Just who REALLY is The Bilderberg Group?

Mark Dice will answer that question and many more. Is Bilderberg negotiating foreign policy? Is this where the ruling elite come to a consensus to guide the direction of the world in their favor? Or is it simply “just another conference?” Or, are the so-called conspiracy theorists right? What is the evidence? How were they first discovered? What are they doing? And should the public be concerned? Do they choose who the next president of the United States will be? Do they covertly coordinate economic booms and busts? Do they manipulate foreign policy and decide which wars will be launched and when from behind these closed doors? Is this annual meeting of the power elite really just not interesting or newsworthy? Has there been a cover-up or a conspiracy to keep them out of the headlines? Why the secrecy and the denials for so many years? Is this the “shadow government?”

This is all in promotion of Dice’s new book “The Bilderberg Group: Facts & Fiction.”


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