies; Fairfield-based General Electric, Aetna and Travelers have never publicly threatened a Governor (Dannel Malloy) and the General Assembly before, and those threats made on Monday have put the brakes on any spending plan coming out of Hartford.

The deal seemed to fall apart after a statement from one of the Hartford-based insurance giants.  Aetna said the hike in corporate taxes included in the multi-billion dollar spending plan would result in Aetna looking to reconsider continuing to function in the state. The war contractor and part owner of NBC, G. E. made a similar statement hours earlier.

In other words, Aetna might be threatening to vote with their feet and LEAVE Connecticut.

In his reporting on this story longtime channel 8 Capitol Correspondent Mark Davis said never in his 35 years has he ever seen a situation like this.

Members of the General Assembly went home early this morning without the spending plan ever coming up for discussion on the floor because the deal Malloy agreed to with the left-leaning Democratic leaders of the Assembly over the weekend unraveled and a House vote was postponed.

Joe Brennan with the state’s largest business group the CT Business and Industry Association told News 8 “To have this massive tax increase right now, I think really upset people more than they’ve ever been upset before.”

Members of the super-minority and very weak Republican party, run by millionaires like Tom Foley feigned their outrage too.

“We might as well just take a sign and say ‘get out’ because that’s the message we send when we do what we do and the policies we make and the budgets we pass,” said House Minority Leader, Rep. Themis Klarides, R-Derby.

The assembly is thinking about raising the cigarette tax and taxing the Internet for digital downloads in order to reduce the proposed tax hikes on business.

The General Assembly Session ends Wednesday at midnight. If no budget deal can be reached, lawmakers will go into a special session.


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